Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 1103 - The reporters are all here

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Chapter 1103: The reporters are all here

In Yuan Zhou’s restaurant, everything could be seen at a glance. How could the magazine be lost on the table? Moreover, there were seven more books on the table, so the customer who said this didn’t even believe himself after he said it. “Are you an idiot if you lose a customer?” Wu Hai even complained and directly looked at the content. Then, he saw the huge title on the cover: The young chef Yuan Zhou had written the road of Sichuan cuisine! “Boss Yuan, you’re on the cover.” Zhou Jia also picked up a magazine and then couldn’t wait to open it and read the interview content on the main page. It had to be said that Wang Keyi was worthy of being an ace reporter. The questions he interviewed and the way he sorted them out seemed quite insightful. On the way, I asked teacher Yuan what she thought was the shortcut to cooking. “Then, teacher Yuan seriously told me that there was a shortcut, which was to work hard. This wasn’t empty chicken soup. Teacher Yuan told me an example. Practice ice sculpting 3200 times, and try new dishes at least 200 times on average … It was absolutely sincere when it was read. After Zhou Jia finished reading it, she couldn’t help sighing,””Boss Yuan is really awesome. He has practiced it thousands of times.” Upon hearing this, the other diners were also curious and opened it to read. The content of the main page was also released to the diners who were queuing outside the restaurant. “Although I know that boss Yuan practices every afternoon, I still feel shocked when I hear the numbers.” The short customer said. Fang Heng said,”I’ve told you before. Boss Yuan is a very fussy and compass-like person. But when it comes to cooking skills, he is really good.” “Anyway, I’ve never seen anyone who is more serious about cooking than boss Yuan. To be honest, if it were other chefs, I would definitely think that they are just pretending to be cool. But boss Yuan … Although he is also pretending, I absolutely believe him!” Zhao Yingjun’s words were more straightforward. Yuan Zhou accepted all kinds of compliments, except for those that were not praised well. “What’s so amazing about it? when one’s cooking skills reach Compass’s level, they must have improved bit by bit. It’s the same whether it’s drawing or cooking.” Wu Hai flipped the magazine and said indifferently. Then, he changed the topic and said what he was most concerned about,””The most important thing now is that I’m going to order,” Zhou Jia agreed hurriedly and immediately came to Wu Hai’s side and started to order dishes. The entire atmosphere shifted from discussing the magazine to ordering food. “Compass, you bought these magazines and put them there.” Ling Hong suddenly said after he ordered the dishes. “That’s right,” As soon as he said that, Zhao Yingjun and Fang Heng noticed him and looked at him one after another. Would Yuan Zhou feel embarrassed facing so many eyes? Of course, he definitely wouldn ‘T. He said indifferently,””I’m just worried that you’ll be bored while waiting for your meal. This is to improve your spiritual world.” “No need to thank me, this is what I should do.” After Yuan Zhou said that, he put on the face mask and added,””I’m going to start cooking, so I won’t accept any objections. ” “Tsk, tsk, I’ve never seen such a shameless person.” Ling Hong concluded and everyone agreed with him. Speaking of which, Ling Hong was really one of the more miserable people in Yuan Zhou’s restaurant. The woman he liked the most got married and he cried. After that, her godgrandfather, whom she had only known for a short time, met with an accident. She did not know what would happen in the future … Well, he couldn’t be so toxic. After Yuan Zhou picked up the kitchen knife, the first batch of dishes was ordered very quickly. Wu Hai ordered the most dishes, but at the same time, he was also the first to finish them. After that, he slipped away. “I want twice-cooked pork.” “Give me a serving of Dongpo pig knuckle,” “I heard that Jin ‘Ling grass is really good. I’ll have one.” As Zhou Jia and Shen Min took over the shift, the dinner time ended and it was time for supper. It was a little drizzling today. Fang Heng and the others were bustling about, saying,”anyway, this little pain is nothing in the wind and rain.” They requested to open a pub. Drinking in the rain would make one easily catch a cold. Therefore, Yuan Zhou refused the BBQ tonight firmly. “Sigh. I was originally here to drink wine today. Boss Yuan is really not so kind.” Zhao Yingjun muttered. “That’s right. The rain isn’t heavy, and there’s nothing to do with opening a Tavern.” A drinking friend who couldn’t drink echoed. To a drunkard, nothing was more important than not being able to drink fine wine. If it was before, Fang Heng would also say a few words. But now, he chose to say,””What are you two talking about? it’s easier for boss Yuan to open a pub. At least he doesn’t need to care about anything. Shen Min can do everything.” “Boss Yuan has the time to read books, but he still has to put in a lot of effort to roast the meat. Do you really think boss Yuan is working like this for nothing?” Fang Heng said. He wasn’t a fool. He said those words earlier only because he was driven by the liquor worm. Now that he had calmed down, he naturally knew why Yuan Zhou did that. “Alright, I’ll go back and get some wine. Then, I’ll drink and eat barbecue. It’s the same.” Fang Heng said. It was also acceptable to eat Yuan Zhou’s BBQ and drink Fang Heng’s liquor. The next day. As usual, Yuan Zhou got up early and jogged today. However, it was a different day today. At 3:00 in the afternoon, master Cheng would be his apprentice. On the street, there were already two reporters setting up cameras. They were from the magazine “Southern cuisine”, who had been sent by the editor-in-chief early in the morning. “Brother Gao, how did our newspaper persuade boss Yuan to accept the interview?” The intern reporter asked curiously. He knew that it was very difficult for Yuan Zhou to agree to an interview with the newspaper. “Persuade boss Yuan? There’s no such thing. ” Brother Gao said directly. “Uh …” The intern was puzzled.”So we’re only here to shoot outside the store? If that’s the case, there’s no need for brother Gao to come personally. ” It was just like how Wang Keyi was the Ace reporter of “cooking sense”, and this brother Gao was the Ace reporter of “Southern cuisine.” “I’m here today because there’s an apprenticeship ceremony. Chef Cheng is going to acknowledge boss Yuan as his master. ” “Don’t rush up and ruin the atmosphere later,”brother Gao explained. The intern nodded to show that he had remembered it. He said, “I’m totally convinced by boss Yuan. He’s not only a master of Sichuan cuisine but also a master of cooked Wheaten food. ” Brother Gao didn’t reply, and the intern fell silent. But after a while, he shouted again,””Brother Gao, look over there. It ‘s’ gourmet heaven ‘and’ the dog that discovered food ‘. Why are there so many people?” Indeed, in a short while, besides them, groups of reporters had also arrived at Taoxi road. That’s right. Although the foodie group hadn’t received the news that master Cheng had acknowledged him as his master, many magazine publishers had come one after another as if they had smelled the blood. “One, two, three, four …” The intern counted and said in puzzlement,””It can’t be that exaggerated. Although head chef Cheng acknowledging boss Yuan as his master is indeed news, there’s no need for all the well-known Gourmet magazines to come here.” That’s right, brother Gao was curious as well. What was going on? of course, he was thinking that with so many colleagues here, today’s news would not be easy to handle. The ceremony hadn’t even started, and the crowd was already big enough …

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