I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 478 - "Seeking Guidance"

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Rie and the other two spirits were speechless. They looked at Ainsley before looking at the Godfather...and their lips twitched. 

Is this why the baby's aura is clashing with our aura? And now here we wonder which spirit has such a strong aura to even left their aura around their shaman's body…

So it's you, Godfather! 

The woman spirit, the alchemist ancestor for all Godlif alchemists, didn't know Godfather due to their vast generation gap. 

Still, after she became a dead spirit, she learned a lot about the new generations. 

Now she knew about the Godfather and his outstanding feats...which was why she couldn't understand the young man even more. 

Is he out of his mind when he makes a contract with a newbie shaman...like this baby? She's too young! How can she withstand his aura and power?? 

Even Rie finally knew the crux of their problem and hastily explained it to the Godfather. 

[Your honor, the Godfather. Ain is like this because her contracted spirit's aura lingering in her body clashes with my spirits' aura. We did nothing to her!] 

Rie could speak to the Godfather and could also hear his voice in her mind, simply because her contracted spirits had enough power and prestige to receive the Godfather's powerful wavelength. 

Thus, the old woman could talk to the Godfather. If she couldn't, things would have been even more chaotic. 

When the Godfather heard Rie's words, his initial anger suddenly vanished like a bubble. The young man tilted his head as he approached Ainsley. 

[This lord's aura in her body...clashes with those two?] The Godfather pointed at the two spirits before looking at Ainsley. 

Since the Godfather was back, the tiny amount of aura lingering in Ainsley's body didn't clash with the other two spirits' aura anymore. 

Instead, the real deal's aura subconsciously picked a fight with the other two, but the Godfather could control it. 

Only Ainsley couldn't. 

However, since the aura that the Godfather left inside Ainsley had calmed down, the baby's condition also improved a lot. She didn't look like she's in pain anymore and could already slowly rise from the sofa. 

[G-godfathel…] The baby called out to the Godfather weakly. In this strange phenomenon that she had never felt before, the Godfather was her only solace. 

She could only believe in the Godfather! 

The Godfather immediately came to Ainsley's side and was about to hug her but paused mid-air. He forgot that he's still in a spirit state...he couldn't touch her at all. 

Thus, the young man gritted his teeth and sighed. 

[Yes, lil lass. This Lord is here...sorry this lord left you before…] 

[Hwum...it's owkay…] Ainsley was already too exhausted even to ask where the man disappeared to. She only sent a glance at Zev before puffing her cheeks. 

Hmph! Hmph! I know you guys are having an affair but can't you guys keep it moderate? Don't do anything nasty in public just because you guys are spirits! 

Not knowing Ainsley's disdainful gaze directed toward them, Zev and the Godfather casually checked Ainsley's condition before sighing in relief. 

[Thank God, you are okay, my host.] 

[You're fine now, Lil Lass.] 

Nevertheless, the Godfather couldn't cast aside his worry about Ainsley's shaman ability. 

Ainsley might be fine now, but what about later on? 

There's so much that they didn't know about the world of shaman ability users…

What if they took the wrong step, and it brought harm to Ainsley? 

The Godfather already thought about this. Thus, he immediately looked at Rie and coughed. 

[...this Lord wronged you and your spirits. This Lord is sorry.] 

The Godfather rarely apologised, but for Ainsley's sake, he didn't mind if he had to kneel and beg. He's the one agreeing to Ainsley's contract request before….

He had to take responsibility too! 

When Rie heard the Godfather's apology, she suddenly didn't know how to react…

A legendary figure is apologising to me? This must be a dream. This is so unreal! 

However, no matter how shocked Rie was, as a reputable guild master, she managed to calm down in a matter of seconds. 

The old woman forced a smile on her face as she nodded. 

[Likewise. This old woman didn't tell anyone before taking the lil girl to this room...this old woman is at fault too.] 

After both sides apologized to each other, the atmosphere eased up in an instant. 

The adventurer king didn't feel the Godfather's dominance ability anymore and could finally stand up while sighing in relief. 

Thank God...everything is fine. 

The two sides made amends with each other, but that's not the end. The Godfather knew that it's their opportunity to seek help from Rie. 

Thus, while sitting next to Ainsley, the spirit looked at Rie and cleared his throat once more. 

[This Lord heard that you're the strongest shaman in this generation?] 

He started his speech with a flattery. It was enough to make a granny like Rie blushed hard. 

[You flatter me, milord. I can't say that I'm the strongest shaman, but maybe one of the strongest in this country.] 

Rie was humble but she wouldn't lower her own value. If she wasn't one of the strongest shamans in this country, how could she become the shaman guild master? 

It's impossible. 

[Hum, as long as you're one of the strongest, it doesn't matter. Anyway, since you're a senior and experienced shaman...do you have any advice for this lord and Lil Lass?] 

The Godfather didn't directly ask for Rie's guidance, but Rie was no fool. The moment she heard those words, her eyes lit up. 

This is it! An opportunity to take Ainsley as my disciple! 

Rie immediately straightened her back and answered. 

[I do have many things to say.] 

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