Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1829 - An Lan, you’re not Heavy. You’re quite Light.

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Chapter 1829: An Lan, you’re not Heavy. You’re quite Light.

“Couldn’t you see it?” This was the first time Xu Baohan had seen such a panicked expression on An Lan’s small face. Her pointed lips curved slightly similar to the trace of snow which was started to melt. “I’m carrying you.”

“I know.” An Lan was blushing. Although both of them were the last in the line, she could feel that someone was looking at their direction.

They all were her subordinates. She had never appeared to be so weak in front of them. She was at a loss. “Put me down quickly. You behave like a hoodlum. You don’t have the right to carry me.”

“I think I’m rendering help to you. Since you could barely walk, and you wouldn’t let me support you, I could only carry you like this.” Xu Baohan stared at her, He walked steadily. “An Lan, you’re not heavy, in fact, you’re quite light.”

“You’re quite thick-skinned.” An Lan gritted her teeth. “Behave like a hoodlum but you called it as rendering help to me.”

“An Lan, there are a lot of people here. What could I possibly do to you in front of them? “Xu Baohan smiled, “You are right. Although I’m not your boyfriend as of now, I’ve followed you all the way here. Is there a necessity for you trying to be brave and not utilizing a man like me to help you? Didn’t you mention before that you hope that you could rely on your future partner? Now is the time to consider me to be your partner.”

An Lan was stunned hearing this. It was true that there was a lot of people around. Therefore, it was unlikely that he could have done anything on her. However, it was really unusual to be carried so intimately by a man, especially when her body was pressed tightly against his burning chest and her hand was hanging on his neck. His skin was so warm that it could have burnt her hands.

She felt very peculiar, especially along the road up to the mountain. She was at a loss with this sort of unfamiliar intimacy.

At this moment, more and more of their colleagues finally noticed them. They all looked at them with a vague and surprised expression.

Yan Wen immediately cupped her face. “Wow, Chief Judge Xu has a lot of strength. He’s very manly. Miss An, you’re so lucky. We’re so envious.”

“Yeah.” Another female colleague started to complain to her boyfriend. “You only know how to hold my hand to walk faster. If you have the strength, you should learn from Chief Judge Xu.”

Her boyfriend smiled sheepishly. “Forgive me. You’re too heavy.”

“Get lost.”

The road up to the mountain was echoed with laughter.

An Lan started to blush again hearing everyone’s laughter. She wasn’t used to be the center of attention. She whispered to Xu Baohan, “You’ve been carrying me for quite some time now. I know that you have the strength but you just put me down. There’s still a long way to go, and there are stairs.”

Her voice was too soft, and the surrounding was noisy. Xu Baohan couldn’t hear it clearly, so he only replied with an “er” before bending over and putting his ear close to her mouth.

An Lan’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the magnified handsome side face right in front of her.

His ears were a little fleshy. It was said that those with fleshy ears were blessed and would enjoy a successful career.

“Why were you stopped talking?” Xu Baohan who had been bending over and looked at her from his side face noticed that she had became quiet. He stopped and looked at her directly.

Both of them were already near to each other, and An Lan was looking straight at him. Their eyes met at a very close range.

The two pairs of dark eyes reflected each other’s appearance, as if they were staring at two abysses.

There seemed to be a magnetic force pulling each other in the dark abysses.

An Lan could only hear her heart palpitating. His breath just touching on her lips.

Xu Baohan shifted his gaze slightly and landed on her moist and plump red lips which were like jelly.

If he bent down further, he would have kissed her.

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