I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 331 - Baby Is Excellent!

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Chapter 331: Baby Is Excellent!

Before long, the basket became full. The persimmons weighed dozens of kilograms.

Su Jiu was worried about how they would transport this pile of persimmons to the town to sell. This village was so far away from the town that it would be difficult for Su Shengjing to carry them. They could only try to find a car.

However, the production team was not allowed to help, so they could only let the father and child think of a way.

Su Jiu reached out his small hand and held Su Shengjing’s hand. “Daddy, shall we find a car?”

That was what Su Shengjing thought as well. However, he did not expect the little girl to have come to the same conclusion. Thus, he began to feel that his daughter was truly intelligent, just like him.

He held the little girl’s hand as they walked through the village. Soon, they arrived at a house and saw a small cart attached to a scooter in the courtyard. His eyes immediately lit up as he led the little girl inside.

It was still early in the morning. An elderly couple was watering the vegetables they had planted in the yard. The leaves of the vegetables were tender and green after being sprinkled with water. They looked especially fresh.

The old couple saw Su Shengjing bringing a little girl in. The little girl was fair and tender and had a little baby fat on her perfect little face. She was extremely cute and they couldn’t help but smile. “Who are you guys? What’s the matter?” they asked.

Su Jiu smiled at the old lady and obediently said, “Hello, Grandpa and Grandma. Daddy and I have something to ask you guys for help!” The old lady liked cute children like this. When she saw Su Jiu, she felt as if she were looking at her granddaughter. The old lady smiled and said, “What is it? Tell us.”

The little girl childishly said, “Dad and I are going to sell the persimmons in town, but we don’t have a car. Can you lend us this scooter? We’ll return it to you immediately after selling the persimmons.”

The old man kindly smiled. “Oh, this! Of course, you can use it.”

“That’s great! Thank you, grandpa and grandma!” Su Jiu was very happy. She accidentally saw a basket placed at the door of the house. The baskets contained many fruits and vegetables. She pointed at them and asked, “Grandpa and grandma, are you selling those vegetables? If you are, would you like Daddy and me to help you sell your gourds?”

The audience was shocked. No way! Is this really just a four-year-old kid?

How could she be so smart? She didn’t even stutter after speaking for so long. Moreover, her logic was very clear, and her observation skills were superb!

The fans were very excited. Their child was so outstanding, and they were very proud of her. They could be at ease with the people they knew. They were not afraid of being mocked for being childish; they were actually fans of a little kid!

Although Su Jiu was a child, she was stronger than many adults.

After Su Jiu’s reminder, the old couple remembered that they had picked a lot of vegetables this morning. The old man slapped a hand at his forehead and said, “Look at my memory! How could I forget this? Those vegetables are for sale. If you and your father can help us sell them, that would be great.”

Su Shengjing said, “We can help.”

“Alright. Thank you for your hard work.” The old man passed the basket to him.

“You’re welcome. The kid and I are very happy to be able to help you.” After saying that, Su Shengjing immediately placed the basket and the little packrat in the cart.

They asked for directions and the price of each vegetable, then prepared to return to the persimmon forest.

Before they left, the old woman walked to the cart and put two bright red apples into Su Jiu’s hands. She lovingly smiled. “Take these, little girl. One for each of you. This apple was planted in the village, so it’s washed clean without pesticides. Don’t worry and eat it.”

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