Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1777: Smacking The Grand Pure One

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Chapter 1777: Smacking The Grand Pure One

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had waited 30,000 years for this moment.

He would definitely be greatly rewarded by the Jade Emperor when he presented Wu Yu as true immortal medicine.

As he approached the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, he did not sense anything wrong abou tit.

But when he opened it, a beam of golden light shot out!

He stared horror-struck at the golden buddha world that emerged, blasting apart the Brazier of Eight Trigrams with its appearance.


Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was astonished. He wanted to refine Wu Yu down into an immortal pill. What was this golden buddha world?

Besides, this golden buddha world was as large as a lesser realm, and glimmering with golden light.

Of course, this golden buddha world was Wu Yu.

Or rather, Wu Yu's buddha world body!

He had not died in the 30,000 years in the Brazier of Eight Trigrams. Instead, through reading the Invincible Vajra Body scripture, he had refined it to the ultimate level.

He had created a buddha world out of his body, and within it was his Devouring Apotheosis Realm. Buddha world and apotheosis realm together - it gave him powers that had never been seen before!

Unlike the immortal buddhas of Heavenly Buddha's Domain, his golden buddha world could be completely retracted within his body, allowing him to maintain his original appearance.

Wu Yu had lost his sense of self, fully absorbed in cultivation in the 30,000 years.

But as the Brazier of Eight Trigrams opened, he awakened.

He realized that he was now an immortal buddha!

And his Supreme Immortal Buddha Realm was at the fourth tier. He was already at the point where he had to create the cycle. That was a huge boost in his strength.

Within his body, apotheosis immortal energy and immortal buddha energy worked in perfect synergy. The two strengths combined multiplicatively.

"Wu Yu, cease immediately, before you destroy my Tusita Palace!"

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was quivering with rage as he shouted at Wu Yu.

"Carved Vajra, hold him!"

He still had the Carved Vajra on Wu Yu, and tried to use it to tame Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu was incredibly powerful now.

A cross of apotheosis immortal energy and immortal buddha energy. A flash of golden light, and a piercing, keening sound. The Carved Vajra fell off Wu Yu and smashed into a thousand pieces!

Wu Yu's golden buddha body returned to its usual size, and melded back into his body.

He turned his golden eyes on the Carved Vajra.

It shattered further into dust.

From the ashes the Ruyi Jingu Bang flew out, as did many other epochal immortal treasures and weapons. Wu Yu ignored all of these.

To him, no weapon could ever compare to the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

"My Carved Vajra!"

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord cried out in dismay and outrage. He summoned many weapons out of thin air, and attacked Wu Yu.

These were all weapons that Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had smithed before, which he had yet to gift to other immortal emperors.

He flew into a terrible rage that all of his weapons had been released since the Carved Vajra broke.

Wu Yu was faced with an arsenal even more formidable than Nezha's four epochal immortal treasures.

After all, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was many levels higher than Nezha. Even the same epochal immortal treasure would be completely different in his hands.

Let alone these weapons which he had personally made. They were definitely at least a match for Nezha's weapons.

Wu Yu before would have been cut to pieces by them.

Their combined strength was greater than the Carved Vajra.

Since Wu Yu had even destroyed Carved Vajra, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would naturally have to pull out even greater strength to be effective against Wu Yu.

The entire weapon arsenal flew out at Wu Yu!

"Immortal buddha energy, Violent Art, Pillar of the Skies!"

Wu Yu swung his Ruyi Jingu Bang without fear.

The sky itself seemed to fall with his blow.

Supplemented by his immortal buddha energy, the Ruyi Jingu Bang's Violent Art attack sent all of the weapons clattering and flying away!

The vortex of immortal essence that had been whipped up was also blown away.


Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was stunned. After 30,000 years in the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, Wu Yu was not only still alive, but had grown even stronger. Even he could not fight Wu Yu now.

He tried desperately to defend, but what else did he have?

The Ruyi Jingu Bang cracked against his apotheosis realm.

The prodigious strength sent quakes rippling through Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's apotheosis realm, and he swooned.

Wu Yu immediately used Nightmare Immortal Prayer to hold Grand Supreme Elderly Lord.

He had done something that had never before been accomplished or dared.

He had knocked Grand Supreme Elderly Lord unconscious and was now controlling him!

As he continued to chant Nightmare Immortal Prayer, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord sank down into a dream-filled stupor.

However, Wu Yu did not feel any ill will towards him.

He knew that the Jade Emperor had intended to punish him by making him reflect and regret for 30,000 years in the Brazier of Eight Trigrams.

Instead, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had tried to kill him and refine him as immortal medicine.

Wu Yu would show no mercy when treated like this.

And yet, Wu Yu felt that the immortal emperors in the sky palaces had all turned bloodthirsty.

Although it was not as obvious as the immortal buddhas in Heavenly Buddha's Domain, but there were definitely signs. Was there some deeper mystery behind all this?

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