Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 1760 - Soul Demons? This King Is So Scared!

Chapter 1760: Soul Demons? This King Is So Scared!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrible explosions rang out, resounding throughout the entire Void City, which was now enveloped by a huge plume of black smoke. Everything was shaking violently; rubble rolled across the ground, while broken buildings collapsed and turned into ruins.

Void City’s base was an inverted conical star. At this moment, however, the surface of this star was filled with pits. It was as if it had been eaten by worms, which left behind countless holes. It was a creepy sight, but that was not all. Shadows were flashing in those pits…

It was that time again when the dark cuisine was distributed in District D. Countless exiles crazily gathered in front of the wall of District C. Large wooden carts drove out of the doors, then men standing atop these carts scooped the grayish-black food and threw it at the exiles.

The exiles looked like pigs being fed, but they were already numb. After being trapped in District D for so many years, they had long lost their souls.

Suddenly, while they were eating, the ground of District D burst apart. The powerful tremor startled the experts on the wooden carts, and many of them turned to look at the explosion.

A huge circular crater appeared on the ground in District D, and countless dark figures were rising from it. Some of them were humanoid, while others looked like savage beasts. Regardless of their appearance, they were all surrounded by the terrifying power of sin.

“Who goes there?!” bellowed the experts on the wooden carts. They were not only responsible for feeding, but also for keeping order. A squad of black-armored soldiers hurried over and surrounded the strangers.

Outside Void City, the black-robed man who held the Hourglass of Time and Space smirked. Holding the hourglass, he took a step forward. A humming sound rang out, and he disappeared in a flash. When he reappeared, he was slowly rising from the huge crater in District D.

A terrifying, suffocating aura spread in an instant, stunning the black-armored soldiers.

“Hmm… As Soul said, District D truly is a treasure,” said the black-robed man lightly as he hovered in midair. His voice was very gentle, peaceful, unlike the dreadful power of sin around him, and his aura took away the courage of those black-armored guards to resist.

“Duke… A duke-level expert…” The pupils of a black-armored guard constricted. He did not expect this.

An invader! Someone had invaded Void City?! The black-armored guards who were awed by the aura and froze in place suddenly roared at the top of their lungs. They were, after all, the people of Void City. One of them turned and fled crazily, while the others charged to stop the man in front of them.

For a moment, the clanging sound of the soldier’s armor and the power of curse erupting from them almost caused the River of Curses to explode. However, the black-robed man with the Hourglass of Time and Space only smiled faintly. He raised his hand and pointed out a finger.

At the gesture, the terrible power of sin poured out from behind him and wrapped up every soldier. The air was filled with a sizzling sound as the power corroded the soldiers’ bodies. The men wailed and howled, and soon they turned into souls.

Behind the black-robed man, the eyes of some Numbered Soul Demons and common Soul Overlords turned scarlet. The next moment, they rushed forward frantically and devoured the souls. Holding the hourglass and wearing a gentle expression, the man glanced at the exiles of District D who appeared to be at a loss.

“Your freedom now belongs to me,” he said.

No sooner had his voice rang out than the power of sin behind him poured forth. A mass of dark smoke spread, turned into countless tiny black snakes, and rushed toward the exiles. Before long, the exiles’ eyes turned scarlet as the power of sin surrounded them.

At this moment, the gates of District C opened with a crash, and a Chaotic Saint with Chaotic Energy swirling around him rushed out of them. He was a district guardian. Although he was not a marquis or a duke, he was at least a Chaotic Saint.

“How dare you!” bellowed the guardian. Then, he was stunned, for he found that he was facing tens of thousands of District D experts who seemed to have gone crazy.

“What’s going on?” He felt a shock of cold. He wanted to retreat to District C, but at some point, a black-robed man with an hourglass in hand appeared in his retreating path.

The black-robed man just waved a hand at him, and he was immediately pushed back by a great force and thrown into the crowd. A miserable howl rang out as the experts of District D crazily swooped down at him.

Whether it was District C, District B, or District A, the ground of every district was bursting apart.

In District C, Countess Xia Qiu focused her eyes. Her black dragon threw his head back and roared as she stood on his back with a heroic air. Countess Aitang appeared on her divine phoenix, her face grave, while Countess Luming stopped at the forefront of the district, riding a seven-colored deer.

Shadows rose from the crater, and the power of sin spread through District C in an instant. Compared with District D, the defense of District C was much stronger. The nobles and the guards of counts had formed a line of defense to fight these invading Soul Demons.

The three counts exchanged glances and saw the unease in each other’s eyes. Although there were conflicts between them, they had to put those aside to face a common enemy. Countess Xia Qiu was the strongest, but even she felt lost at this moment.


Suddenly, the crater trembled violently as if a great army was about to charge out of it.

“What’s that?!” Countess Xia Qiu was startled.

The next moment, human heads emerged from the crater, then one figure after another climbed out crazily, all clad in ragged clothes and emitting a foul odor. The counts were no stranger to these men. They were the exiles of District D! How did the people of District D come to District C?

“This is not good!”

The population of District D was too large. If all those people rushed into District C, it would be a disaster!

“Attack!” At this moment, Countess Xia Qiu was forced to order the killings of the District D experts who had lost their minds.

All kinds of bright light sprung and swept forward, killing countless experts of District D in a flash. The smell of blood permeated the whole District C.

The next moment, the black-robed man appeared, holding the Hourglass of Time and Space. Half of the sand in it had already fallen to the lower glass bulb.

“A Great Soul Overlord of the Soul Demon Universe!”

Countess Xia Qiu’s eyes narrowed. At a glance, she saw the black-robed man holding the hourglass. The expressions of Countess Aitang and Countess Luming changed dramatically. A Great Soul Overlord was equivalent to a duke-level expert. How could they stop such a mighty expert?

“Fall back to District A now!” Countess Xia Qiu said without hesitation. She slapped the black dragon’s head. The next moment, the black dragon rose into the sky, breathing black flames.

Countess Aitang and Countess Luming looked shocked. However, they had no other choice now.

“Oh? So you want to run now? Well… You can’t run away from me.” The black-robed man smiled gently. He reached out a hand and made a swiping gesture. A huge black circle emerged in front of him. With a flick of his finger, the circle spread and went to envelop the three counts.

The black dragon flew as fast as he could, streaking through the void. The divine deer hissed, while the divine phoenix soared into the sky. Countess Xia Qiu was the fastest. She rushed into District A in a flash. Countess Luming followed closely behind her.

Countess Aitang’s face turned pale. She was caught by the circle. The divine phoenix, who was a Chaotic-Saint-level divine beast, gave a miserable howl as her feathers fell and blood spilled from her body. Suddenly, the divine phoenix craned her neck and pushed Countess Aitang into District A with her head.

The next moment, the circle completely enveloped the phoenix, freezing her in place. Then, countless Soul Demons swooped down on her, tearing her flesh with their sharp claws and teeth.


The black circle smashed the wall between districts, which shook and cracked. A large circular mark emerged a few moments later.

“The walls of Void City are indeed unbreakable,” the black-robed man murmured. “No wonder Soul said to attack from the bottom.” Although the ground was thick, its defense was not as strong as the walls.

“Well, I should go help Soul now… It’s about time for her to sit on the throne of Void City.” The black-robed man grinned as he drifted toward District A.

The sudden change baffled all the nobles. They never thought that one day, Void City would actually be invaded.

“Where is the Queen?”

“Why hasn’t the Queen made a move?”

“Where are the three dukes?!”

The nobles were in a state of anxiety.

The center of District A had caved in, and a huge crater took its place now. Countless shadows were rushing out of it. The crater was not far away from the restaurant.

Around the restaurant, the experts of Alchemy Workshop, Viscount Ash’s guards, Marquis Lang Gu, and the others all wore blank faces as horror filled their eyes. Void City was their home, and they could not believe that such a large crater was created in it.

“Do you think you’re the only one with backup?”

In midair, Soul smiled faintly. Shadows soared into the sky and hovered behind her, making her forces grow stronger and stronger. They seemed to have turned into a colossal dark cloud that blotted out the sky.

Inside the restaurant, Bu Fang frowned. Er Ha grinned, while Lord Dog’s eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent. Nethery’s eyes were cold, and in her arms, a plume of smoke was rising from Foxy’s mouth. The little girl, who stood at Nethery’s side, twitched her mouth.

Bu Fang exhaled. Looking at Soul’s reinforcement, he said, “Soul Demons!” Sure enough, Soul’s backups were Soul Demons.

“It never occurred to me that you could find two duke-level experts. However, do you think you can rest easy with them? If you had a one percent chance of defeating me before, now you’re bound to lose,” Soul said, looking at Nethery.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Behind her, a terrible aura spread as one Soul Overlord after another emerged. Judging from their aura, some of them had stepped into the realm of Chaotic Saints!

On Nethery’s side, other than Lord Dog, Er Ha, and Marquis Lang Gu—as well as Viscount Ash and Master Zhen Yong who had just broken through—no one else was strong enough to fight these fearsome beings.

The strength of the two sides was simply not at the same level. Countless nobles had already chosen their side—they chose Soul without hesitation. They would be torn apart and devoured by Soul Demons if they did not make a choice soon enough. They chose Soul because even if they stood with Nethery, they would eventually die.

Soul was very confident. Everything was under her control. Suddenly, her face froze slightly as she did not sense any despairing atmosphere in that restaurant. Instead, the atmosphere was somewhat… strange.

“Yoho… Soul Demons, so many Soul Demons. This king is so scared…”

Er Ha broke into a laugh. As for Lord Dog, he was licking his paws with an impatient look on his face.

Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “Soul Demons… I have the most experience in dealing with Soul Demons. The dark cuisine should come in handy now…”