His Genius Wife Is A Superstar - Chapter 1223 - Important Discovery

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Chapter 1223 - Important Discovery

"Don't be such a sissy, my little brother," Emilio Miguel replied with a light chuckle.

The moaning, groaning, grunting, screaming and slapping noises continued and even grew louder. René Alejandro didn't want to listen but his training automatically kicked in and he managed to determine that there was only one female in the orgy with five men in addition to the pervert Emilio Miguel, making it a total of six men.

René Alejandro was utterly disgusted and felt like his ears needed some deep cleaning after this. He liked sex—a lot of it—but not something like what Emilio Miguel was doing. The man was indeed a depraved shit.

"I don't have much time. What are you calling me for?"

"You failed in today's assignment. Something so simple and yet you didn't even manage to make at least a little impact."

"How about you try it?" René Alejandro challenged through gritted teeth. "If you're so great, then you can do it all by yourself, no?"

Emilio Miguel chuckled. The sound grated on René Alejandro's ears. If he could just punch the motherfucker through the phone, he would have already done it many times over.

"Excuses, excuses."

"Is that all you have to say?" René Alejandro didn't want to speak with the man any longer. He was in a bad mood after his team's defeat today. His mood already improved a bit during his little walk in the cold outside but an asshole just had to ruin it again.

"Did you fail today on purpose, my dear little brother?"

René Alejandro's grey eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"The assignment's target is the daughter of your stepmother. In short, your step-sister. I heard that you have grown quite close to your stepmother ever since you arrived in this country. I'm thinking…that maybe you didn't try hard enough in today's assignment because you don't want to hurt your new step-sister. I hope I'm wrong. Because if I'm right, then that means that the great leader of Eagle has turned into a softie."

"Rubbish! You slander me!"

The asshole chuckled again. René Alejandro could imagine Emilio Miguel's smile—angelic but was actually fake as hell. He had the strongest urge to rip the motherfucker's beautiful face off and reveal his true ugly monstrosity inside.

Too bad that they couldn't openly destroy each other because the organization made them partner up for this important mission. Even when they couldn't see eye to eye, it was their own problem. They weren't allowed to let their discord affect their mission or else suffer the organization's harsh punishment.

For this reason, René Alejandro could only lash out at Emilio Miguel with his sharp tongue and brawl with him now and then but nothing more serious than these. [Read official chapters on W e b n o v e l (dot) com. Please stop supporting piracy. Also follow author on Instagram: @arriacross]

"If that's all you have to say, I'm hanging up now," he said.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, it seems," Emilio Miguel teased. "Come here at the safe house and join me and our local comrades. Rose Young is quite a good fuck and can handle a lot of dicks at once. Can you hear her screaming in pleasure? What a slut. Just how I like it. I'm sure that she'll love to be fucked by another Spanish dick—"

René Alejandro decisively hung up. He didn't approve of Emilio Miguel sleeping with a hostage. He had already warned him repeatedly to stop fucking Rose Young but the asshole just wouldn't listen to him.

Although he wasn't worried that Emilio Miguel would fall in love with Rose Young because the notorious assassin Matador was a heartless monster, René Alejandro disapproved of the asshole giving in to the woman's requests. She was a hostage, for fuck's sake! They were supposed to keep her in captivity and use her to control her family in Singapore, not pamper her because of the sexual services she provided.

Like what happened today.

Emilio Miguel asked his team to hack Iris Long's livestream in the morning and defame her. René Alejandro refused because it wasn't part of their official mission. He didn't want to waste his and his brothers' precious time on something that he believed was trivial.

What was the point of defaming Iris Long online? Would that result in them getting their hands on Jin Corporation?

She was just a local celebrity with a relatively good background who managed to marry CEO Jin Liwei.

Besides, he suspected the reason why Emilio Miguel was asking this of him in the first place. Emilio Miguel was someone who viewed the big picture. If not, the man wouldn't become one of the organization's most prized team captains.

Emilio Miguel was a sadistic and perverted bastard but he was without a doubt a genius methodically trained by the organization just like René Alejandro.

Then why was Emilio Miguel requesting for something so minor like defaming Iris Long in a little livestream that didn't even broadcast worldwide?

René Alejandro deduced that it might be due to Rose Young. And he was right after questioning Emilio Miguel. The man didn't bother concealing the truth and told him outright that he was granting the woman's little request because she pleased him. René Alejandro was dismayed and immediately rejected the request.

He thought that the matter was over until he received an official assignment from Master El Payaso himself, ordering his team to accept Emilio Miguel's request. He didn't know how the asshole persuaded his team's master but Emilio Miguel was successful. It didn't feel right especially since he already rejected it before but his team now had no choice but to accept the request in the end.

His authority as a mission leader had already been trampled once when the organization forced him to share the leadership with Emilio Miguel. And now the asshole was continuing to step all over his head by shoving these worthless little tasks on his hacking team all for the sake of a hostage.

What was even more aggravating was that his team failed in the task. They already knew that Drakon was protecting Jin Corporation but they didn't expect that he and his damn disciples would also be safeguarding Iris Long's little livestream. It seemed that Drakon wasn't only invested in Jin Corporation but also in Jin Liwei's family.

Although they failed today, at least they made this important discovery about the extent of Drakon's connection to Jin Liwei.

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