Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 305 - Li Yu Wants This Person, Who Dares to Attack?  

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Chapter 305: Li Yu Wants This Person, Who Dares to Attack?

Faced with Perfected Mobai’s overbearing gaze, Kun Hengzi was terrified and complained endlessly in his heart.

He also wanted to hand over the Withered Tree Sword to protect the sect, but the problem was that he did not even know who Gu Zheng was.

“Perfected Mobai, to be honest, Gu Zheng might be an outer sect disciple of our sect, or even an in-name disciple. I’m also investigating who this person is. Please wait a moment, Perfected Mobai!” Kun Hengzi said in fear and trepidation.

In fact, he did not want to compromise. It was heroic to die in peace.

However, as the master of a sect, he had to bear the lives of everyone in the sect. If he was careless, more than a thousand people might be buried with him.

“I’ll give you all ten minutes!” Perfected Mobai said expressionlessly.

“Okay!” Kun Hengzi quickly arranged for someone to investigate and quickly confirmed Gu Zheng’s identity.

It was his irrelevant junior brother, Yi Xi’s only disciple.

“Sect Master, Uncle-Master Yi Xi is here!” Kun Hengzi’s beloved disciple walked in with a drunk old man.

“Senior Brother, if you have something to say, say it quickly. Don’t delay my drinking!” Yi Xi walked to the hall and said impatiently as he raised his wine gourd to drink.

Then, he sat down in the hall and lay on the ground.

“Where’s your disciple?” Kun Hengzi hurriedly asked.

“My disciple? That’s right, where’s my disciple? This brat has grown up and doesn’t care about my master anymore. In the past, he would come over every few days to pay his respects to me. Later on, he disappeared for three to five years…”

“Yi Xi, this is urgent. Tell me quickly, where is Gu Zheng?” Kun Hengzi asked anxiously.

“Oh, if you didn’t mention it, I would have almost forgotten that this brat’s name is Gu Zheng! This unfilial disciple of mine has probably forgotten about my master. When I find him, I’ll definitely break his legs!” Yi Xi muttered to himself.

“Hmph!” Perfected Mobai snorted as a terrifying aura erupted. He reached out and grabbed Yi Xi.

“Perfected Mobai, please calm down. My junior brother is usually like this. He’s crazy. He… he might not know where Gu Zheng is. I’ll send someone to investigate now. Please give me some more time!” Kun Hengzi hurriedly stepped forward and said.

“There’s no need! I’ll find it myself!” Perfected Mobai waved his hand, and a terrifying magic power sent Kun Hengzi flying. He spat out blood and almost fainted.

Then, he carried the drunk Yi Xi and soared into the sky, arriving in the air above the Kunlun Sect. His divine sense instantly enveloped every corner of the Kunlun Sect and everyone.

“Gu Zheng, show yourself immediately. Otherwise, I’ll send your master to the afterlife!” After saying that, his divine sense immediately observed the changes in everyone’s emotions in an attempt to find Yi Xi’s disciple.

Sensing Perfected Mobai’s terrifying aura and pressure, everyone in the Kunlun Sect was shocked. They looked at Perfected Mobai in the sky anxiously.

“He’s not here!” Perfected Mobai frowned. His expression darkened as he grabbed Yi Xi’s neck and said coldly, “Tell me, where is Gu Zheng?”

“Even if you kill me, you won’t know!” With his neck grabbed, Yi Xi’s expression remained unchanged. He still raised the gourd and drank, even though he could not swallow the wine at all.

“Hmph, do you think I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me?” As he spoke, Perfected Mobai grabbed the top of Yi Xi’s head and tried to use the Soul Searching Art.

However, right at this moment, a divine sense instantly descended on Perfected Mobai from afar. “Stop!”

This divine sense was extremely powerful, causing Perfected Mobai’s soul to tremble and his entire body to turn cold. His old face instantly turned pale as he looked into the distance in horror. “Immortal… Immortal!”

Almost at the same time, a flying sword that looked like a dead tree seemed to have appeared out of thin air. It instantly pierced Perfected Mobai’s heart and dyed the sky red.

Their horrified expressions froze.

Everyone from the Kunlun Sect was shocked to see this.

Perfected Mobai was an existence as powerful as the heavens to them, yet he was suddenly killed by a sword that flew over from nowhere.

Who could have such strength?

As everyone was shocked, an even more powerful figure appeared out of thin air and grabbed the flying sword that had just killed Perfected Mobai and was about to fly away.

“Gu Zheng, come on out!” That person looked into the distance and said with a smile.

At the moment, his divine sense had already followed the divine sense controlling the Withered Tree Sword and instantly locked onto Gu Zheng’s location.

Gu Zheng’s expression changed as he exclaimed in his heart.

The divine sense just now was much stronger than his. With the power of the Great Dao inscriptions, he had already become a legendary immortal.

However, the cultivation of the owner of that divine sense was actually above his.

“Sigh, I can’t hide anymore!” Gu Zheng was helpless. The other party had already discovered his location, so it was impossible to continue hiding.

With a flash, Gu Zheng instantly arrived in the sky above the sect. Three immortals with auras far superior to his had already appeared there.

“He’s already at the Upper Immortal Realm!” said the man grabbing the Withered Tree Sword.

His name was Ye Yi, and he was sent by the Ye Family to the lower realm to find the Sons of Destiny. He was at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

They had been in the star outline world for a long time because they heard that a Great Dao inscription had descended here. The chosen ones must have been born here.

Therefore, they had been searching for the Sons of Destiny here. However, that fellow had hidden himself well. They had almost searched through the entire Sons of Destiny, but they could not find him.

They were about to leave when they saw the Kunlun Sect on the Magic Treasure Rankings.

Although he was not sure if it was the Kunlun Sect here, he did not expect there to be a surprise.

Furthermore, it was a double surprise. Not only had he found the owner of the Withered Tree Sword, but he had also discovered that the other party was likely the Son of Destiny he had been searching for.

In the lower realm, those who could enter the Upper Immortal Realm could basically be confirmed as the Son of Destiny.

“Who are you?” Gu Zheng asked in a low voice.

“I’m from the Ye family of the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm. If I’m not wrong, you should be the Sons of Destiny, right? Gu Zheng, our Ye family is recruiting the Sons of Destiny. Come with me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Our Ye family is the strongest faction in the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm. I wonder how many immortals have racked their brains to become a member of our Ye family,” Ye Yi said politely.

“Hmph, your Ye family has the cheek to say that you’re the strongest faction? What a joke!” With a mocking laugh, two more figures with powerful auras appeared.

“Our Situ family wants Gu Zheng!” The person said with a firm attitude.

“Pseudo-Saint!” Ye Yi frowned, and his expression darkened. He did not expect the Situ family to send a Pseudo-Saint to the lower realm to find the Sons of Destiny.

“Hmph, our Ye family found this child first!” Ye Yi said sternly.

“So what? We’re taking this person today. If you have the ability, snatch him from me!” That Pseudo-Saint from the Situ family sneered.

However, before he finished his sentence, an even stronger aura suddenly descended. “You two don’t have to fight anymore. This person belongs to our Heavy Mountain Realm!”

“Heavy Mountain Realm!”

“A Saint!” The expressions of the Ye family and the Situ family changed.

He never expected to encounter a Saint expert from the Heavy Mountain Realm here. The situation was dire.

However, everyone from the Kunlun Sect was dumbfounded. They were stupefied as they looked at the immortals filling the sky, each stronger and more extraordinary than the last.

Kun Hengzi could not believe what he had just seen. First, the powerful Perfected Mobai was killed by a single strike from Gu Zheng.

Then, three powerful immortals descended and discovered that Yi Xi’s disciple had already become an immortal.

However, before they could recover from the shock, two more waves of stronger immortals arrived.

They had never seen an immortal in their lives, but they had seen so much today. The shock they felt was indescribable.

As for Yi Xi, he thought that he was really drunk and everything he saw was an illusion.

After the Saint of the Heavy Mountain Realm descended, he did not say anything else and grabbed Gu Zheng and the Withered Tree Sword, about to take them away.

As for Gu Zheng, he was powerless against the Saint Realm expert. Furthermore, he was already scared silly.

Although he had already become an immortal, he was ultimately a frog in a well with limited knowledge.

Therefore, after experiencing so many unbelievable things today and suddenly seeing so many extraordinary experts, he could not be more shocked.

“Hold on!” Ye Yi suddenly stopped the Saint from the Heavy Mountain Realm.

“What’s the matter? Does your Ye family want to snatch him from my Heavy Mountain Realm?” The Saint said coldly.

“This is the person Li Yu wants. How dare you snatch him!” Ye Yi said sternly.

An idea flashed through his mind. He thought of someone who could use Li Yu to intimidate the Situ family and the Heavy Mountain Realm.

They had previously received a message from their family saying that the Ye family could not go to the Jingxing Realm to find the Sons of Destiny. They could not offend the Qingyun Sect, nor could they offend Li Yu.

The Sons of Destiny that the Ye family had found would be sent to the Qingyun Sect in the future.

Furthermore, they had heard from their families that Li Yu was the one who killed Heavenly Venerable Li Huo, and Li Yu was the strongest person in the world.

That was why Ye Yi thought of using Li Yu to scare them.

Indeed, when he heard Li Yu’s name, the Saint’s figure froze, and his expression changed slightly. His originally overbearing expression instantly vanished.

They were well aware of Li Yu’s name. Furthermore, Heavenly Venerable Zhong Yue had instructed them to be careful in the lower realm and not offend Li Yu and the Qingyun Sect.

Therefore, it was the Saint’s turn to feel scared. He put on a brave front and said, “What does the person Li Yu wants have to do with your Ye family? Don’t think of using Li Yu to scare us!”

Seeing the change in the expression of the Saint from the Heavy Mountain Realm, Ye Yi knew that his scheme had succeeded. He immediately raised his head and stuck out his chest, saying proudly, “You should know about the Eight Desolates Glazed Bowl, right? It’s our family master’s intrinsic magic treasure. Now that our family master has already offered it to Li Yu, our Ye family has already submitted to Li Yu and worked for him. We are also searching for Sons of Destiny to offer to him! I’ve just sent the news back to the Ye family. I believe our Ye family has already received the news!”

Upon hearing this, the two experts of the Heavy Mountain Realm looked at each other and seemed to hesitate.

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