Hello, Mr. Major General - Chapter 2069: Chapter 2069 IQ was so high that there was nowhere to put it

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Chapter 2069: Chapter 2069 IQ was so high that there was nowhere to put it

“You still want Shaoheng to change his surname? !”Huo Guanchen’s anger was directed at Song Jinning, he was no longer as calm as before. His hands were clenched into fists, and the veins on the back of his hands were protruding. One look and he was furious to the extreme, “Not only did you embarrass yourself, you also want Shaoheng to embarrass himself? ! His official career will definitely be ruined by you!”

“You’re so angry just because you changed your surname?”Lu Jin looked at Huo Guanchen as if he was looking at a fool, “Are you serious even though I’m just casually saying this? Do you think Shaoheng will be bullied by others? You Don’t even know what kind of person your own son is, and you still want to interfere with your ex-wife’s freedom of marriage. Your IQ is really worrying.”

This was simply another knife. Huo Guanchen felt like he had been killed twice today.

His face was ashen, and his lips quivered. He turned around and left with a flick of his sleeve.

However, Lu Jin still recklessly shouted from behind him, “General Huo, I’m not joking about the political review! Just you wait!”

Huo Guanchen thought to himself, I’d like to see how you can prevent me from being able to participate in the political review!

After Huo Guanchen left, Lu Yuan and song Jinning looked at Lu Jin, not saying a word for a moment.

Lu Jin had been very happy when he talked back to Huo Guanchen, but now he felt a little guilty when the two of them looked at him.

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He shrank his neck and chuckled,”… well, when is dinner? I’m so hungry that I can’t speak.”

Lu Yuan knew his character, so he shook his head and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Song Jinning looked at him, wanting to say something, but she stopped herself. She also wanted to beg him.

Lu Jin had no choice but to use his brain. He scratched his head and said,”… well, I’ll go check the regulations of your department and see if there are any solutions.”

As he said that, he ran back to his room and turned on his computer to search.

He found a lot of information about the political review of marriage applications, as well as relevant regulations and policies, as well as the department’s work process. He studied it carefully.

There were simply too many rules and regulations. They covered almost every aspect, but it was still much simpler than the professional documents that Lu Jin had read before.

He read almost ten lines at a glance, had a good memory, and a strong understanding. He quickly became an expert in the field of political review.

By the Time Lu Yuan finished cooking dinner and asked him to eat, he already had a plan in mind. He felt that he had let Lu Yuan down for cooking for him for so many years.

When he returned to the dining table and sat down, Lu Jin looked at song Jinning, who was obviously not very energetic, and said with a smile, “Inspector song, it’s not a big deal. How can you be intimidated by that person?”

“How can I be intimidated?”Song Jinning could not eat anymore. Of course, she was more angered by Huo Guanchen. “On what basis can he do it and I can’t? On what basis can he block my marriage application?”

Lu Jin looked at song Jinning and asked her seriously, “Inspector song, are you rebelling because of Huo Guanchen’s provocation, or because you really want to marry Boss Lu?”

Song Jinning looked at him in surprise and said, “Why are you asking this? Is there a logical relationship between the two? I want to marry him, and I’m willing to marry him. That’s enough.”

“No, that’s not enough.”Lu Jin was actually a person who had been through it. He could empathize with Lu Yuan’s mentality just by thinking about how he felt about Qin Suwen.

He looked at song jinning, his face was very serious. “If you are only provoked by Huo Guanchen to rebel and insist on getting married, then I have nothing to help you with. Go and find Huo Guanchen yourself. “If you make a scene, maybe you two can rekindle your old feelings and get married again.”

“What did you say? !”Song Jinning was also angry. She thought to herself that Lu Jin’s reputation as a person with severe interpersonal disorder was not just for show. He was simply a human-shaped indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction..

Lu Yuan also could not bear it and said, “Jinning, don’t be angry. Professor Lu speaks very harshly when he’s hungry. Just eat your fill.”

Lu Jin felt that something was not right when he heard this. It was as if he was saying that he was a good-for-nothing.

He glared at Lu Yuan and knocked on the bowl with his chopsticks. He said, “I’m speaking up for you. Boss Lu, if you don’t understand, then don’t get involved.”

Lu Yuan did not say anything. He thought to himself, if you know so much, you can only secretly fall in love with Qin Suwen for the rest of your life..

However, no matter what, Lu Yuan thought that Lu Jin could still manage to have a biological daughter with Qin Suwen. Furthermore, Nianzhi was so smart and cute. He felt that his life had not been in vain.

Lu Jin turned to song jinning and asked, “If you really like boss Lu and want to marry him, then I’ll help you with this.”

Song Jinning understood what he meant.

She tilted her head and analyzed her thoughts. She nodded and said, “Although Huo Guanchen makes me very angry, I’m more afraid. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to marry Lu Yuan because of him.”

She turned to look at Lu Yuan who was sitting next to her. She held his hand and said with a smile, “I really want to be your wife. I don’t know if I’m lucky enough.”

Lu Yuan was excited. He didn’t care that Lu Jin was there. He turned around and hugged her. He said hoarsely,”… It’s okay if we don’t get married. As long as we’re together.”

At this moment, he really felt that it was okay if they didn’t get married.

However, Lu Jin was unhappy. He dragged out his voice and said angrily, “You can say that you don’t want to get married now, but what’s the point of all this? Are you playing with me? !”

Lu Yuan said sincerely, “I’m not playing with you, I just don’t want to give you too many difficult problems. “You have enough things to do. You’re so amazing, so you should put your energy into scientific research. We’re trivial family matters, so you shouldn’t have to worry about us.”

“TSK!”Lu Jin snorted. “You make it sound like I can’t do scientific research if I meddle in other people’s business. What does that have to do with anything?”

He pointed at his own nose, “My IQ is so high that I have nowhere to put it! Let me tell you! “It’s not bad to occasionally compete with people like Huo Guanchen in terms of intelligence and bravery, and also to increase your literacy in humanities. “Don’t think that people who study science can’t understand those official documents. I’m going to use my science thinking to analyze the official documents and teach him how to be a person!”

“Huh? From his tone, it seems like he really found something amazing?”?

Lu Yuan and song Jinning looked at each other and said in unison, “I’d like to hear the details.”

Lu Jin smiled. He wanted to keep them in suspense, but he remembered that it was really not easy for the two of them to be separated for eighteen years. If they could still be together in the end, then he would be able to live a happy life. It could be considered as helping his lady.

He looked at Lu Yuan and said first, “When you become my girl’s step father in law, remember to be nice to my girl. You Can’t just protect Huo Shaoheng when something happens.”

“Of course.”Song jinning said in surprise, “I already feel more sorry for Nianzhi!”

“I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about him.”Lu Jin stared at Lu Yuan and asked persistently.

Lu Yuan nodded slowly. “I also love Nianzhi very much. Now, for your sake, I treat her as my own daughter.”

“That’s more like it.”Lu Jin nodded in satisfaction. He had great faith in boss Lu’s character.

Every word boss Lu said was worth a thousand gold coins, and every word counted.

Lu Jin took out the information he had just compiled and said, “Look, these are the terms of your country’s marriage administrative review. It’s not a lot, but there are hundreds of pages of terms and conditions.”

Lu Yuan:”…”

Song Jinning:”…”

The corners of their mouths twitched, but they did not interrupt Lu Jin.

Lu Jin continued, “I’ve read so much and found a problem. Actually, the marriage examination should also avoid suspicion.”

“Asking the relevant person to avoid suspicion was proposed by the applicant. If they don’t Sue, they won’t answer.”

When he said “Avoid suspicion,”Lu Yuan laughed.

Because he already understood what Lu Jin meant.

Song Jinning’s understanding of this aspect was not as deep as Lu Yuan’s. She asked curiously,”… What associate person to avoid suspicion? Are you talking about Huo Guanchen?”

“That’s right.”Lu Jin pointed at a hidden clause that he had painstakingly found out, “You and Huo Guanchen are divorced. Originally, there was no relationship between you and him. However, because you have a common son, Huo Shaoheng, and he is also in a high position, from this aspect, Huo Guanchen and you are inextricably linked. They are special associates.”

“If you propose an associate to avoid suspicion, then he can not interfere in your marriage administrative review. We can apply for someone else to come to the administrative review, and Huo Guanchen should avoid suspicion.”

He added, “This clause is very secretive, and very few people have quoted it. It belongs to the category of not suing and not talking.”

At this point.., lu Jin said slyly, “Then we can remind the person who took over the administrative review in advance not to be influenced by Huo Guanchen. “If he rejects your application because of this, we will file an administrative lawsuit and let the court decide whether or not he colluded with Huo Guanchen and used public affairs for personal gain.”

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile, “That’s the reason. Even if the court can’t convict him, but if he goes to the administrative litigation court, his official career will come to an end. “A person who can take over Huo Guanchen’s political review doesn’t need to go against his own official career just to cater to Huo Guanchen’s selfish motives.”

The reason why they dared to do this was because they didn’t have anything against the rules.

If you don’t have any desires, you’ll be strong.

“AH? You can do this? I’ve learned it.”Lu Jin cupped his hands, he really didn’t know that those who went to the administrative litigation court couldn’t be promoted anymore. They might even lose their original positions, even if the court ruled that they weren’t responsible.

This was a tacit move. There was no such statement in any legal provisions.

Therefore, it was reasonable that Lu Jin did not know.

But it was enough that Lu Yuan understood.

He smiled at Lu Jin and picked up his chopsticks. “Let’s eat, let’s eat.”


Huo Guanchen rushed home angrily. He did not eat dinner and did not sleep for almost the whole night.

The next day, he went to his office and personally found song Jinning’s marriage application report. He read it carefully, word by word.

In his position, he actually didn’t care about such trivial matters as the marriage application and the political review anymore. But if he wanted to, he could still manage it.

This was the power of a county official being inferior to the current one.

He pursed his lips and read the entire application without saying a word. Just as he was about to approve it, a colleague of the same level as him knocked on the door, with a smile, he said, “General Huo, superintendent song has applied for an associate to avoid suspicion. Her marriage application is now in my hands.”

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