Guild Wars - Chapter 625 - (2/2) Bastard Draco, Stop Right There! 4

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Chapter 625 - (2/2) Bastard Draco, Stop Right There! 4

So, why was this special?

Well, here's how it would have gone without the Eternal Tree;

Firstly, the resources would have broken down by themselves - or by the system - and distributed into the void. This distribution would neither be as perfect nor as even as what the Eternal Tree had achieved.

Have you ever wondered why the universe was not just one giant landmass stretching from end to end but rather planets and stars congregated around areas and separated by an expanse of void in between?

It was mostly due to this. The uneven distribution of the elements and energy saw it concentrate in some places while being incredibly thin in others. The places with high concentration would birth planets and stars while those with thin amounts would remain void and barely livable.

Secondly, this uneven distribution would be fused with ambient energies. So the usual act of draining torrents of Worldly Energy from the world itself to 'engrave' or 'ratify' these laws into the 'DNA' of the Inner World/Inner Universe.

Depending on the amount of energy your world produced, this could start fast then cut off at a point as the energy of the world thinned too much. Then it would become a passive type of absorption, taking a bit of the energy your world produces every second to slowly further its progress.

Hence why planets didn't just sprout up like weeds. Rather, they started small and grew to their size after they absorbed more and more energy. This was how the growth of the world/universe worked in Boundless.

Now, contrasting against what the Eternal Tree did, the value should be obvious.

Where it should have been uneven, the Eternal Tree made it equal.

Where energy should have been lacking and had to be either absorbed over time or supplemented by external means, it was freely and heavily given at the highest possible quality.

Why had so much time been wasted on explaining just this? It was so that what happened next would not seem like random bullshit, at least not to Draco.

One moment, the void had been filled with the four colored light and endless orange Origin Energy, the next moment, humongous planets exploded into being, rapidly growing in size as they consumed the entirety of the void.

Draco was initially alarmed. They were expanding so evenly and quickly, wouldn't they smash into each other and explode?

However, he was thinking too much.

There was a reason why it was called Universe 'growth' rather than just Universe 'upgrade'. The borders of the universe were greatly expanded, introducing new void to the Inner Universe.

This filled up the necessary space and created a gap between the planets that grew faster than the planets themselves. Draco turned to the Eternal Tree and saw that it was responsible for introducing more void, and equidistantly spreading the planets around.

It was doing this with ease, as if building a universe was child's play for it.

By the time everything settled, the Inner Universe - minus the island in the void - was 80% planet and 20% void, with each planet being equidistantly spread from each other.

Most planets were in full elemental states. So a star/sun planet made of fire, a water planet like Neptune with only H20, a molten planet with lava-like most primordial planets, and the last were gas giants like Jupiter.

By size, the fire planets/suns were the largest, the gas giants coming next, followed by the terrestrial/molten planets, and finally, the water/liquid planets.

The void was now filled with a sort of vibrant life. The heat of the suns was regulated by the Eternal Tree, and so was their light, allowing one to stare at them directly without feeling pain.

Draco felt that he could now spawn planetary-based Ancients and Primordials. Previously, the type he could have spawned would have been chaos/void types, like the Ancient Terror Cthulhu and his extended family.

That was why he had been reluctant to summon them, because such beasts were OP as fuck. The only thing that kept their power manageable was the fact that they only existed in the void and lacked the energy to grow.

They would roam around eating smaller asteroids and planetoids to sustain themselves. However, if introduced to his own universe, they would be able to have infinite energy and grow to levels that were unheard of.

Draco did not want to risk that. However, planetary primordials were far more manageable. His children could head out to hunt them once they matured to hone their martial skill, and they could claim the various planets as their territories to grow their own forces.

Just because Ancients and Primordials could not be taken out did not mean that no species could. Eventually, they would give birth to offspring of weaker grades and mortals would come into being once Draco upgrade the Universe to level 3.

As such, he communicated with the Eternal Tree. A humongous wave of Origin Energy washed out into the universe and struck each planet. It split up into smaller bits and formed eggs, cocoons, or embryos that resided in various places on the planet.

They would continue to absorb energy before they hatched. Their lifespans were as long as the universe, so unless killed, they were immortal. This also meant that the energy required to do anything for them was great.

Draco then checked the island in the void to see that everyone was out and marveling at the expanded universe which felt more like a universe than an endless abyss

He smiled and connected with Eva's mind first, giving her a summary of what had changed. His soulmate then used her Telepathy which was stronger than Draco to tether everyone else and pass on the information.

When they heard what just happened and what would come next, they became incredibly excited. Eva teleported beside Draco, bringing with her Zaine, Roma, and Hikari.

Seeing the Four Beauties, Draco's soul, down to his body, felt awash with happiness and pleasure. He hugged each of them and gave them a big kiss to show his endless affection for them.

He then checked the upgrade menu to see the next steps.

「System to Player Announcement

Please choose one of the two methods of Upgrade:

1. Area Expansion (Level 2) - Cost: 10kg Pure Light Essence, 3 Darkness Orbs, 50 Thunder Sources, 10 Life Seeds, 500 cubic meters of Soul Energy, 200 cubic meters of pure Life Energy, 20 cubic meters of Creation Energy, etc

2. Universe Growth (Level 2) - Cost: 100,000kg Pure Light Essence, 30,000 Darkness Orbs, 50,000 Thunder Sources, 10,000 Life Seeds, 5,000,000 cubic meters of Soul Energy, 2,000,000 cubic meters of pure Life Energy, 200,000 cubic meters of Creation Energy etc」

Draco felt his ovaries twitch in pain. Upgrading the universe to the next time would take a LOT of energy holy shit. If he didn't have the resources for it right here thanks to wanting to do Area Expansion level 2 and 3, he would screech to the heavens.

Whatever the case, he wasn't interested in Universe Growth anymore. He had only needed the first stage to add some life to the background. What were alleyways more important to him was Area Expansion, because that affected the island and his family directly.

As such he paid the necessary fees for level 2 Area Expansion Immediately. The entire island shook as the resources were once again swallowed by the Eternal Tree, but this time it spread them over the island alone.

It released a myriad of different colors, but the most notable was a pure white color, a pitch-black one, a blueish-purple one, and a greenish-black one. They spread out over the island and infused them onto the landmass, which also greatly expanded.

Its size grew from a large city - Boundless type - to the size of a large Area Zone. The expansion was so great that Draco and his family's living space only took up 0.00000001% of the total livable area.

Not to mention, more life in various forms spawned. In the sky in certain areas, thunder rumbled as rainstorms fell, lightning striking the ground. In other places, small bugs grew their proboscis and singers filled with toxins, the same happening as new planets were spawning with such poisons.

Draco also saw that the light on the island was no longer simulated, but genuinely provided. It highlight some places and was dark in others. Even though there was no sun or moon, the island would now follow a day and night cycle.

There were some more changes as the Advanced Elements of the world were introduced and ratified on the island, being flushed with Energy by the Eternal Tree to make everything instant and possible.

Draco was satisfied with the progress, but he wasn't done yet. There was one more important upgrade that would allow him to achieve the purpose of his actions today and also greatly change the fate of the entire Morningstar Clan.

The final Area Expansion!

Without further ado, Draco opened the upgrade menu once more.

「System to Player Announcement

Please choose one of the two methods of Upgrade:

1. Area Expansion (Level 3) - Cost: 1kg Refined Void Stones, 1kg Ethereal Sands of Time, 10 Unallocated Gravity Wells, 50 cubic meters Purified Destruction Essence, 50 cubic meters Purified Creation Essence, 700 cubic meters of Soul Energy, 1 World Heart, 1 Realm Soul, etc

2. Universe Growth (Level 2) - Cost: 100,000kg Pure Light Essence, 30,000 Darkness Orbs, 50,000 Thunder Sources, 10,000 Life Seeds, 5,000,000 cubic meters of Soul Energy, 2,000,000 cubic meters of pure Life Energy, 200,000 cubic meters of Creation Energy etc」

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