Hello Mr. King - Chapter 430 - Disaster comes from the mouth

Chapter 430: Disaster comes from the mouth

Although Second Master Shi had not thought of this, he was still intimidated by his father’s authority. He turned around and made another phone call.

From afar, he could hear that he was indeed explaining something.

“Xiao Song, what do you think about this? ” Old Master Shi asked Song Mian for her opinion.

“This has nothing to do with me. ” Song Mian’s tone was cold.

“How can it have nothing to do with you? Your fiancée is now the prime suspect! ” Elder Shi had just hung up the phone and was not convinced.

Elder Shi was so angry that there was no change in his expression. The veins on the back of his hand, which was holding the walking stick, were bulging. It showed that he was trying his best to endure this idiot.

Dragons had nine sons, and each of them was different. No matter how shrewd a father was, he would always give birth to a few who were lazy or stupid.

“Say that again. ” Song Mian’s dark purple eyes flickered with a faint light.

His gaze wasn’t sharp at all, but it scared second master Shi so much that he couldn’t help but take a step back. This step made him feel embarrassed in front of the younger generation, he spoke with a little anger, “This is the Shi family, not the Song family. Do you think I’m afraid of you? Your fiancée is at the scene of the murder with a sharp weapon in her hand. She is… ”

Before Second Master Shi could finish his words, he felt a shadow in front of him. Before he could react, he felt a pain in his stomach. As he bent down to hold his stomach, Song Mian had already turned around and pushed second master Shi with her elbow.

Second Master Shi staggered forward and knelt in front of Yun Nian. Yun Nian was so frightened that he immediately moved aside. After all, he was an elder. Yun Nian really did not dare to kneel before him.

Song Mian’s reaction was very fast. Everyone knew that he was the one who had done it, but there was no evidence. Even though he had moved, he did not stand in his original position. Instead, he slowly walked from second master Shi’s position to Yun Zian’s side.

“Song Mian, you’re going too far! ” Second Master Shi was momentarily stunned. It was only when the second madam ran over to help him that he came back to his senses.

“Second Master, if you don’t have evidence, don’t say anything, ” Song Mian warned coldly. “You must know that disaster comes from the mouth. ”

Everyone knew that Song Mian was serious. Although Second Master Shi was a generation higher than Song Mian, he was not the heir to the Shi family, nor did he have much power.

How could he be compared to Song Mian, who controlled the power of the Song Family?

He could only look at old master Shi. “Father, you let outsiders bully our family! ”

“If you dare to say another word, you will stay at home from now on. You are not allowed to go anywhere, ” old master Shi said to his stupid son, “until you die! ”

Master Shi was frightened by his father’s fierce tone. His face turned Pale, and his lips trembled as he was supported on the side by his wife.

“Xiao Song, you should know that you have no choice but to intervene in this matter. ” Master Shi then turned around and continued the conversation with Song Mian.

After saying that, his gaze fell on Yun Nian.

Due to the nature of his profession, once Yun Nian was involved in such a scandal, he would be unable to shut the mouths of the masses.

Those who were hostile to you, those who did not like you for some reason, and those who feared that the world would not fall into chaos were only willing to believe in those who were in the dark..

These people did not need any truth. They would obtain something at any time and place to publicize it and would not let it go.

The entertainment industry was not a place where people were not afraid of shadows. It was also not a place where they could walk their own path and let others talk about it.

Image was equal to the market.

Without image, there would be no market. Unless Yun Nian decided to rely on Song Mian’s power to get resources from now on.

Otherwise, if he wanted to turn things around, he would have to pay a price. He might not be able to turn things around for the rest of his life.

Song Mian sneered, “Old man, you have to believe that I have the ability to change the truth. ”

The worst case scenario would be that someone had evidence that Yun Wanxiang wanted to kill someone. They might use Yun Wanxiang’s identity as a celebrity to post it on the Internet, causing a huge negative impact on Yun Wanxiang.

By then, the truth would no longer be important in the eyes of some people.

“I can make any public platform, social media platform, self-media, media… ” Song Mian said calmly, “No one dares to publish it. Even if someone has his own account, I can make him publish it first and then be taken off the shelf. ”

Song Mian paused and raised his eyebrows. “Well, he’s so meticulous. Maybe he has a few friends to help him. It’s okay. Everyone has a weakness. If anyone interferes in this matter, I will make him a murderer and make him confess to the crime willingly. ”

Song Mian was very forceful. His words were a warning to everyone here that he would kill all those who wanted to use the cloud as a raft.

If he followed the normal procedure, of course, he would not be able to stop Youyou’s mouth. However, he was never a kind person.

If anyone dared to spread rumors, he would drag them into the abyss of crime. Then, he would make an example out of them. He wanted to see if those who had nothing to do were not afraid of prison.

If he forcefully captured a few examples, even if he could not convince them, they would only dare to be angry and not dare to speak up.

As such, without these people’s attacks and rhythmic resistance, Yun Xiang’s image would not be affected in the slightest.

Second Master Shi looked at Song Mian, who spoke casually, and for some reason, he shivered. Anyone could feel the suppression that Song Mian had released.

“This matter also involves my sister. If you insist on believing that Miss Yun is the murderer, then you are suspecting my sister of perjury. ” At this moment, Tang Zhiyu also expressed his stance, “The people of my Tang family are scheming and scheming in the business world and are not afraid of people’s words. However, their private character can not be questioned. ”

This indirectly meant that the Tang family would also intervene in this matter. However, Tang Zhiyu had sufficient reasons. The virtue of a lady from a large family would not allow others to slander her.

“Young Master Song, are you just going to sit back and watch someone use Miss Yun as a raft? ” Master Shi, who had not spoken all this while, asked.

The corners of Song Mian’s lips curled up coldly. “This is a matter that happened in your Shi family. If the Shi family can not give me an explanation, I don’t mind using my methods to vent my anger. ”

This was a situation where they were about to fall out with each other.

Song Mian did not blame the Tang family for what happened to the Tang family because the mastermind was not a member of the Tang family. The mastermind wanted him to make things difficult for the Tang family. It was impossible for him to become a knife in someone else’s hand.

The Tang family’s attitude was also different from the Shi family’s. This time, the Shi family clearly had an internal conflict, but they wanted to drag them into it. The Shi family had to give them a satisfactory result.

Otherwise, he could only vent his anger. Those who were vented could only blame themselves for not managing their own family well.

Framing his woman and asking him to clean up the family for them was really wishful thinking.

“Then stay for one night. My old bones aren’t dead yet. I want to see who is so filial to give me such a big gift. ” Old Master Shi poked the ground with his walking stick a few times and instructed eldest Madam Shi, “Go and arrange the guest rooms. “