I Am Overlord - Chapter 1672: Thank You, Honored God, for the Rescue

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Chapter 1672: Thank You, Honored God, for the Rescue

The one who had spoken was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who had just come from the Illusory Island. He had returned with the azure dragon and Little White by hitching a ride on a sea jiao. Coincidentally, they had arrived when disaster was about to befall Weili Island. Whatever the reason for the attack, he would not allow anything to happen to the island.

“Who dares to meddle in our affair?” demanded Teluo Nahai.

They were all stunned when a sea jiao several kilometers long emerged from the sea. This was the first time they had ever seen a sea jiao so terrifying. They could sense from the beast’s terrifying demonic aura that it was a Demon God.

At this point, Teluo Nahai panicked and hurriedly asked, “Lords, we are members of Crystalrock Island.”

“I don’t care who you are. Get on your knees!” commanded Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

An incorporeal power erupted from him, instantly causing everyone to stop fighting as fear rose from the very depths of their hearts. Instinctively, they all knelt down. That was the pressure of a God. It was terrifying.

Teluo Nahai and the other pseudo-Gods were unable to resist the pressure either. Their knees trembled in fear as they wondered when Weili Island had gained such powerful backers.

“Which of you is the king of this island?” asked Xiang Shaoyun from high in the sky.

Weili Saidong was barely alive, but he still maintained a sliver of consciousness. He answered weakly, “I-I’m the king.”

When Xiang Shaoyun saw the dying king, he frowned. Green energy gathered around the tip of his finger as he pointed at the king. Rich life force struck the king, instantly healing all his wounds. Weili Saidong was utterly stunned, and so was everyone else. In the span of several seconds, Weili Saidong had recovered completely. That was a miracle.

“Thank you, honored Gods, for the rescue,” said Weili Saidong gratefully.

At this time, Weili Hanyi cried out, “King, he is the same honored God who had rescued us two years ago. Princess Yana had left with him.”

Finally, the Weili Island members knew who their saviors were, while the Crystalrock Island members panicked.

Teluo Nahai took the chance to crush a conch in his possession. “None of you will be able to escape today! The God of our island will personally come and kill you all.”

Xiang Shaoyun had noticed what Teluo Nahai was doing, but he couldn’t be bothered to stop the action.

“Just get all the Gods you have here,” said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

He then kicked Teluo Nahai away. The force of the kick caused Teluo Nahai’s pseudo-god body to crack apart. The others were overwhelmed with fear. They did not even dare to flee because they knew they wouldn’t be able to escape. Xiang Shaoyun did not kill them. Instead, he used his aura to seriously injure all of them. Not one of them would be able to easily recover from such grave injuries.

“You can deal with them as you please,” said Xiang Shaoyun to Weili Saidong.

“Thank you, honored God,” said Weili Saidong with gratitude. After a slight pause, he asked, “I wonder if Yana is here?”

He was most worried about his daughter. He was afraid that something bad had happened to her.

“She caught the fancy of a capable person on the Illusory Island and has been accepted as a disciple. She will definitely return in the future. She was the one who told me to tell you about this,” said Xiang Shaoyun.

“I see. That’s good to hear.” Weili Saidong was pleasantly surprised. He had no reason not to believe Xiang Shaoyun because a God like Xiang Shaoyun would not need to deceive him.

“Tell me. What happened here?” asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Weili Saidong did not dare to hide anything and told Xiang Shaoyun everything that had happened. After listening to the full story, Xiang Shaoyun felt guilty because he was the reason it had happened.

“Relax. I’ll heal all of you,” said Xiang Shaoyun to Weili Island’s injured warriors.

He then utilized the Secret Reversal Technique and rained down strand after strand of green life force, healing the warriors rapidly. Even those who were on the verge of death recovered completely.

The Weili islanders were overjoyed as they called out, “Thank you, honored God, for saving us!”

At that moment, they were filled with reverence for Xiang Shaoyun. They viewed him as an unrivaled deity.

Abruptly, a person flew over rapidly. That person was the God from Crystalrock Island. Upon arriving, the God noticed that Weili Island was completely fine. On the other hand, those from his island had all been captured. He was completely stunned.

“Weili Saidong, you are truly courageous. You dare capture the members of my Crystalrock Island?” questioned the God, who did not even notice Xiang Shaoyun and company. His furious gaze was only focused on Weili Saidong.

He had barely finished his words when a figure noiselessly appeared behind him. With one punch, the figure made the God bleed from his head. “Did you not see the other lords here? What are you doing being all noisy?”

The attacker was not the azure dragon or the white tiger. Rather, it was the sea jiao that had taken a human form. That was a third-stage Demon God, a prince among the sea jiaos. He was much stronger than this God from Crystalrock Island.

The God was completely stupefied. He came to a realization that Crystalrock Island had perhaps challenged a party they shouldn’t have.

Xiang Shaoyun put the God under his control before learning about the number of Gods Crystalrock Island had.

A sneer formed on his face as he said, “The world has fallen into chaos, and I’m in need of soldiers. I’ll have Crystalrock Island work for me, then.”

He then had the God bring him to Crystalrock Island.

Before leaving, he gave Weili Saidong some god-grade items to help Weili Saidong break through into the God Realm. He also told the sea jiao to protect Weili Island and not allow the other islands to create trouble for them. The sea jiao gladly agreed.

Xiang Shaoyun, the azure dragon, and Little White did not take long to reach Crystalrock Island. The island did not have many Gods. Apart from the God that had been captured, they still had three other Gods, with the strongest one being a fourth-stage God. One could say that this island could be considered decently strong among the many islands.

Xiang Shaoyun did not need to do anything. Both the azure dragon and Little White were enough to capture all the Gods. Even the fourth-stage God couldn’t survive one move against Little White. Xiang Shaoyun did not even give the Gods a chance to say anything before sending his curse symbols toward their head, placing all their souls under his control.

“Come, time to go back,” said Xiang Shaoyun, who was in a good mood, as he finally set off to return.

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