Heroes of Marvel - CHAPTER 569 FLEE



Several figures were quickly flying over the forest. Under the leadership of Yondu, Lin Rui and others all fled in the direction away from the ruins behind the. By some coincidence, the direction they fled was the location in which Lin Rui and Deadpool first arrived at.


In the process of escaping, Lin Rui and the others could also feel the constant vibration from the Ruins behind them. Even if they didn’t look back, Lin Rui and the others could guess that it was the giant tentacle moving around. With the size displayed by that tentacle, its strength is bound to be scary.


While flying fast above the forest, Lin Rui could also clearly sense the movement of various life forms in the forest below. At this time, whether it was the lifeform living underground, on the ground, or on the tree, all of them ran away like crazy, and the direction they were running as far away from the Ruins.

It seems that the tentacle that had appeared in the Ruins also scared the lifeform who had lived in this forest for their entire life.

But this is also a very normal situation, it is just like the animals on earth who would instinctively run away when a natural disaster occurs. The situation that appears on the Ruins is already a natural disaster for these insufficient lifeforms.

Moreover, because they were busy escaping out of the danger zone, these lifeforms didn’t even bother to look at the prey flying above them. If it had been in the past, it would have been very dangerous to fly in this forest with an unknown amount of hidden lifeforms.

It was not that Lin Rui and Deadpool had never thought of flying over the forest yesterday, but they had to give up on that idea. Because in Lin Rui’s perception, there are many lifeforms in the forest that specifically target prey flying over the forest, so they were careful and went straight through.

In this way, Lin Rui and his group rushed out of the forest quickly and peacefully together with the lifeforms of this planet.

Although Star-Lord wanted to know more about the tentacle that had appeared on the Underground Ruins from Yondu, Yondu had ignored him and continued to flee. Star-Lord couldn’t help it, so he had to follow closely behind.


When Lin Rui and the others were on their way, there was a rush of unusual footsteps from a few hundred meters away from their side. After hearing the familiar movement, Lin Rui and Deadpool both turned their heads and looked over, and then they saw a very familiar giant figure.

A few hundred meters away from them, the huge monster that looked like a combination of dinosaur and python was sprinting out of the forest with big strides. It has “Killed” Deadpool once and this Giant Monster has caused a lot of trouble for Lin Rui!

“Hehe, it seems that this guy is also scared, he is running away like us.” After seeing the monster, Lin Rui said with a chuckle.

Seeing this monster again, Lin Rui felt that he was really connected with it. They had been fighting for a long time yesterday, and the monster kept driving them from the forest to the valley before stopping.

And not long ago, it also teamed up with the plant monster to deal with Lin Rui and the others. However, after Star-Lord fled into the valley, and Lin Rui broke out to destroy the plant monster, the Giant Monster continued to hide away in the forest. Now, he was forced to run away like Lin Rui and the others.

“Wow! This guy sure knows how to run!” Deadpool, who saw the giant monster, said a little gloating, but seeing the monster running away, the expression on Deadpool’s face didn’t look very good. “From this point of view, The tentacle that appeared in the Ruins is really terrifying!”

“Of course the tentacle is terrifying. You can tell from its size. However, we should be fine as long as we stay away.” Lin Rui said comfortingly when he heard Deadpool’s words.

Although Lin Rui said so, he didn’t think it in his heart. Because the bad feeling in his heart has not disappeared. Moreover, as the tentacle in the Ruins appeared, the bad premonition in his heart became stronger and stronger.

According to what Lin Rui has experienced in the past, his hunch will eventually come true. Then, even if they keep running away, they will eventually be involved in what is about to happen.

“Yes! We just need to run far enough! We need to get out of this forest!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Deadpool said in agreement.

“But doesn’t that guy have wings? Why doesn’t it fly away with them? That would be a lot faster, right?” After worrying about the tentacle in the Ruins, Deadpool looked at the Giant Monster not far away and asked.

Lin Rui: “…”

“Perhaps, the use of its wings is limited.” This guy, how the hell does his mind work. He still has the time to worry about why the Monster is flying.



Just when Lin Rui and others were fleeing, they didn’t see what happened in the center of the Ruins. A minute ago, when Lin Rui escaped from the cockpit of the crashed Spaceship and began to flee, the Spaceships of the Ravagers Pirate group in the sky fell down because of the large-scale loss of control of the system.

There were several Spaceships, who were very unlucky and directly fell towards the tentacle in the center of the ruin.


When those Spaceships were falling, the tentacle that was originally flat on the ground seemed to sense something and suddenly stood up from the ground.

The standing tentacle was nearly a kilometer long, and after a slight twist, the giant tentacle drew towards the fallen Spaceships. Although the giant tentacle looks very cumbersome, it’s speed is quite fast.

Ph~Boom! boom!

Like a rope protruding from the ground, the tentacle was accurately drawn on the two Spaceships. After two loud noises, the two Spaceships volleyed and exploded before they fell to the ground.

The debris of the Spaceships was flying in the sky, and the people inside should have no chance of surviving.

But the tentacle that exploded the two Spaceships did not stop, and it continued to wave towards the remaining two Spaceships. Even after the explosions of the two Spaceships at close range just now, no trace of scars was left on the tentacles.

Brush ~ bang! boom!

Unsurprisingly, when the tentacle waved again, the remaining two Spaceships were also gone. So far, the four unlucky Spaceships have been sacrificed directly in the air. As for those Spaceships that deviated from the ruins and fell out, even if they were not drawn by the tentacle, they would not end well.


The tentacle that exploded the four Spaceships lay on the ground again, and after a few twists, they stretched out in the other direction of the ruins.