I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 733 - The Big Boss Who Calls the Wind and Summons the Rain

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Chapter 733 The Big Boss Who Calls the Wind and Summons the Rain

“That’s good.” That evil couple deserved to die.

Su Jiu sat down beside the bed and held one of Song Wanqiu’s hands. “Auntie, now that Big Brother has gone overseas, he’ll be working hard to become better and stronger. You have to work hard too and wake up. You can’t sleep forever. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see Big Brother become a big boss!”

Sheng Tianci was speechless.

Big boss?

It wasn’t that he looked down on that kid. However, Sheng Tianci was born into a wealthy family, yet he himself hadn’t become a big boss even after so many years. How could that brat who was still wet behind the ears do it?

It didn’t seem possible.

Nevertheless, there’s a saying that one should not look down on young men for being poor. Perhaps he might really become a big boss someday like what Little Jiu said?

Su Jiu rambled on about many things to Song Wanqiu. She talked about the interesting things she encountered in school or online. She even told her about the weird Miss Tang that Rong Si met at the bar, then complained about how Rong Si had hugged her when they had sent him off at the airport.

“Auntie, when did Rong Si develop this bad habit of wanting to hug people? Who taught him that? Also, has he hugged other girls?”

Although she knew that Rong Si would not hug other girls and knew how he felt about her, Su Jiu just wanted to keep talking to Song Wanqiu.

Maybe she could hear her.

“Auntie, I’ll visit you often. You must wake up soon. We’ll be waiting for you.’


When Su Jiu said this, Sheng Tianci immediately agreed with her. “Yes, I’m waiting too. You can’t be thinking of letting me be single for the rest of my life, right? Then I’ll be too miserable.”

Su Jiu turned to look at him and seriously asked, “Uncle, are you still waiting for Auntie Song?” “Of course. I’m a loyal person, okay? Don’t be fooled by those scandals!”

Su Jiu wanted to laugh. “But Grandpa and Grandma Sheng want you to get married as soon as possible, right?”

When Su Jiu mentioned this, Sheng Tianci felt a headache coming on. He rubbed his brows and said, “They are pressing me. They said that Sheng Zhiyan is almost at the age to get married, so how can I, his uncle, remain single? They have been arranging blind dates for me. Sometimes, I have to meet two or three women a day. I’m exhausted.

“I’ve already told them that I have a woman I like. It’s just that I haven’t asked her out yet.” Sheng Tianci felt helpless.

“But we don’t know when Auntie Song will wake up. Besides…” Su Jiu’s voice became softer. “She might not accept you.”

Uncle Sheng would be a good husband. If Auntie Song wanted to accept him, she would have done so long ago. Why would she wait until now?

“…” Sheng Tianci’s mood suddenly dropped. He bitterly smiled. “Yes, she knows that I like her, but she doesn’t accept me. Perhaps, she thinks that I’m not reliable.”

“That’s not it! Uncle, we all know your character very well. Auntie Song wouldn’t think that of you either. She probably thinks that you’re too outstanding and that she’s not worthy of you.”

This society would always be biased against divorced women who had children as if they were inferior to others. Even if the women themselves did not have such thoughts, they would still be under immense pressure from the outside world.

Auntie Song probably thought that she was divorced and had such a big child with her. Moreover, she was not from the Sheng family. She couldn’t convince herself to be with Uncle Sheng without any qualms.

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