Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 607 - : The Captain of the Swift Eagle Special Force

Chapter 607: The Captain of the Swift Eagle Special Force

He was wearing a neatly pressed dark green suit and a beige tie.

The rare formal suit made him look even more dashing and upright.

Having gotten used to tanned soldiers, Mu Xichen’s honey-colored skin, suddenly seemed extraordinarily pale.

Indeed… no harm would be done without comparison!

Li Beinian laid on the ground and stared at him for a long time before snapping back to her senses.

The man overhead looked down at her. He raised his cheerful eyebrows and extended his hand towards her.

He had big hands with calluses on the inside of his fingers that hinted at his gun toting years.

Li Beinian reached out and quickly sat up.

Wiping away her sweat, Li Beinian looked up and realized that many people were looking in her direction.

Besides them, the other two groups were also undergoing punishment. Hence, these people were still milling around after they were dismissed.

Sensing the curiosity and nosiness, Li Beinian quickly lowered her eyes and said, “Thank you.”

Mu Xichen raised his eyebrow and looked at her with displeasure.

Thank you?

Was she just trying to distant herself from him in front of others?

Mu Xichen narrowed his eyes. On his serious and calm face, there was obvious and dangerous displeasure.

Li Beinian stood up and walked past him. She saluted Yang Dawu with an upright posture and said, “Reporting, 70 push-ups completed!”

At the same time that Li Beinian finished speaking, Yang Dawu clearly felt a sharp coldness.

He felt as though there was a sharp stab in his back as an expression of discomfort crossed his tanned face.

Fortunately, he was tanned and very few people noticed his awkward expression.

Yang Dawu nodded and said, “Very good, back to the team.”

Immediately after this, he turned around and shouted, “Everyone, gather!”

The group gathered quickly and fell into their original line.

Ma Zheng quickly returned to the team, leaving Li Xueqing behind.

Li Xueqing couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands were trembling.

Yang Dawu asked, “How many now?”

Zhou Xin replied, “Forty-one.”

There were a total of 60 push-ups and now only 40 had been completed. Yang Dawu couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Let her continue.”

Then he turned around and said, “Let me introduce.”

Li Beinian stood in the crowd and watched as Mu Xichen walked up to them. His glorious appearance was almost blinding.

She didn’t know if it was because she was tired or because she saw him, but her heart was beating very fast.

She had been training for five days and prior to that, she had been busy filming advertisements. It had been almost half a month since she had been with him.

Li Beinian’s heart ached, but at the same time was filled with sweet joy.

Yang Dawu said firmly, “This is the captain of our Swift Eagle Special Force, Leader Mu Xichen.”

As soon as he said this, everyone greeted, “How do you do, Chief!”

Mu Xichen nodded and said, “Hello, everyone.”

His voice was calm and magnetic. He didn’t sound like a soldier who would shout and demand reporting for no reason.

Especially his skin that was obviously lighter than the average military men’s. It looked fair and seductive, but yet it had not lost the mark of the toughness of a man.

The girls became excited.

“This is Leader Mu?”

“Oh my god, he’s so handsome!”

“He’s so tall and has such a pleasant voice!”