Heroes of Marvel - CHAPTER 572 TRUE APPEARENCE


Boom! Boom!

While Lin Rui, Star-Lord, and others agreed to continue to move away from the location of the Ruin, those Tentacles in the center of the Ruin had almost completely broken free from the underground seal.

Sixteen Tentacles that are several kilometers long and nearly 100 meters thick have smashed the virgin forest into a place where there is not even grass.


And after these sixteen giant Tentacles burrowed out from various locations on the Ruin, this sealed Ruin also seemed to have consumed its last energy.

The Ruin itself, which had persisted in suppressing the Tentacles as they continued to break free, completely collapsed, and large pieces of earth cracked into the ground, gradually revealing the true appearance of the underground Ruin.


As the ground subsided, some cylindrical objects that had been buried deep underground slowly appeared. Because they have been buried in the soil for many years, one can no longer make out the material these cylindrical objects were made of, nor can they see what functions they have.

However, despite the passage of so many years, these cylinders are still releasing a light green glow inside of them.

This light is the same color as the Energy Shock Wave ejected from the Ruin in rapid bursts, and it is also the same as the energy shield that enveloped the giant Tentacles before. Perhaps, these cylinders were left behind to seal this Ruin by the pre-stored energy in them.

And now, the green light inside these cylinders is looming. And as the ruins collapsed, the cylinder that was originally fixed at a specific position fell along with the mud toward the depths of the Ruin.

When the Ruin collapsed deep enough, the original location of the valley has completely turned into a deep pit. In this deep pit, a dark silver smooth building is placed horizontally in the deep underground.

Originally, even if the Ruin had collapsed, it would not have revealed something so deep, but those Tentacles seemed to be intentionally trying to dig the valley apart, and every time there a collection of dirt, there would be Tentacles swinging over to sweep the dirt away from the area.

With the movements of those tentacles, the dark silver building deep underground became more and more exposed.

And after clearing out an area of about 500 meters in the original valley, the movements of those Tentacles finally slowed down. Depending on the current situation, the area of ​​this underground building seems to be about the same as that detected by Star-Lord.

After the dark silver slab-like building was completely exposed, the Tentacles lashed down on them as if they had seen an enemy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After dozens of consecutive strikes, the slab-like building was still intact. The Tentacles seemed that this type of attack would have no effect, and the Tentacles slowly stopped after attacking a dozen more times. Then, they twisted a few times in the air and then slammed into the ground around the flat building from sixteen directions.


These sturdy Tentacles seem to be born to dig holes, and they soon drilled into the ground from all directions. As these Tentacles stirred in the ground, the Dark Silver Building that had been firmly fixed deep in the ground gradually began to tremor unsteadily. Moreover, this shaking is rapidly increasing.



About three minutes later, following a fierce vibration of the Dark Silver Building, it was suddenly lifted from the ground! And the sixteen Tentacles that pierced the ground before were lifting it up.

After the Dark Silver Slab-like Building was lifted up, it was finally possible to see the part of it that had been hidden underground before. It turns out that this building is not in the shape of a flat plate, but a Cube. Only a small part of the top was exposed before and it looked like a flat plate.

The Cube is square-shaped with a length and width of about 500 meters each, and it looks like a huge metal box.

Except for the upper and lower sides of the Cube, there are protruding cylinders on the other four sides, which are the things that were supposed to be energy pillars that were destroyed when the Ruin collapsed. At this time, the bottom of the Cube was being held by the sixteen giant Tentacles collectively.


After pushing this huge Cube out of the ground, a few Tentacles to continue to hold it while the remaining Tentacles quickly wrapped the entire Cube tightly from the side.

As the Tentacles wrapped themselves around the Cube, the cylinders protruding outside of the Cube-like building began to emit light green Energy Shock Waves to prevent these Tentacles from wrapping themselves around them.

However, there wasn’t much energy remaining in these cylinders. These pale green rays of light quickly dimmed under the squeezing strength of the Giant Tentacles, and finally disappeared.

As their energy was consumed, those cylinders were also pulled directly from the surface of the Cube by the Tentacles. In the end, the huge Cube was firmly bound in mid-air by these sixteen giant tentacles, like a cage.

Huhu~Squeak Ga~Squeak Ga~

After wrapping the Cube tightly, the Tentacles stretched from all directions and they slowly tightened around the Cube, and the force of binding the Cube was continuously strengthened.

Gradually, the friction generated by the squeezing of the Tentacles could be heard. As the Tentacles continued to strengthen themselves around the Cube, the surface of the seemingly unbreakable metal Cube also changed.

Some Internal stress has been accumulated to a certain extent in the Cube and it couldn’t be released so some bulges and depressions have appeared on the surface of the metal Cube.

Card ~ Boom!

With the rapid increase in the internal pressure of the metal Cube, the first crack on the surface finally appeared. After the first crack appeared, it was like a chain reaction, and cracks quickly appeared in other positions of the Cube.

Card ~ Boom! Card ~ Boom!

After a series of cracks appeared, the original square-shaped Cube had become sharp and angular. And the inside of the Cube can be seen from the cracks and it was all black. It looked like there was nothing in the Cube that was worthy enough for the Tentacles to spend that much effort on.

Kaka! Boom!

Finally, after there were enough cracks on the surface, the many cracks joined together to become a very large one, the metal Cube that was still holding on finally broke apart completely.

Then, under the tearing of the Tentacles, the completely shattered pieces of the Cube were ripped apart piece by piece. Large chunks of Dark Golden Metal were thrown to the ground from mid-air, and what exactly was inside the cube was finally about to come to light.


As the last few large fragments were torn apart and thrown out, there was finally no trace of the Cube inside the tentacles in the air. At this time, the tentacles were tightly entangled, surrounding a dark thing that couldn’t be clearly seen. However, the behavior of these tentacles just now should be clear enough, they wanted to get this dark item.

Tittered ~ Tittered ~

In a place that could not be seen from the outside, the sixteen Tentacles that were entangled together all stretched their tips toward the blackened thing in the center. Finally, the sixteen Tentacles twisted and then thrust into the blackened thing simultaneously and quickly.