Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 1762 - Wanna Learn About Death Spicy Strip?

Chapter 1762: Wanna Learn About Death Spicy Strip?


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If one asked which was the strongest force under Cursed Goddess Soul, then the answer would surely be the army of Soul Demons. Compared with the Cavalry of Death and even the exiles of District D, the Soul Demons’ advantages were too great. They were not only fearsome but also had strong defenses and were not easy to kill.

Why was the Soul Demon Universe able to reign supreme in the multi-universes for so many years? Why could it invade many universes and reduce them to ruins? Why was it able to devour the resources of other universes and kill the humans of other universes?

This was all because of the great strength of the Soul Demon army. It was the sharpest knife under the Great Soul Overlords, the most fearsome fighting force that served the supreme Soul God! Its terror made everyone tremble with fear!

However, all these inherent ideas seemed to have been broken by Bu Fang today. This chef was merely a Saint of the Great Path, yet he was bold enough to face an army of Soul Demons alone. This was equivalent to courting death.

Soul laughed coldly in the sky. Soul Demons were her strongest trump card. What could a mere chef do to them? Facing tens of thousands of Soul Demons alone? Did he think he was the Queen of Curses?

Many nobles thought the same. They were amazed by the chef’s miraculous means, but no one thought he could survive the attack of so many Soul Demons. In their opinion, Bu Fang’s brazenness was simply stupid.

Evil, disgusting, and terrifying Soul Demons—including top Soul Demons, Numbered Soul Demons, and even Soul Overlords—all swooped down toward Bu Fang. He was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot with its forelegs!

Soon, however, something incredible happened. The chef actually cooked in front of the Soul Demons. In just a flash, countless dark dishes were flying around him.

They were very familiar with those dark dishes. After all, Bu Fang’s reputation in Void City now was not unheard of. His dark cuisine had taken the breath away from many people. His Stargazy Pie, Eighteen Hell Curry, and Death Spicy Strip were all famous dishes.

However, they never thought that these dark dishes could be used as weapons against Soul Demons. If Soul Demons were so easy to deal with, why would they still exist in the multi-universes?

“Dark cuisine?”

Hovering in midair with her black dress fluttering in the wind, Soul narrowed her eyes slightly. She was surprised, but she was unconcerned.

The man with the hourglass, a Great Soul Overlord, gave Bu Fang an indifferent glance. Suddenly, he exclaimed under his breath as he thought of something. He remembered that the man who killed Pride Great Soul Overlord seemed to be a chef. He could not help but wonder if there was any connection between these two chefs?

The fall of Pride Great Soul Overlord had even caused a storm in the Soul Demon Universe. Once there were seven Great Soul Overlords, now only six were left. But fortunately, Pride Great Soul Overlord had received the blessing of the Soul God, who was still sleeping, and was slowly recovering.

“They should not be the same chef. This chef’s strength is… too weak.”

The black-robed man shook his head and turned his attention to the battle. “The dog and the slutty man should not be someone from Void City. Their fighting prowess is equivalent to duke-level experts, and each of them can hold up an army. This makes them tricky to get rid of…”

Narrowing his eyes, the black-robed man lifted his hand and rubbed the hourglass. The next moment, his figure gradually blurred, then two clones emerged to either side of him. They looked exactly like him, but they did not have the hourglass.

A humming sound echoed out, and the clones disappeared. They left two streaks of shadow in the void, and the next moment, they appeared in front of Lord Dog and Er Ha.

Lord Dog’s fighting prowess was superb now. After all, he was a Heavengod of the Chaotic Universe, and he had recovered all his strength. With every slap, he managed to kill a large group of soldiers.

Er Ha was not weaker than Lord Dog. Together with his slutty fighting style, he managed to strike fear into his enemies’ hearts.

Marquis Lang Gu, who had transformed into a great monster, could not help but feel panic as he watched. He really could not seem to beat that fellow in terms of coquetry.

Suddenly, the void trembled, and Lord Dog and Er Ha were knocked flying back. They both squinted and found that a black-robed man had appeared in front of each of them. The clones stopped them and locked them in a fierce fight.

Bu Fang lifted his head with a deep look in his eyes. A pungent stench permeated the air, so foul that the whole void seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. “Go.” He pointed out a finger. The next moment, the Stargazy Pies turned into shooting stars and sped away.

Those Soul Demons did not care about that. They only saw Bu Fang in their eyes, and they wanted to rip him into pieces.

With a rumbling sound, the torrent of Stargazy Pies collided with the army of Soul Demons. Countless pies spun in midair, with the eyes of the herring gleaming brilliantly.

Every Soul Demon was attracted. They twitched their noses. When the stench went into their nostrils, they found it extremely fragrant and tantalizing! Their eyes erupted with radiant light!

Impatiently, one of the Soul Demons caught a Stargazy Pie, then he reached out his claws and grabbed the fish head sticking out of the pie. With a jerk, he pulled out the herring, and the odor of the canned herring immediately poured forth.

“Oh… Oh…” Every Soul Demon moaned. “Dammit! How could it smell so… fragrant?!” They felt like their bones were melting.

Holding the herring by the tail, the Soul Demon put it into his mouth. The stench of the fish pulled out from the Stargazy Pie was almost as overwhelming as a nuclear bomb, but these Soul Demons showed no fear at all. Instead, they impatiently stuffed the herring into their mouths and swallowed it!

One Stargazy Pie after another was eaten. The Soul Demons ate so excitedly until they forgot that they were in a battle!

Down below in the restaurant, Xiao Ai and the others were struck dumb. The little girl, on the other hand, twitched her lips and said, “I knew it…”

After freezing for a moment, Xiao Ai jumped up with excitement. “Well done, Owner Bu! As long as the army of Soul Demons is held up, we’ll still have a chance!”

An astonished look also passed over Houtu’s face. It never occurred to her that Bu Fang’s dark cuisine would have this kind of effect. Could it be that food was the Soul Demon’s nemesis? No one had expected that. Soul Demons had conquered many universes, and this was the first time they met their nemesis.

Cursed Goddess Soul froze, and so were the nobles in the surroundings. The army of Soul Demons was stopped just like that? They were tempted by the food and stopped attacking?

“If he keeps cooking this Stargazy Pie, will these Soul Demons never attack?” murmured one of the nobles.

As if he could hear the noble, Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth and said lightly, “Keep cooking? Do these Soul Demons deserve it?”

After that, he put his hands behind his back and stood facing the army of the Soul Demons, his Vermilion Robe and his hair fluttering in the wind. He looked like a little sheep standing in front of a pack of hungry wolves. He lifted his hand and snapped his fingers.

“Explode.” Bu Fang’s indifferent voice rang out.

The Soul Demons who had eaten the Stargazy Pies froze in an instant. They looked up and roared. Their strange behavior startled many people. Suddenly, a Soul Overlord clutched his throat and growled furiously, his half-eaten pie falling from his hand.

In fact, not only was the Soul Overlord, but other Soul Demons also did the same. Every Soul Demon who had eaten the Stargazy Pie clutched their throat with both hands.

Then, as Bu Fang’s voice rang out, the flesh of these Soul Demons exploded!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions engulfed the sky in an instant. Those Soul Demons’ bodies swelled as crimson flames emerged from inside out. Their bodies burned, and their souls were incinerated by the divine flames and turned into ashes. The formidable army of Soul Demons was wiped out in just a flash!

The experts of Void City were all struck dumb—the scene gave them the creeps. That was an army of Soul Demons, a fearsome force which even the army of Void City might not be able to deal with! However, the chef had destroyed it with just a dish! He had used the Stargazy Pie to kill a large number of Soul Demons in just the blink of an eye! How was that even possible?!

Looking at those exploding and self-burning Soul Demons, some people who had taken part in the dark cuisine challenge felt chills run down their backs. They were afraid that they would suddenly blow up too! That food was really poisonous, huh?

It was as if he could sense the people’s panic; Bu Fang smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, these dark dishes just specialize in restraining the Soul Demons.”

Those words had put many people at ease. However, they were still worried. Who knew if Bu Fang tricked them? Nowadays, a chef’s words simply could not be trusted!

There were simply too many Soul Demons. Even with the help of the Stargazy Pies, the Soul Demons at the rear still rushed out from the explosions, forming a black tie that swept across the sky.

Cursed Goddess Soul breathed a sigh of relief as the fear in her subsided. “It’s nothing but a dish. The fearsomeness of Soul Demons is not what you could imagine!”

As her voice rang out, three Soul Overlords shot toward Bu Fang. Their goal was to interrupt Bu Fang and prevent him from cooking dark cuisine. Soul Demons were not stupid. They realized that Bu Fang’s dark dishes seemed to have a deadly allure for them. To stop this, they just had to keep him from cooking!

The three Soul Overlords were equivalent to three Saints of the Great Path. If it was in the past, Bu Fang might find it tricky to deal with them. But the Bu Fang of today was no longer the Bu Fang of old, whether in terms of his strength or his cooking skill.

With a shake of his hand, three spicy strips emerged, all coated with chili sauce that looked like hellish fire!

“Hey, wanna learn about Death Spicy Strips?” As soon as he said that, Bu Fang threw out the three spicy strips, which streaked through the air and shoved into the three Soul Overlords’ mouths.

The eyes of the three Soul Overlords widened in an instant.

“Don’t bite!”

“Don’t eat it! We must hold back! We can’t eat human food!”

“Why does it smell so good?! But no matter how delicious it smells… We must not eat it!”

Their eyes were filled with horror. They struggled, trying their best not to eat the delicious spicy strip. Eventually, they failed to resist it. They closed up their big mouths and bit the spicy strips with their sharp teeth.

“Why is it so delicious?!”

“I can feel that my soul is soaring through the universe!”

“I seem to see His Excellency Soul God waving at me!”

The three Soul Demons held the spicy strips and enjoyed them happily. Their resolute was shattered by the deliciousness of the Death Spicy Strips.

The corners of Bu Fang’s mouth lifted slightly. With a thought in his mind, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged in front of him, then he pointed out a finger. The wok sped away and knocked the three Soul Overlords flying away.

A fire broke out, and the three Soul Overlords were turned into ashes. Three Soul Overlords, who were as strong as three Saints of the Great Path, were instantly killed! This stunned everyone, and Cursed Goddess Soul felt that she was slapped in the face.

“First, it’s Stargazy Pie… and what the hell is this spicy strip?!”

In the distance, Er Ha, who was fighting the black-robe man, went crazy! He knocked the clone flying away with a slap, and his eyes seemed to be spitting fire!

“I think I smell spicy strips?! Bu Fang young man, this king smells spicy strips!”

Er Ha turned a full circle in midair, kicked the black-robed man in the face, then swam slowly in the air in the direction of Bu Fang in a breaststroke.

“Bu Fang young man! This king knows you have spicy strips… Give this king spicy strips, and this king will accompany you… hehe!”

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. Marquis Lang Gu’s pupils constricted when he heard that. ‘Dammit! This fellow has outdone me once again!’

In midair, the Great Soul Overlord with the hourglass narrowed his eyes. His figure flickered, and in just a flash, he teleported in front of Bu Fang!