Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1828 - Xu Baohan Carried Her in His Arms Instantaneously

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Chapter 1828: Xu Baohan Carried Her in His Arms Instantaneously

Xu Baohan acted completely different from An Lan. He took two packages of incense sticks to pray for a good marriage and another package to pray for offspring.

The package of incense sticks that he took to pray for offspring attracted a lot of others’ attention.

An Lan noticed it too and she felt a little embarrassed of it.

Li Yuchen couldn’t help chuckling. “Chief Judge Xu is the best. You have the foresight. Not only you would pray for a good marriage, you even would pray for offspring. With such a determined wish, Bodhisattva would definitely fulfill your wish. Miss An, you have to work hard.”

Everyone looked at An Lan and Xu Baohan and smiled suggestively.

An Lan looked at Li Yuchen with piercing eyes. Nobody would regard you as a dumb person if you did not utter a single word.

Xu Baohan did not say a word. He just smiled and looked at her.

An Lan touched her forehead and whispered to him grumpily, “It’s alright if you were to pray for a good marriage, but now you even prayed for offspring. What message do you try to convey? If you were to pray for our offspring, forget it, I’m a Dink.”

“Is that so?” Xu Baohan blinked calmly. “Take it easy. I’m just simply praying without any intention.”


Praying to Bodhisattva also could be without the sincerity. It was too impious.

Xu Baohan took out his wallet and asked the seller, “How much do we have to pay?”

An Lan quickly interrupted. “I’ll pay on my own. There are some that you can pay it for me, but the donation money to pray for Bodhisattva, I would have to pay it myself. Otherwise, you would be blessed and not me. In this case, my wishes would not be fulfilled.”

Xu Baohan thought about it and concurred with her view.


Everyone set off to ascend the mountain after buying the incense.

For the first hour, everyone was quite relaxing, chatting and laughing. However, for the next hour, An Lan felt that she was going to be paralyzed. A lot of her female colleagues were also started to walk like snails.

“I told you we should have taken the cable car,” short of breath, An Lan started to complain. “Now we couldn’t even sit even if we wanted to. Oh My God! We still have to walk for another hour. I couldn’t believe it. This is a bad news. The mountain is too high.”

“Comrades, come on!” Li Yuchen raised his fist while catching his breath. “Let’s support our spouse and ascend the mountain together.”

Hearing this, a few mountain-climbing tourists whispering at the back, “What are they doing? Hearing the slogan, it seemed that they are involving in Multi-level Marketing (MLM).”

“I also thought so. Those in MLM came all the way here to worship Bodhisattva? They really work very hard.”

An Lan who was walking at the back of them trembled happened to hear their conversation.

“Do you want me to help you?” Xu Baohan stretched out his hand.

An Lan noticed that those who had brought their families along had held each other’s hand. She looked at the big palm in front of her. She wavered for a moment wanting to accept his help, but she shook her head ultimately. She couldn’t give in so easily because of a mountain.

“Give me your bag,” when he saw that she was reluctant, Xu Baohan offered his help again.

“No necessary. It’s not that heavy.” An Lan shook her head.

Xu Baohan squinted his eyes looking at her before he took the bag powerfully from her shoulder and hung it on his chest.

“Xu Baohan…” An Lan turned around and saw that he had hung her backpack on his body. It made him looked quite comical.

“An Lan, you might be strong, but at a situation like this, a man is needed to be utilized.” Xu Baohan walked in front of her and bent himself down. “Get on to my back.”

An Lan looked at his broad back. Although she really wanted to get on it, she still shook her head. “No necessary. I can still walk, and you also need to climb the mountain…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Xu Baohan carried her in his arms instantaneously.

“What are you doing?” An Lan exclaimed as she subconsciously hugged his neck. For the first time, she could see his handsome face from such a close range.

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