I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 398 - Losing the Right to Choose

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Chapter 398: Losing the Right to Choose

The little girl didn’t mind. Instead, she got excited. “Okay!”

The corners of Han Jiani’s lips curled up slightly. She walked around Su Shengjing and led them. “Let’s go then.”

Su Shengjing was stunned.

Does she not need to ask for my opinion?

Am I invisible?

Truth be told, the little girl is far too formidable. To think that she would be able to attract the attention of such a cold and distant lady like Han Jiani. This is something most people would be unable to accomplish, right?

At the very least, this father of hers can’t do it. I have to concede defeat. Thus, Su Shengjing could only continue to be a tool as he carried the little girl and followed Han Jiani.

Han Jiani walked forward with her head held high. Along the way, she met many staff members who greeted her respectfully. Su Jiu felt that she and her father were like two lackeys following a big boss.

When they reached the elevator, the doors opened. Han Jiani was about to enter when she bumped into a boy and two old men.

Han Jiani was speechless.

“Auntie,” Han Siye subconsciously called her. Then, he saw the two people behind her.

Little Jiu?

When he saw Su Jiu, Han Siye was stunned for a moment; then, his eyes were filled with surprise. He pretended to be cool. “Auntie, I’m here to see you again.”

His words were directed at Han Jiani, but his eyes were on Su Jiu, and he was secretly happy.

“Then I have to thank you,” Han Jiani casually said. She turned to the elderly couple and said, “Dad, Mom, I’m going to eat. Have you eaten? Do you want to eat together?”

The old couple immediately said, “Yes, yes. We came here after eating. If you haven’t eaten, go ahead and eat. We’ll wait for you in the lounge.”

Han Siye took another look at Su Jiu and quickly said to Han Jiani, “Auntie, I haven’t eaten yet.”

Old Madam Han looked at him in confusion. “You brat, what are you saying? Didn’t eat? You ate a lot this afternoon!”

Being exposed on the spot, Han Siye was instantly embarrassed and his ears turned red. “I’m not full!”

Han Jiani could naturally tell what he was thinking. Isn’t it because of Little Jiu?

This cheeky brat!

She reached out and poked Han Siye’s head. “Why do you eat so much? Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?”

“I’m not full. I still want to eat!” Han Siye was too embarrassed to say that he wanted to stay with Little Jiu, so he could only say that.

Han Jiani couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. She looked down at him and said, “Fine, if you’re not full, we’ll go together. But you can only sit next to me.”

Han Siye was speechless.

How could his aunt have guessed that he wanted to sit with Little Jiu!

Is she a demon?

To have a chance to eat with Su Jiu, Han Siye could only agree even if he was unwilling. “Okay then.”

When Su Shengjing saw how reluctant the kid was, the corners of his mouth twitched. This brat is most likely thinking of sitting together with the little girl. In his dreams!

Does he treat me like an invisible person too? Does he not take me seriously and want to do whatever he likes?

You brat, I’ll remember you!

Su Shengjing gritted his teeth and made a mental note of Han Siye. It would be difficult for this brat to get past him if he still liked the little girl after growing up!

Han Siye didn’t know that he had lost the right to choose a partner at Su Shengjing’s place, so he followed his aunt to the dining room in a good mood.

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