Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Battle, a strength that's beyond the limits

With everyone baffled by his words, Noah secretly sighed in dejection.

Noah is curious about this school.

Exceeds, superhumans that went about their lives amidst normal humans.

If this is a hidden side of this world then Noah wouldn't mind gauging the powers of the superhumans of this world.

Alas, Sakuya's words disrupted Noah's plan.

He had a feeling he can get close to the World Fragment in this world if he came here but there are other ways to achieve his goals. Staying on this campus as a student isn't the only choice available to him.

Had the student sitting next to him be just another random stranger then Noah wouldn't mind staying to test the power of a newly-minted Exceed.

But, it's his first friend in this world who ended up sitting next to him.

Imari had an affable personality and she was charming enough to give Noah a good time despite the short time they spent together.

Making Noah fight Imari?

Just to stay in this school?

If he won then he would be responsible for the expulsion of the first friend he made in this world. If he lost then he's sure Imari will beat herself up over this.

If that's the case then it's better to quit the enrollment outright, it's a win-win all around.

Noah had no reason to stay and the deletion of his Astar Mark meant nothing to him.

His body already integrated the effects of the Astar Marks.

The Astar Mark's removal will not harm Noah's already enhanced body. His Blaze and [Limit] ability will also stay.

Plus, he was planning to find a chance to eject the nanomachines coursing throughout his body with magic.

Before that, it's time to teach these haughty superhumans what real power looked like.

Aside from Blaze, he also got a weird ability named Limit.

With this new ability, Noah can adjust his own power parameters.

This ability might sound useless but just like compressed springs, using Limit will allow Noah's restricted power to grow stronger over time.

He used Limit to restrict his magic power, giving his magic power more room to grow.

Right now, he's using it to limit his own powers.

He limited his strength, stamina, speed, agility, and other parameters.

He didn't make his abilities disappear.

He just put limiters on himself.

In other words, Noah suppressed his powers to that of a normal human.

He balled his palms into fists to gauge his own diminished powers.

He stared at Sakuya who still stood at the podium with a sneer.

"How about it? Miss chairman? Do you want to try using an Exceed's power on a human like me?"


Imari approached him.

"What are you doing? An average human cannot..."

Imari got interrupted by Sakuya.

"So be it. Let's test this out!"

Imari turned towards a middle-aged teacher.

"Daisuke-san, if you will."

"Understood, chairman."

The teacher known as Daisuke nodded.

He walked over to Noah.

Sizing Noah up, Daisuke nonchalantly asked Noah.

"Are you sure you want to fight me with a normal human's strength?"

Noah raised his hand. This stopped Imari from chiming in. In front of a distraught Imari, he stepped forward.

"You were once a normal human too. You should be able to tell if I am using superhuman power, right?"

"Your opponent isn't just an Exceed, he's someone qualified to teach other Exceeds."

Sakuya explained.

"It's fine to use your enhanced powers, you are also permitted to use your Blaze, this is a special condition I will permit."

Noah said nothing. He looked at Daisuke like he's not a challenge at all.

Daisuke pressed his hand against his chest after seeing Noah's relaxed expression.


The Astar Mark on Daisuke's chest spiraled outwards in waves of intense flames. The flames wrapped around Daisuke's hands.

After the flames receded, he had black metallic weapons in his hands.

Daisuke's Blaze is a pair of simplistic brass-knuckles.

"I won't go easy on you."

Daisuke snorted.

"Behold, the power of an Exceed!"

Daisuke smashed his fists together, making an audible metallic clang. With a mighty stomp, Daisuke closed in while unfurling his brass knuckles, the pointy edges glimmered coldly under the light.


Daisuke stopped abruptly about 50cm away from Noah. He unleashed a right cross aimed at Noah's head. His fist cut through the wind at a speed that humans can't dodge.

Daisuke had confidence in his precise blows.

Daisuke didn't see Noah's move because he was too proud of his own abilities.

Noah predicted Daisuke's attack. He tilted his head to the side before Daisuke even unleashed his cross.


His brass knuckle brushed past Noah's shoulder and cheek, completely missing its intended target.


Daisuke was surprised by this feat.

Noah grabbed Daisuke's arm and he did a low-kick on Daisuke's knee.


Flinching in pain, Daisuke fell to his knees.

Before Daisuke fell, Noah spun around and he used Daisuke's arm to throw Daisuke who is staggered onto the ground, smashing him in the process.

He performed a standard shoulder throw.



Air left Daisuke's lungs when Noah performed this move on him.

Did the powerless brat just sack him? An Exceed?


The other students cheered.


Imari covered her mouth. She couldn't hide her amazement.

Sakuya also lost her devilish air. She started viewing the duel with a stern look.

The cheers of the students sounded like a mockery at Daisuke's expense, he leaped up while clenching his teeth.

Noah pulled away as if he read his moves.


Daisuke cursed while his cheeks quivered. He started charging towards Noah with an angered look.

Noah narrowed his eyes when he saw Daisuke's ramming attack. Noah started snickering when he felt the wind blowing past him.

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