Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1814 - How Do You Know I Only Had One Ex-Boyfriend?

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Chapter 1814: How Do You Know I Only Had One Ex-Boyfriend?

After he finished speaking, he quickly took a sip of warm water from his teacup.

His short hair was shrouded in the light from the retro lamp above his head, resulting in his eyes revealing a sense of subtle loneliness uncommon to him.

An Lan’s heart skipped a bit inexplicably. All of a sudden, she felt that she understood him very well.

It was probably because she had also been berated by her loved ones for being a heartless person who only cared about money and not family affection.

At this moment, she felt that she was very similar to Xu Baohan.

“I don’t understand why, An Lan, I thought you would understand me.” Suddenly, Xu Baohan smiled at her. His eyebrows seemed to be able to glow under the light.

An Lan’s face was burning hot and her lips was curling. “What do I understand about you? I don’t understand anything.”

Xu Baohan did not say a word. He just stared at her quietly. ” I had this feeling when I saw you arguing with your parents at the mental hospital the other day.”

An Lan glared at him in annoyance. “You think I will sympathize with you since we share the same predicament. Am I right? That’s the reason why you pursued me. In fact, you still haven’t got over your ex-girlfriend.”

“No, it was already over. If I hadn’t got over it, I wouldn’t have married. This would be extremely disrespectful to the other half.” Xu Baohan shook his head without hesitation. “That was because she didn’t understand me. If two persons were to accompany each other throughout their life, they would have to understand each other.”

An Lan was speechless. That was literally true. In this regard, he seemed to be able to move on quite well. “Do you hate her?”

“No, why would you hate a person who didn’t understand you? She didn’t do it intentionally. She just didn’t understand you,” Xu Baohan continued to talk as he cut a piece of steak simultaneously and put it onto her plate. “Besides, putting yourself into her shoes, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

An Lan didn’t notice that a piece of steak had been put onto her plate. She was completely immersed in what he had said.

She fell into a trance for a moment and then she casually forked a piece of food into her mouth. As she ate, she realized that something was not right. She looked across and saw Xu Baohan smiling at her.

“You… put… your meat on my plate?” An Lan’s eyes widened in shock.

“It’s my beef, but it is clean without my saliva on it,” With a brooding gaze, Xu Baohan explained it word by word. “Was it delicious?”

An Lan swallowed it quickly and replied ” It tasted terrible.”

“It tasted good,” Xu Baohan raised his eyebrows. “Since I had confessed to you about my ex-girlfriend, in return, shouldn’t you confess to me about your ex-boyfriend?”

An Lan wiped her lips with a piece of tissue and purposely responded sinisterly, “How do you know I only had one ex-boyfriend? I had many. Which one of them do you want to hear?”

Xu Baohan tightened his grip on his knife and fork and smiled, “Since you had so many, let’s talk about your unrequited love for Nian Junting.”


An Lan lowered her head dejectedly.

“Tell me about He Mingqian.” Xu Baohan put down his knife and fork and leaned back slowly on his chair.

“How do you know about him?” An Lan gritted her teeth, “You asked about me.”

“I don’t know during that time how unforgettable your romantic relationship with him was, but a lot of them in the academy were aware of it. Therefore, it was not a big surprise that I heard about it.” Xu Baohan smiled cynically, “I heard that his conduct as a lawyer left much to be desired. Ms An, your taste was certainly strange.”

An Lan rolled her eyes at him in embarrassment. She admitted, “As you already knew, his conduct left much to be desired. In the beginning, I was blind and he was too perfect. At that time, it happened that I was too busy with work and a lot of things happened at home concurrently. In the end, my gastroenteritis flared up, and during those days, he showed a great concerned for me and therefore I was touched by him.”

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