I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 1588 - The Bad News From Afar

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Chapter 1588: The Bad News From Afar


Luo Hong had only one thought in his mind at this moment.

But instantly, this thought was erased from his mind.

A bitter smile appeared on his face.


Where can they run to?

Earth? Mars? Or Jupiter?

Regardless of which direction, they are all dead ends.

As for outside of the solar system, SS Enterprise was not equipped with a fully circular life-sustaining system. Since the completion of the Stellar Highway, the journey from Earth to the Kuiper Belt was much easier compared to before, and the life-sustaining system that previously took up a large amount of space was greatly reduced to make room for weapons.

From this perspective, SS Origin was much better compared to the three new ships…

Luo Hong’s fists clenched then loosened. He took a deep breath, fixed the officer’s hat on his head, and spoke to his trembling subordinates in the bridge.

“Resolution 107 of the Earth Defense Alliance… Resolution on the families of martyrs.”

Everyone looked at him.

“For the soldiers who died for the noble cause of the alliance, their immediate family members will be included in the first sequence of Project Seed. When the irreversible failure comes, they will launch seed ships to the Centaurus to preserve the last kindle of fire for Earth civilization.”

This time, when Luo Hong looked at them, he met countless pupils full of light.

“Everyone, behind us is our home.”

“We cannot retreat…”

Luo Hong lied.

The final resolution of the alliance was 106.

Resolution 107 did not exist.

But he had no choice.

After they heard the captain’s words, everyone returned to their posts tacitly.

They were the elites from the armies of each country, and their glory and faith did not allow them to escape.

Whether or not they believed the unheard-of Resolution 107, the fact they stood here now was not correlated…

“This is SS Enterprise…approved for firing.”

“This is SS Frontier, received”

“This is SS Judgement, received… I wish you all the best.”

The tentacles were nearly a thousand kilometers long, the bodies were hundreds of kilometers wide, and the meat bubbles that were several kilometers out rumbled like ocean waves. Strings of white light particles flickered behind; it looked like the sunrise that gradually rose in the cold night.

Countless worm ships floated beside the colonization ship as they densely connected one to another.

Even one worm ship took all the effort of the Earth Fleet.

And now, there were hundreds of them here…

As they had rehearsed countless times in training, the three starships turned their bows in unison and entered the formation for a direct enemy encounter.

Even if everyone was aware that all the efforts would not change the outcome, they still could do something.

At least, buy more precious time for the people behind them…

There was no suspense in the outcome.

The Earth Fleet was defeated.

And it was one-sided.

The three starships attacked the impossible enemy with a mentality almost equivalent to suicide. The fleet commander Luo Hong fought to the last moment. When the worm ship swallowed SS Enterprise, he left the last bullet in the magazine to himself.

When Jiang Chen heard the bad news that came from afar, his palms were ice cold.

Why did the space colonization ship that should have arrived in the solar system half a century later arrived in the Kuiper Belt so many years in advance? Why did Luo Hong describe the colonization ship surrounded by countless “fighters” different from the one he saw through Tingting…

The plan to explore the core of the planet was terminated.

Jiang Chen ignored Golovin I’s request to stay and returned to Heavenly Palace City immediately.

The geocentric mine and the planetary furnace were all pointless in front of the fact that the Earth Fleet was defeated, However, just as he, Hong Zewei, and others rushed back to the city, they found that the whole city had become a mess…

On the street, waves of screams reverberated.

Someone leaked the news, and the people who lost their minds rushed into the streets and blocked the roads in front of the station.

The current position of Mars was at the far point to Earth. Apart from the two colonies of Europa and Himalia, Heavenly Palace City was the front line between the Earth and Harmony’s space colonization ship. People didn’t know where to run, but their survival instinct told them that they could not stay here…

“Get out of the way! Let me pass! FU*K, WHY IS IT SO CROWDED! I’m going to be late for my flight… WHY ARE YOU GUYS ALL HERE, do you have a ticket!” The man with a beer belly squeezed into the crowd with his eyes completely bloodshot. He desperately tried to push away the crowd in front of him.

When a woman with a baby heard that this person had a ticket, she exhausted all her strength to squeeze in front of him and begged him to take the baby.

“Please, I beg you, please take my son. He is only one year old, and I don’t want him to—”

“Get out of here! Who the fu*k wants to take your son, it’s inexplicable!” When the man saw a strange woman stop him, he was furious and pushed away the abrupt arm in front of him. However, because of this push, the woman lost control and dropped the baby on the ground.

There was a deafening scream.

The woman seemed to have gone crazy. She exhausted all her strength, rushed to the ground, and hugged her child.

She only had time to protect him before countless feet stepped on her.

Falling down in a crowd was almost equivalent to suicide…

A trample had happened, and the steps in front of the station were covered in blood. However, people did not have the energy to find the humble lives lying under their feet.

Soldiers in power armor blocked the entrance of the station. They stood neatly in two rows and formed a towering and immovable wall of people. Due to the circumstance, the armored vehicle not far away had pointed the muzzle of the heavy machine gun on the roof at the mob that started to lose their rationality.

However, in the face of more serious threats, this level of threat had lost its effect…


“Why are you blocking the entrance of the station! I bought a ticket! Let me pass!”

“I see, these fu*kers must be letting the rich people leave first!”

“I saw it yesterday, Jiang Chen is still in Heavenly Palace City!”

“The thugs of Celestial Trade!”

If there were stones on the ground, they would definitely pick them up without hesitation and throw them at the people who have protected them.

But it was a pity because the ground was so clean…

There were more and more people in front of the station. People behind pushed those in front. Incited by hoard mentality, people began to charge at the human wall formed by Celestial Trade Marine soldiers. All the police and fire-fighting drones from the entire city gathered here, but they were still just a drop in the bucket against tens of thousands of people.

For the people far away from the station, when they saw that they could not get in, their bottom line, morality, and awe of law started to waver and rot with despair. The things they previously had never dared to do started to become possible at this moment.

Like poppies in full bloom, crime grew in every corner of Heavenly Palace City.

A small group of people simply gave up escaping. They used the opportunity where the Celestial Trade soldiers were all pulled to the station, gathered in groups of three and five, and started to look for targets they could act recklessly against…

The situation started to get out of control.

At this moment, a gunshot was fired right in front of the crowd.

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