Hello, Mr. Major General - Chapter 1558 - Hit The Nail On The Head

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Chapter 1558: Hit The Nail On The Head

Fortunately, Lu Yuan wasn’t swindled by the words of the Ace of the Far East aka deputy consul of the Soviet consulate general. He asked directly, “Mr. Peter, why do you think that Nianzhi’s enemy isn’t just the one on the surface? You just met our Nianzhi, so do you know so much about her situation?”

But the Ace of the Far East did this kind of work. He was the best at deducing the overall situation through small details.

He was best at finding the truth through clues.

“President Lu, the reason is very simple. From the analysis of the information I heard yesterday, the person who could do those experiments couldn’t be just one person. It had to be a team. But other than that person on the surface, do you know anyone else? If not, then it was well covered up by someone.”

The Ace of the Far East’s analysis was logical. “Although I didn’t hear much information, just from this point alone, I can tell that there is someone behind that person. Therefore, if you cooperate with me, you will be able to deal with those people hiding behind the scenes more efficiently.”

His hands in his trouser pockets, Lu Yuan listened quietly as he looked at the other party’s raised hands in a distant manner. He said calmly, “Mr. Peter, if you had said that before you installed the bug, I might have believed you. But you only said it after we found out about your bug. Do you think we would still believe you?”

The Ace of the Far East raised his hand and flipped it left and right. His voice was cold and his expression was calm. “I can’t help it if you think that way. But you should also know that I had the choice to not take the initiative to make this request. After all, I knew the moment you found out about the bug. I had enough time to stay out of it. Even if I don’t admit it, you can’t do anything about it.”

This was indeed the truth. They were only guessing that it was him.

But there was no name carved on the bug. The KGB also didn’t have a special bug.

If he really denied it, they would have no evidence to accuse him of anything.

There was nothing they could do about it. After all, Gu Nianzhi and the others weren’t the British prime minister so they couldn’t say, “If I say you did it, you did it, even if you didn’t do it,”and then brazenly expel the Soviet diplomat…

They didn’t have the ability to do that. The Huaxia Empire required evidence in a lawsuit.

Lu Yuan looked at him thoughtfully.

The Ace of the Far East aka Peter paused for a moment, then turned around to look at Gu Nianzhi, who was lying on the hospital bed dumbfounded. He said calmly, “But I still came. I came to ask for your forgiveness. I really didn’t mean anything by it. Miss Gu’s background is pitiful. Or rather, I never thought that in modern society, there would be someone who had experienced such terrible pain. My heart aches…”

Gu Nianzhi’s face was cold, and she was at a loss for words.

Was she that pitiful?

How did she not know?

“… Miss Gu saved my life. Of course I have to repay her for saving my life.”

“I originally wanted to secretly help her deal with those who still harbored ill intentions towards her, but since you’ve found out, I won’t hide it anymore.”

He put down his arms and took out his belongings.

There was a pistol disguised as a pen, a small signal transmitter hidden in the middle of the soles of his shoes, a button bomb on his coat, and even a GPS device buried under the skin at the back of his neck.

“These are all the regular equipment of our KGB. I’ve already revealed everything. Do you have any more questions?”

Lu Yuan lowered his eyes and carefully thought about this matter.

Peter did have a point.

This KGB agent already knew part of the truth. Unless they could kill him without anyone knowing, it was better not to fall out with him.

Besides, with his identity as a KGB agent, could they really kill him without anyone noticing?

At this point, the only way was to cooperate with him.

Of course, there was no way he would be Gu Nianzhi’s personal nurse.

Lu Yuan thought to himself as he looked indifferently at Gu Nianzhi, who was sitting on the hospital bed.

Gu Nianzhi glanced at him and turned her gaze to the Ace of the Far East, Peter aka Huo Shaoheng, who was standing in front of her bed.

The first time she saw him, she was almost stunned and couldn’t control herself at all.

But now that she saw him again, she felt as if her heart was still as water.

Very well, this proved that she was not a complete fan of looks.

Although this person had a face that looked exactly like Major General Huo’s, and even more gorgeous and handsome, she wasn’t moved at all.

Her little heart was still recovering weakly, and couldn’t withstand such ups and downs.

Gu Nianzhi reflexively covered her chest and said coldly with a sullen face, “… You want to be my personal nurse?”

The Ace of the Far East nodded. “Yes.”

Gu Nianzhi rolled her eyes. “If you want to do it, I’ll let you do it?! You’re so capable, so why don’t you just go to heaven?”

Lu Jin, who was hiding in the secret room, was elated when he heard this. He couldn’t help nodding. That’s right, if you’re so capable, why don’t you go to heaven? !

He had heard this from Lu Yuan so much that his ears were almost callused. Today, when he heard it from Gu Nianzhi, he actually felt that it was beautiful.

He liked to hear his own daughter throw these words at other people.

He couldn’t help pushing the door open and walking out. He said, “That’s right. If you’re so capable, why don’t you go to heaven?”

The Ace of the Far East aka Peter:”…”

Lu Yuan: “…”

Gu Nianzhi didn’t even get to finish rolling her eyes when she was choked by her father’s unreliable actions.

“Dad, why are you out? !” She couldn’t help complaining with a hint of childishness in her voice.

Lu Jin, one foot inside the door and the other outside, stopped in his tracks. He looked back at where he had come from and said embarrassingly, “Shall I go in again?”

Lu Yuan’s face was blank. Resigning to his fate, he said, “You’re already out. What’s there to go back in for? You’re the one who caused this, so come out and say something.”

The KGB agent had heard all of Lu Jin and Gu Nianzhi’s conversations yesterday anyway. No matter how much Lu Jin tried to hide, he would just be lying to himself.

Seeing Lu Jin come out, the Ace of the Far East wasn’t surprised at all. He nodded and greeted him. “Good evening, Uncle Lu.”

Lu Jin: “! ! !”

Lu Yuan: “…”

Gu Nianzhi: “…”

“Don’t call me uncle for no reason.” Lu Jin walked out impatiently and closed the door behind him. His attitude was natural, as if he hadn’t come out of the secret room but had come from next door. He really had thick skin.

The Ace of the Far East smiled and didn’t argue with him.

Lu Jin walked over and looked him up and down. He snorted. “You’re not bad looking, but you have a bad heart. Do you think you can protect my daughter with your ability?”

The Ace of the Far East aka Peter became serious and said seriously, “Then does Uncle Lu think that you’ve protected your daughter well?”

It was a stab to the heart.

Lu Jin’s heart shattered.

Gu Nianzhi saw that this Ace of the Far East was simply too powerful. With just one sentence, he shut her insufferably talented father up, so she quickly raised her head and said, “President Lu, father, can you two go out for a moment? I want to have a few words with this KGB agent in private.”

She couldn’t let this man lead them into a ditch.

Gu Nianzhi finally realized that this Ace of the Far East was indeed an ace. Just his eloquence alone was impressive.

They still didn’t know how much skill he had hidden.

Thinking about it, wasn’t it better to have more friends than more enemies?

After all, when she was there, she had become good friends with the second-in-command of the KGB, Vladimir, and his driver, Uncle Ivan.

Gu Nianzhi thought to herself and gestured for Lu Yuan and Lu Jin to go out first.

Lu Jin was still a little reluctant, but Lu Yuan could tell that Gu Nianzhi was someone with prudence. At least she was more reliable than her father, so he pulled Lu Jin out.

The door closed quietly, and only Gu Nianzhi and the Ace of the Far East were left in the room.

Gu Nianzhi raised her hand to rub her swollen temples, but her strength couldn’t keep up. She couldn’t even raise her arms.

She sighed and lowered her half-raised hand.

However, the Ace of the Far East saw her and walked over naturally. He sat beside her bed and reached out his hands to gently massage her temples. His hands were soft and gentle, and the massage was just right. Gu Nianzhi’s headache instantly eased.

She closed her eyes and felt her scalp go numb. It was extremely comfortable.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Like the murmur of lovers in autumn, the Ace of the Far East’s voice lingered in her ears.

Gu Nianzhi woke up from her reverie. She tilted her head slightly and said, “Thank you, I’m much better now.”

The Ace of the Far East moved his hand away. He could still feel the delicate softness of her skin on his fingertips. He couldn’t help rubbing his fingers and reminiscing the sensation.

“Don’t think that I’m that bad. I’m not that heartless. You saved me, enough for me to go through fire and water for you.”

Perhaps it was because there was just the two of them in the room, but this Ace of the Far East was starting to speak up.

Gu Nianzhi wasn’t used to it. She glanced at him sideways and said, “I didn’t save you for you. I hope you understand. Under those circumstances, I would have saved anyone.”

The Ace of the Far East smiled. “That’s even rarer. Where would I find such a good girl? I haven’t treated her well yet, but she’s willing to take the bullet for me. If I don’t take the initiative, I’ll never be able to get a wife in my life.”

“Stop! Stop!” Gu Nianzhi quickly made a “pause” sign with her hand. “Mr. Peter, if you want to repay me, I won’t stop you, but don’t say such mushy things so often. I’ll think you’re flirting with me.”

“Flirting? !” The Ace of the Far East seemed to be hurt. “I’m sincerely expressing my love. Of course, whether you accept it or not is up to you. I won’t force you.”

“I won’t accept it.” Gu Nianzhi rejected him without hesitation. “As long as you don’t say such mushy things, we can still be good friends, normal friends.”

The Ace of the Far East’s eyes flashed. He had not expected this girl to accept him overnight.

If he could really get it done overnight, he would look down on his own judgment.

“Okay, then let’s start with normal friends.” The Ace of the Far East picked up Gu Nianzhi’s unfinished porridge bowl and scooped a spoonful of porridge for her. “Open your mouth.”

Gu Nianzhi subconsciously opened her mouth and was fed a mouthful of ground chicken porridge by far east ace.

Lu Yuan and Lu Jin, who were waiting outside, looked at the time. It had been about ten minutes, but there was no sound at all. They were a little worried, so they gently pushed the door open and looked through the crack in the door.

They saw Mr. Peter sitting on Gu Nianzhi’s bed, where Lu Jin had been sitting just now. He was holding a bowl of porridge and a small spoon. He was feeding Gu Nianzhi.

He fed her one mouthful at a time, and he did so with experience.

Lu Jin felt uncomfortable.

Lu Yuan also felt that something was off.

The two of them looked at each other quietly for a while, but still knocked on the door. “Are you finished? We haven’t eaten yet.”

Gu Nianzhi: “…”

The Ace of the Far East, on the other hand, was at ease. He turned around and said, “Please come in, both of you.”

Lu Jin walked in with a sullen expression on his face. He came to Gu Nianzhi’s bedside and said to Peter, “Get up. You’re the guest. How can I let you do this?”

“I’m proving to you that I can be Miss Gu’s personal nurse.” The Ace of the Far East put down the porridge bowl and spoon, then stood up gracefully. “I’ve received professional training in nursing gunshot wounds. I can also do infant care.”

Gu Nianzhi looked as if she had been struck by lightning. Unfortunately, she couldn’t lift her arms, and couldn’t even cover her face.

Lu Jin, annoyed, sat back down in his seat. He picked up the porridge bowl and continued to feed Gu Nianzhi. He said with a straight face, “Is professional training in nursing gunshot wounds really that impressive? I’ll go teach myself right away, and I’ll become an expert in this field tomorrow! As for infant care, I was an expert in this field twenty years ago!”

“Really? Uncle Lu knows about infant and child care?”

“Of course. I know all the indicators of a baby’s growth at all stages, the various nutrients in formula milk, and the texture and function of different diapers like the back of my hand.” Lu Jin kept on talking as he fed Gu Nianzhi porridge.

“That’s great, but Uncle Lu is familiar with the formula milk and diapers from twenty years ago, right? I’ve paid attention to the latest products, formula milk and diapers…” The Ace of the Far East really could talk about any topic, so he was going all out.

Infant care? ? ? ?

Why were they fighting over this? ? ? ?

Gu Nianzhi felt that the topic was moving in a strange direction. She quickly said, “Dad, President Lu, I think it’s good that Mr. Peter is willing to help, but I don’t need him to be my personal nurse. It’s too much of a waste of talent.”

Lu Yuan understood what she meant as soon as she said that. He nodded approvingly and said, “I think so too. Since Mr. Peter wants to help us, that’s what I want. Having more friends is better than having more enemies.”

Gu Nianzhi played right into his hands. She quickly nodded and said, “Yes, that makes sense. So Mr. Peter, why don’t you work with President Lu and see if you can improve our security. Also…”

“Yes, yes, yes. We’re good at internet security, but Mr. Peter is from the KGB. He should have more experience in protecting people, right?” Lu Yuan understood what Gu Nianzhi meant instantly and chimed in with her to separate Peter from Gu Nianzhi.

The Ace of the Far East understood and said coldly, “That’s not a problem. I’ll make arrangements right away. Don’t worry, no one has been able to break through the KGB’s security line and get close to the important people we’re protecting.”

In fact, he had taken the initiative to visit them today to make them feel at ease.

He hadn’t expected that this person was so skilled that he had found out about the bug he had installed so quickly.

He had no intention of going against them, so he had chosen to confess right away.

No matter what, Gu Nianzhi was his savior, and he wouldn’t let anyone continue to hurt her.

Gu Nianzhi breathed a sigh of relief.

That was all she could do. She would have to take it one step at a time.

All she wanted to do now was recover from her injuries as soon as possible. She was so weak that she couldn’t even lift her arms.

If someone really came in to take her life at this time, she would have no choice but to die.

Previously, in order to get rid of the He family’s shackles, she had been willing to die.

Now that the He family had let go, of course she didn’t want to die.

Who would be willing to die if they could live well?

Lu Yuan saw that Peter had agreed and patted him on the shoulder. “Alright, let’s go to the study room and talk about it in detail.”

The Ace of the Far East turned to look at Gu Nianzhi with a trace of reluctance on his cold face.

Lu Jin turned to glare at him. “Let’s go, let’s have a proper discussion. My daughter’s safety is in the hands of the two of you.”

Lu Yuan took the Ace of the Far East away from Gu Nianzhi’s guest room on the first floor and brought him to the study room on the other side.

It was a small study room with a crystal clear glass wall and was facing the refreshing lake.

“Sit.” Lu Yuan sat down on the small sofa in the study room and beckoning the Ace of the Far East to sit down, he pointed to the seat opposite him.

The Ace of the Far East sat down unceremoniously, stretched his long legs, crossed his arms, and said calmly, “Do you have anything else to say?”

“Smoke?” Lu Yuan picked up a pack of cigarettes, lit one, and took a puff.

The Ace of the Far East shook his head. “No.”

“Okay.” Lu Yuan held the cigarette in one hand as he looked at the appearance of this Ace of the Far East. He narrowed his eyes and said, “You’re from the Soviet Union? You grew up in the Soviet Union?”

“I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in the Soviet Union.”The Far East Ace also looked at Lu Yuan in front of him. “But President Lu, where were you born? Where did you grow up?”

“Me?” Lu Yuan laughed. “I was born in the Huaxia Empire and grew up in the Huaxia Empire. What’s wrong? Do you have any questions?”

“I do have some questions.” The The Ace of the Far East looked at the beard sticking to Lu Yuan’s face. “Your disguise is very simple. Are you trying to protect yourself from someone?”

Lu Jin’s disguise couldn’t even fool Lu Yuan. Of course, he couldn’t hide it from the spy ace who had sharp eyes.

“Yes, just in case someone was following me at night, and wanted to find Nianzhi through me.” Lu Yuan didn’t hide anything and told him about how Gu Nianzhi’s mother, Qin Yaoguang, had once questioned him.

His fingers brushed the ash off the ashtray, and Lu Yuan said calmly, “Since you know Nianzhi’s background, you also know that her mother isn’t a good person.”

“I’ve never seen such a vicious biological mother,” The Ace of the Far East said without hesitation, “I’m also quite knowledgeable. I’ve seen many parents who are vicious to their own children, but none of them can be compared to Qin Yaoguang. Even if you don’t tell me about this kind of person, I would still get even with her.”

“I advise you not to interfere in the matter between Qin Yaoguang and Nianzhi,” Lu Yuan reminded him. “She should be left to do it herself.”

“The most important thing for you now is to help protect Nianzhi. Don’t let anyone disturb her until she recovers from her injuries.”

The Ace of the Far East nodded. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll give you a plan right away. You just need to find someone to arrange it according to the plan.”

Of course, he would not use the resources of the KGB to protect Gu Nianzhi.

Apart from him, he wouldn’t let anyone from the KGB know about Gu Nianzhi’s background.

Lu Yuan smiled. The lines at the corners of his eyes were clear and deep.

The Ace of the Far East, who had been looking at him, asked tentatively, “President Lu, with all due respect, have you really never been to the Soviet Union? You look a lot like my uncle, who passed away in the Soviet Union more than 20 years ago.”

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