Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1588 - Being Materialistic is Addictive

Chapter 1588: Being Materialistic is Addictive

“We live in the Internet’s society today, her sister was beaten up as a mistress. At that time, there were even videos taken at the scene. Now, it’s spreading like wildfire.” Xiang Wan sighed, “How could such an outstanding person like An Lan, have such a sister? She’s really unlucky. I think it’s not easy for her to be caught in the middle.”

Yan Su looked puzzled.

“You still don’t know, right? ” Xiang Wan explained, “Nowadays, many people on the Internet are scolding An Ning that what she deserves it. There are even people who say that if this had happened to them, they would have splashed her with acid. The profile of the person An Ning cheated with was also pulled out. His name is Yue Feng. He’s quite capable. He has a technology listed company and is considered to be very rich. But it is said that he relied on the support of his in-laws when he was young. His wife followed him during his most difficult times. She gave up her job for him and focused on raising the children at home. She knew that it wasn’t easy for her hubby to earn money and was frugal. She was reluctant to spend or splurge on anything. In the end, she didn’t expect her hubby to cheat on her.”

Yan Su sighed. “It’s not surprising. Nowadays, there are many men who abandon their wives who had been through tough times with them after they’ve become rich. That’s why women must have their own careers. In addition, they must dress up frequently. If they can’t bear to spend their husbands’ money, it would eventually be spent on other women.”

“That’s true. However, what Yue Chuan’s wife can’t accept the most is that Yue Feng spends millions on An Ning every month. They’ve only been together for half a year, and Yue Feng has bought her a luxury car worth millions. He even bought her a house. She also spends excessively on jewelry and cosmetics casually. It’s said that she had spent hundreds of millions. His wife had accompanied him for twenty years, and her monthly expenditure is only around two thousand. Who can stand it?”

Yan Su was speechless. “An Ning is such a spendthrift. In the past, when she was studying in our school, she wasn’t so materialistic.”

“Being materialistic is addictive,” Xiang Wan said disdainfully. “But as An Ning’s elder sister, her own sister’s face was disfigured and the matter was blown up. Her reputation was ruined and it was impossible for her to get married. Although she deserved it, she still has to bite the bullet in court.”

Yan Su nodded. “Even if An Lan didn’t want to fight, her parents wouldn’t agree. No matter what, An Ning is still their daughter.”

“But the people outside wouldn’t understand it that way,” Xiang Wan said sympathetically, “Now everyone is saying that since An Lan is defending her little sister, she doesn’t have correct moral values. With a sister like this, she definitely isn’t a good lawyer. It wasn’t easy for An Lan to accumulate a good reputation, and now it’s all ruined by her sister. I even persuaded her to not fight this lawsuit privately.”

Yan Su was slightly startled. No wonder An Lan looked so weak and tired when she left. “If I were An Lan, I would also fight. Legally speaking, being a mistress is not a crime, but hurting someone is a crime.”

“Yes, An Lan will definitely win this case, but her reputation in the industry will be tarnished.” Xiang Wan shook her head regretfully, “She has won many cases, and in the past two years, she has become even more famous. There are many people in the industry who don’t like her. In fact, this is just an ordinary case of a mistress. There are many people who have filed cases for a mistress, but this case has become so big that it’s her younger sister. ”

Yan Su’s mood was very heavy when she heard this. No matter what, An Lan was a good person. She should not become an immoral person in the eyes of others.

At night, after Yan Su returned home, she took the opportunity to talk about this matter with Mo Liuxi while he was cooking. “I feel that An Lan is quite pitiful. I looked at the comments online and many people are scolding her now.”