Heavenly Jewel Change - Chapter 294 - Cards on the Table (2)

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Fen Tian looked over at Huang Xingyun with anger in his eyes that was impossible to hide - Huang Xingyun had never told him that the Passion Valley had information pertaining to the Sidhe Tribe’s sealed grounds. Clearly, Huang Xingyun wanted to keep that advantage to himself.

“Such a piece of trash.” A frosty light flashed across Huang Xingyun’s eyes, “I assumed that he had died in the hands of the Sidhe Tribe. I had never expected him to die in your hands. Even the wise are not free from error.”

If not for that blunder, today, when the joint forces of darkness and light of the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley were to erupt at the same time, they would have been able to attain victory at the lowest possible cost.

The most important reason why the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley held back from taking action was because they did not want to lose too many people here. Putting aside the other countries, the two great empires, the ZhongTian Empire and the Wan Shou Empire, were already extremely difficult to deal with. If the two Great Saint Lands were to incur huge losses, it would make their next step towards world domination an extremely difficult one. Hence, their plans were strategized towards winning the Grand Tournament with the lowest possible casualty.

Huang Xingyun said in a cold manner, “You have already witnessed Fen Tian’s power. Since things had already turned out this way, let us fight this out with our respective strength and power. If you are not willing to accept the option to seal your Saint Land, you will all remain here today.

Xue AoTian’s eyebrows twitched in anger and his eyes widened, “Huang Xingyun, Fen Tian, you seem to have forgotten that you are currently on my Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

Huang Xingyun glanced at Xue AoTian, “I had sacrificed a lot for the sake of attaining the Destruction Energy, did you think that I did not gain any reward? I did not forget that this is indeed your Heavenly Snow Mountain. But so what? In the face of absolute power, do you think you stand a chance to resist?”

A layer of distorted dark purple light quietly appeared on Huang Xingyun’s body. Similarly, a layer of dark purple light appeared around Yun Ruoyu, who was standing next to him. Terrifying suppressive aura rose sharply in an instant - the two rays of purple light beams soared into the sky amidst the distortions.

The dark purple light collided violently with Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory within the area of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain that was being shrouded by Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory, in which the Destruction Celestial Territory was forcefully dispelled,

Zhou Weiqing grunted and retreated three steps back before regaining a firm footing. His face had become pale, while the two rays of light had broken through the barrier created by the Astral Celestial Territory before merging with Fen Tian’s Destruction Celestial Territory.

The shade of black in the sky immediately underwent some changes, transforming into a strange shade of dark purple. The terrifying and massive pressure caused the area of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory to rapidly shrink. In just a few breaths, it was forcefully reduced to an area of less than thirty square meters - only enveloping a small portion of the Peerless Sect’s powerhouses.

On the other hand, the members of the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace were no longer being protected by the Astral Celestial Territory. Immediately, the suffocating pressure tormented them once again. Furthermore, this time, the suffocating pressure had intensified and become a lot more terrifying.

Just with the suppressive pressure alone, without any physical attack, it could be clearly seen that the snow that accumulated at the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain all year round had melted and disappeared at a frightening speed. Within a short period of time, the rocky ground of the mountain top was exposed - not even a drop of water could be seen.

The Destruction Celestial Territory; it was the Destruction Celestial Territory yet again. The only difference was that Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu’s Celestial Territory was not mixed with the Fire Attribute, but their Time Attribute. In some sense, their Destruction Celestial Territory was more powerful than Fen Tian’s. However, their cultivation base was still lower than his. Even so, within that short duration of time, all the powerhouses present at the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain could clearly see that the Passion Valley husband and wife were High Level Heavenly Gods.

All the powerhouses of both the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace looked mortified at this moment, including Xue AoTian and Shangguan Tianyang. Even though the total number of powerhouses of both the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley was still lower than that of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and the Peerless Sect, it was not significant. However, at this moment, they already had four Heavenly Gods on their side!

A Max Level Heavenly God, two High Level Heavenly Gods, and a Low Level Heavenly God. Four Heavenly Gods… what level of power was this!?

At this moment, the person who was experiencing mixed feelings the most was none other than Xue AoTian. For so many years, his status was the world’s number one powerhouse - the only Heavenly God powerhouse amongst the five Great Saint Lands.

However, during this Grand Tournament, five Heavenly Gods had suddenly appeared. Five of them! Which Heavenly God did not possess the power to destroy heaven and earth? The difference between a Heavenly Emperor and a Heavenly God was equivalent to the vast difference between an emperor and a deity - the gap between both parties was extremely huge. Moreover, there were three Heavenly Gods on the opponent’s side, who had a higher cultivation base than himself. Could they really win the battle under such circumstances?

Fen Tian slowly took a step forward and stood next to Huang Xingyun, “Sealing your Saint Land or death - you do not get much chances to make a choice. Give me an answer.”

His words were completely directed at the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Both Fen Tian and Huang Xingyun were resolved to destroy the Peerless Sect today, no matter what. The Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing possessed was the only thing that could contend against them.

Shangguan Tianyang slowly took a step forward. A layer of hazy fog drifted from his body. Within the dream and fantasy-like fog, pieces of armor silently appeared on his body. It was the Boundless Infinitum Set.

He was not the only person who was equipped with the Legendary Set, rays of light appeared on all the members of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. The faint fog that was released from their bodies gradually floated into the air, forming a layer of hazy shade of light that shrouded all of them.

Apart from the two Shangguan brothers, Tianyang and Tianyue, even though all the members who came for the tournament were only Heavenly Kings, the collective might and pressure released from the Legendary Set of all 108 members was shocking. Even though they were unable to break the Destruction Celestial Territory, they managed to forcefully block the suppressive power of the Destruction Celestial Territory using their collective power, preventing it from corroding them further.

Seeing the powerhouses of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace equip themselves with their Legendary Sets, Fen Tian and Huang Xingyun’s pupils slightly contracted. This was because they saw that all 108 of them were wearing a nine-piece Legendary Set.

Nine-piece Legendary Set, what on earth? In other words, they were each wearing a Legendary Set that was on par with Long Shiya’s Legendary Set!

No matter how swift and violent the developments made by the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley were, as a result of the Destruction Attribute, their Great Saint Lands combined together could not produce that many Legendary Sets. This was the reason why Fen Tian and Huang Xingyun did not coerce the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain that much. That was a foundation of power - a foundation that was built over a thousand years as a Saint Land. In terms of financial resources, who could be compared to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?

Shangguan Tianyang glared coldly at Fen Tian and Huang Xingyun, “The Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s 108 Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends Boundless Infinitum Formation had not appeared on the Mainland for at least 400 years. A sealed Heaven’s Expanse Palace will eventually perish - we will ultimately end up being killed by you. Moreover, for the sake of the commoners in the world, how can the Heaven’s Expanse Palace stay away for the sake of self-preservation and be selfish? Today, there will only be the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that fight to the death. The people of ZhongTian will not compromise for the sake of self-survival.”

His words showed how resolute and decisive he was, every single word was said with conviction. The smile on the leader of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had completely vanished. The eleven-piece Boundless Infinitum Set, the world’s number one Legendary Set that was radiating with diamond-like transparent luster, had completely appeared on his body.

After the Boundless Infinitum Set was completely assembled, it looked as though Shangguan Tianyang’s body was covered in a layer of crystal, and within the layer of crystal, there was a layer of faint cloudy white smoke that was constantly circulating. The boundless mist seemed as though it was filled with the condensation of all the attributes. It was precisely the boundless mist that had forcefully broke the suppressive power of the Destruction Celestial Territory. This was a God Set.

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