Holding On to My Man - Chapter 106

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When Gu Bai had still been Yin Baigu, even though he had a soul, some people still had seven emotional states and six desires

He knew what it meant to kiss someone. That was what dual cultivation partners did. Ye Cang and he were not dual cultivation partners. He was a puppet and a man, so why did the other kiss him?

After pushing away Ye Cang, he frantically hurried back to the immortal realm with his mind full of doubts.

Lu Yaoji’s eyes showed a kind of emotion that Gu Bai could not understand when he saw him return. Although Gu Bai could not understand, he was very sensitive to feelings and, for a split second, had then acutely sensed that the emotion Lu Yaoji had towards him was hatred.

Only, at that time, he still did not understand people’s feelings, and his mind was filled with the image of Ye Cang kissing him. He ignored what had happened and ran back to his bedroom in a panic and hid for several days without coming out.

It was not until several days had passed that he came out of his bedroom and ran to the Feng clan to try to find Feng Siming to ask for help.

He found that he seemed to have been poisoned. Every day Ye Cang would always appear in his mind. Even when he was cultivating, he could not calm down. When he closed his eyes, Ye Cang would emerge, which almost led him into qi deviation.

He thought that he had to have been poisoned by that demon. One should know that the demonic qi of the demon race was very powerful. Once infected, not only the body but also the soul would be eroded.

The man kissed him, and he had been so close, so he was definitely poisoned!

His lips were hot, his heart was flustered, and his brain was warming up. The demons’ war god Ye Cang, who was known as the strongest of the six realms, was indeed worthy of his reputation. It was terrible that a little bit of demonic qi could injure him like this. It was really terrible…

“Feng Siming, you must help me. Baigu will die soon. Baigu unexpectedly will die…”

He was in a hurry to ask for help from Feng Siming. On weekdays, he would usually go directly to his master when he needed something. Now that his master was in seclusion, he could only look for Feng Siming for help.

Feng Siming not only had a good relationship with him, but he also had above average level of magic power. He was also the leader of the Feng clan and was very knowledgeable, so it was best to ask him for help.

He told his strange feelings to Feng Siming, but he didn’t mention Ye Cang’s name, nor did he mention that he had been to the demon realm. Currently, the relationship between the immortal realm and the demon realm was very tense. If others had known that he had been to the demon realm, he would definitely cause a lot of trouble. Although he was simple, he was definitely not stupid.

“It’s not poison. I didn’t expect that you still have the seven emotions and six desires. Who is he…?”

His unhappiness was forgotten, and his attention again returned to Ye Cang.

Feng Siming said that he liked Ye Cang, but what did he like, ne? Was it the same as how he liked to drink immortal wine and eat immortal fruit…

He did not understand, but the panic in his heart had calmed down. Suddenly, he felt that the days in the immortal realm were not so boring. Even if no one spoke to him, he could still think of the man’s appearance and pass the day with a smile.

However, during this period, they had not seen each other again, and they did not meet again until the six realms’ peace conference.

Since the formation of the six realms, the two realms of the immortals and demons had been fighting over each other. The land of the demons was scarce, so they wanted to occupy the spiritual land of the immortals. The immortal realm’s people hated the demon clan’s domineering behaviour.

After tens of thousands of years of war and aggression between the two realms, the six realms were in a terrible state, and the other four realms suffered a calamity. Whether it was for the sake of their own realm’s survival or for other reasons, the four monarchs joined hands to invite people from the two realms to mediate their dispute.

As the puppet of the immortal realm’s emperor, Gu Bai naturally went with him. Before the peace conference started, he saw Ye Cang.

The man was still as strong as before. Standing there, people were more afraid of him than the demons’ emperor. Everyone knew that although Ye Cang was not the demons’ emperor, his accomplishments were even higher than that of the demons’ emperor.

Whether it was the realm of demons, the immortals, or the other races, they essentially respected the strong. The war god did not have a false reputation. Taotie, the mythical beast besides him, was also an existence which brought forth fear.


Gu Bai looked at the man in the opposite direction, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated. When the other side saw him, Gu Bai suddenly hid behind Yin Li, trying to hide himself and his intention to peek at the man.

Stupidly, he didn’t realise that his face was hidden, but his body was still visible, which was just like someone burying their head in sand!

So with the intention of peeking at him, he obviously saw the other’s handsome and resolute face and his thin lips that seemed to show a smile.

There was nothing for him in the peace conference of the six realms. After Yin Li left, he moved freely, walked around, and soon met Ye Cang alone.

“Didn’t you want eternal flower petals, ma? Why did you run so fast that day…”

Ye Cang came over and looked at him with a smile. The strong aura made people unable to breathe.

In fact, Gu Bai was really unable to breathe at that time. He was so nervous that he didn’t dare to move while standing there. He looked at Ye Cang, and his chest felt like it was filled with hot molten lava from a volcanic eruption. He could not utter a sound.

He was nervous and, contrary to what one might think, it was natural to fall into Ye Cang’s arms. Ye Cang half-embraced Gu Bai as he bowed his head to kiss the tip of Gu Bai’s nose, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, and so on.

“It turns out that you’re from the immortal realm. No wonder I couldn’t find you…”

“You, why did you look for me? I didn’t steal your eternal life flower. I-I don’t want your petals

The place he had been kissed by the other began to burn. He was blushing and stuttering. His body struggled in the embrace a little, as he was a little uncomfortable and uneasy. He thought to himself, He kissed me again. Why did he kiss me again?

He was a puppet who could not control the expression on his face, and the emotion in his eyes could not be concealed. Ye Cang looked at him and was very happy.

“I know what you want to do with the eternal life flower. You’re a puppet. Although you have a soul and the same appearance as others, your body has been changed by the spirit of heaven and earth from the beginning to the end. You want to become a real person, right?”

“Well, I wish I were a real person…”

He nodded honestly, his expression a little lonely and wronged. This was so no one would reject him for being different.

The pitiful and wronged appearance those drooping ears showed looked very cute, but the loneliness was heartbreaking. Ye Cang caressed Gu Bai’s cheek and smiled, not minding the least.

“Although the eternal life flower is a strange thing and possesses powerful energy, it still is unable to let you possess genuine flesh and blood. But what about it? Although you were born as a puppet, you can open your spiritual wisdom, and then you will have a human soul, one blessed by the heavens…”

“But everyone doesn’t seem to like me…” He was still very much aggrieved. Rejected by others, he felt very bad, as he didn’t like it at all.

“The immortals are a group of very pompous guys. They don’t dislike you, but they’re afraid of you. You don’t have to worry about those guys… Ben Jun likes you. I said it that day, that you’re my man. If anyone makes you unhappy in the future, I’ll catch them and feed them to Taotie!”

Ye Cang wrapped his arms tightly around Gu Bai’s waist, and with an imposing manner his momentum soared. This was a demon’s way of doing things. Even his declaration was so direct, assertive, and powerful.

Gu Bai choked on words for a long time before reacting, watching this man speak like a scoundrel.

“I-I’m a man of the immortal realm, you are the war god of the demon realm. I-I’m still a man, a male puppet…”

“What does this have to do with me liking you? I don’t care who you are. As long as you’re mine, I don’t need to worry about the battle between the immortal realm and the demon realm. If you like, I’ll stop fighting for you.”

There was a warm smile on Ye Cang’s face. If other people were present, they would be terrified to see such an expression, as they did not expect that Ye Cang, the war god, could show such a smile.

Gu Bai was unable to resist such straightforward and enthusiastic affection. Therefore, he did not avoid the man’s kiss. Stunned for a moment, he became absentminded because of the other’s french kiss.

Ye Cang put one hand on the back of Gu Bai’s head, and the other on his waist, kissing him deeply. His smooth tongue penetrated into his mouth, prying open his teeth, as he plundered inside crazily.

Ye Cang swallowed the saliva in his mouth and made it hard for Gu Bai to breathe. Gu Bai backed up when he could not gasp for air, and then Ye Cang continued the instant Gu Bai opened his mouth and finished breathing.


Gu Bai could not resist. He had never experienced such a passionate kiss before, and even that day’s kiss was not so wild.

He let out a sweet groan at the end, his body struggling and twisting gently. His hands were pressed against Ye Cang’s chest, as if he wanted to push him away, yet it was like he wanted to pull him closer. He simply did not know what he wanted to do.

How could he kiss him? They were opposite in status, and they were both men. He shook his head in his mind, opened his mouth, and wanted to talk to some extent, but he could only utter sweet moans.

He wanted to push him away again, but when his arm was extended, instead of pushing him away, his arms began to reach towards the man’s neck, involuntarily snuggling closer to his body.

By the end of the kiss, his consciousness was fuzzy, and from the corner of his lips that were unable to close, an ambiguous silver thread slowly slid down. He was dizzy for a while, and his limp and numb body became soft and was in no shape to be seen.

At the empty shore of sea where the six realms met, they embraced each other closely, kissing passionately, Gu Bai accepting, and Ye Cang pushing forward. They could agree that they were perfect for each other.

If time could cease, he would like to stay in this moment forever.

At that time, he did not know whether he had fallen in love with Ye Cang, but he was happy when he was with Ye Cang, and he liked the feeling of Ye Cang kissing him.

After the conference of the six realms, the battle between the two realms was temporarily suspended, and they began to meet frequently.

The demons acted only with their own hearts without any hesitation. The puppet man was pure without any hindrances to facts or thoughts. The budding feelings within him developed rapidly, and finally, where water flowed, a canal was formed.

On the empty seashore, they kissed each other tenderly and deeply.

Ye Cang spoke into his ear, “I’ll let the demons retreat to the demon realm. So how about being together with me“?”

The struggle between the two realms of immortals and demons was due to the invasion caused by the demons’ ambition. It was hard to imagine the suppression of all the demons with one’s own power.

At that time, he suddenly understood that he really fell in love with a man who would rather be an enemy to the entire world.

Title of the chapter arc: 第106章 终章之傀儡人(7)or Chapter 106: Puppet of the Final Chapter (7)

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