Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 950 - Don't Take It Too Far  

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Chapter 950: Don’t Take It Too Far

“Of course, it’s not a problem!” Mai Shanheng thought about it and agreed. Lu Weijian had gotten drunk on past occasions. Lu Heting often came to fetch him.

However, Feng Ze was here too… Mai Shanheng suddenly remembered that Feng Ze had been investing everywhere in S Country.

Feng Ze was a unique person. Anything he invested in would become popular, and he would reap huge rewards even if he were to invest blindly.

What an enviable superpower.

Could it be that Feng Ze had invested in Su Bei’s current production?

Du Luo came back to his senses and asked with a smile, “What were you guys playing just now? When we came in, all of you were looking at the door?”

Someone immediately said, “We were playing Truth or Dare. Su Bei picked Dare. On the front of the card, it was written that the player had to casually kiss a man in the room. On the back, it was written that the player had to kiss a man who came in from outside. She happened to choose the back, and you guys appeared! Oh right, when Su Bei was making her choice, Huixian was on a call with Du Luo. We heard that Du Luo would be coming here soon!”

The woman who spoke was on good terms with Su Huixian, so the meaning behind her words was obvious. It implied that Su Bei was deliberately coveting someone else’s boyfriend.

When Du Luo heard this, he immediately looked at Su Bei and felt a little emotional.

Su Huixian had been too aggressive in her investments recently, which changed his feelings for her.

Did Su Bei really make such a choice because she knew he was coming?

As such, Du Luo felt that he had an obligation to save Su Bei from the abyss of suffering.

He immediately stood up and said, “Isn’t it just a game? Since I got here first, I’ll cooperate and help you complete the dare.”

Du Luo’s words made Su Huixian lose her reputation. What was a game? It was a kiss! One was her man, while the other was the woman she hated the most. How could they kiss each other?

She immediately smiled and said, “Du Luo, you’re being rude to Mr. Feng and Mr. Lu by saying that. They came in at the same time as you.”

Lu Weijian immediately said, “That’s right. My elder brother was the first to enter! I’m afraid this has nothing to do with Mr. Du Luo, right?”

Feng Ze, who had been silent all this while, said quietly from a corner, “Who said Mr. Lu was the first to enter? What about me, huh?”

When he spoke, everyone realized that his voice was cold and pleasant to the ears. The women felt that they could get pregnant just by listening to him.

Mai Lele said quickly, “So… the three of you are fighting to kiss Su Bei?”

His words hit the nail on the head!

Everyone was stunned when they heard that. It really seemed like that was the case?

Su Huixian clenched her fists tightly. Du Luo actually expressed such concern for Su Bei in front of her! He was rushing to kiss her!

This was just like how it was previously when she was with Du Luo. Every time she was in front of Su Bei, she would flaunt her love and deliberately embarrass Su Bei!

Feng Ze said quietly, “Aren’t we playing a game? Of course, we have to be fair and just. Otherwise, it won’t be fun.”

He denied what Mai Lele said.

Everyone, including Su Huixian, heaved a sigh of relief. Instead of watching the three men fight over Su Bei, they would rather it be a game.

The male artists did not want to see Su Bei being snatched away.

The female artists did not want to see three outstanding men fighting over Su Bei.

Su Huixian smiled as well. “That’s right. This is a game. There’s no need to take it too seriously!”

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