I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 328 - Let Out A Shout

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Chapter 328: Let Out A Shout

Su Shengjing chuckled. “There’s no need to explain. I understand.”

He took the fruit candy away from Su Jiu and patted her head. “You can’t eat so much candy. You can only eat one every day, understand?”

The little girl adorably pouted. “Alright, alright. I’ll listen to Daddy.”

Regardless of whatever she thought or said, Su Jiu had accepted his gift. Han Siye was relieved, and his expression softened.

As the program was broadcasted, the audience screamed when they saw this scene.

“Ah, little kids are so cute! Xiao Wei is so warm. Han Siye is so proud! So cute!”

“Why didn’t I have a little boy like this who cared about me when I was young? Boohoo, my life is so boring!”

“He’s such a handsome little brother! Little Jiu has won in life!”

After taking the medicine, Su Jiu felt better. She regained her energy and started to look around. It had to be said that winter in the north was really cold. In the south, it was warm enough that she could wear a single layer. In the north, the snow had already started to fall.

It was a cloudy day outside, and the wind blew in through an open window. The weather was chilly, but also refreshing.

The production crew’s bus drove for a full two hours before they arrived at a mountainous area with beautiful scenery. They drove along a bumpy road and saw a large number of persimmon trees. The trees were covered with glistening red and golden persimmons. Further in was a village with picturesque scenery.

As the bus reached the village, many villagers came out to see what it was. The production crew attracted a lot of attention.

Many of the villagers recognized that parents and children had arrived on the bus. Feeling incredibly excited, the villagers warmly invited them to their homes.

Many of the villagers had lived here for decades, and the furthest they had been to was the nearby town. Now, they were actually able to see people who usually only appeared on TV. How could they not be excited?

Yang Fangping had arrived before the other families. When he saw Su Shengjing carrying Su Jiu out of the car, a smile blossomed on his wrinkled face, like a chrysanthemum. It was extremely bright. “Little Jiu! It has been a long time!”

Su Jiu politely greeted him. “Hello, Uncle.”

“What a sweetheart!” Yang Fangping was elated.

When everyone had arrived, the director smiled and said, “Alright, now that all the father and child pairs are here, we welcome you again! This episode is the last episode, which means that we won’t be able to see each other for a long time after this episode’s filming finishes. Thinking about it makes me a little sad. My babies, what about you?”

The last episode?

Han Siye immediately looked at Su Jiu and pursed his lips.

If I won’t be able to record a show with Little Jiu for a long time, wouldn’t that mean that I won’t be able to meet her either?

He immediately said, “Not happy!”

He hadn’t had enough fun yet; he still wanted to be with Little Jiu!

Xiao Wei glanced at Su Jiu as well. He grabbed the corner of Xiao Yang’s shirt and whispered, “I’m sad too.”

Other than going to school for lessons, Xiao Wei spent most of his life practicing the piano. He barely had any free time to play, so he did not have many friends. However, throughout the filming of this series, he had made many new friends.

Little Jiu was one of them.

He did as she had told him before. He had gone back and had a good talk with his mother. He no longer kept his thoughts to himself. Instead, he tried to voice them.

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