Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 608 - Blatant Crudeness

Chapter 608: Blatant Crudeness

The girls’ were not exactly speaking in hushed tones.

Hearing this, the men couldn’t help but throw a few glances at Mu Xichen.

Mu Xichen’s expression was calm. Although aware that he was being watched by so many people, he seemed unfazed.

His features were as though they had been carefully sculpted and his posture straight as a spear.

Under the sunlight, his pale honey-gold skin was so fair compared to the other soldiers’!

He looked handsome and flawless, standing there calmly, there was an inexplicable sense of unhurried leisure. He exuded an air of quiet nobility.

Guan Yueyun’s blushed as she looked at Mu Xichen. Her gaze was fixed on him like a pair of hooks.

Zhao You’er and Wang Shao were also excited. They were the ones who had just made those remarks.

Li Xueqing, who was performing push-ups in front of the group, immediately looked up when she heard this.

She didn’t hear Mu Xichen’s voice earlier on and didn’t know that he was here.

And now that Mu Xichen was here…

She was actually sweating and doing push-ups on the ground!

Her face burned with embarrassment.

However, people were watching her and she was not done yet.

Li Xueqing looked up and saw Mu Xichen’s back view.

He was tall and stood upright, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His long legs were straight and slender, and they were even and powerful.

She wondered what he was like underneath those clothes…

Her heart was pounding and she sped up the push-ups.

Li Beinian continued to look straight ahead. She only glanced at Mu Xichen twice before looking away.

It was as if she didn’t care if Mu Xichen came or not.

Liu Wei was also eyeing Mu Xichen, and subconsciously glanced at Li Beinian, thinking that she was really impressive.

She had to admit, this man was indeed very good-looking.

She whispered, “Beinian, did you know each other before this?”

Li Beinian responded faintly, “Yes.”

“No wonder.” Wang Shao added upon hearing this, “I was wondering why you were so indifferent to his beauty, as though it’s nothing special.”

Her remark was audible. As soon as it fell, the people around started laughing.


Li Beinian couldn’t help but glance at Mu Xichen. At once, she met with Mu Xichen’s sharp and clear dark eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat. She quickly straightened up and replied Wang Shao, “He’s very fierce. Don’t be fooled by his appearance.”

Bai Yuan burst into laughter.

Ma Lin joined in the laughter. “Hey, fierce?”

Yang Dawu nodded. “Yes. Very fierce indeed.”

Mu Xichen raised his eyebrows and looked at Li Beinian. He walked up to her and asked, “Am I very fierce?”

As soon as he said this, everyone saw him walking over.

Especially after seeing Mu Xichen’s calm face and his dark eyes, everyone immediately felt a sense of danger.

It seemed…

He was really quite fierce.

Li Beinian felt goosebumps all over as everyone stared at her.

There was no lack of sympathy and schadenfreude among the Swift Eagle group.

The people behind her were all curious.

Li Beinian straightened her posture rigidly and raise her voice, “Reporting, not fierce.”

“You just said I was fierce.” Mu Xichen said with obvious displeasure. “You slandered me in front of your comrades. It seems that you’ve forgotten your punishment.”

Li Beinian’s heart trembled and her face turned red at his remark.

Damn it!

Blatant crudeness!

Shameless man!

Li Beinian glared at him and said, “Reporting to Chief, I wouldn’t dare!”