I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 1605 - Liquidation

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Chapter 1605: Liquidation

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“If it weren’t for the Asset Liquidation Committee, I wouldn’t know that these people were so rich.” Jiang Chen sat in the office as he flipped through the documents in his hands. When he saw the name Liu Xiangguo, he couldn’t help but smile as he shook his head.

There were very few properties under the name of Liu Xiangguo, only one old manor in Shangjing.

But his children, grandchildren, and even relatives within three generations, if the total assets under their names were totaled together, their wealth could rival a nation. It was so exaggerated that the more distant the kinship, the scarier the net worth.

For example, his niece’s husband was the boss of a real estate developer in Hua. The company’s market capitalization was in the hundreds of billions range, his own net worth was in the billions of dollars, and he possessed hidden assets worth tens of billions of dollars overseas.

If it weren’t for three factors, the formation of the Earth Federation, the powers of countries and regions had already been given to the Provisional Committee, and Ghost Agents fully cooperated with the Provisional Committee to investigate, the money would never have been discovered.

Of course, everyone else was the same.

“How are you going to dispose of these assets?”

Ayesha stood in front of Jiang Chen’s desk and spoke softly.

“With fairness,” Jiang Chen tossed down the stack of papers on the desk, stretched his arms on the chair, then squinted his eyes in a relaxed state before he looked out the window. “Kelvin knows what to do, and the eight billion people in the world who have been abandoned also need an explanation.”

SS Origin originally belonged to the Earth Fleet, but in the end, it did not fulfill its mission on the battlefield and instead, was used to help some people escape.

Even if it was a compelling decision, even if it was the most sensible and logical choice. After all, a fight meant an inevitable death, but fleeing away meant at least preserving the last kindle of fire for Earth civilization.

But now that the doomsday did not arrive, this behavior had naturally become a betrayal to all humankind.

And it was a form of intolerable betrayal.

After all, the list to board the ship was not determined by all humankind from the beginning.

A small group of people used the privileges in their hands to decide that the people who survived were themselves and to let the rest of the eight billion people die. After the establishment of the Earth Federation, it was natural that these people would be sentenced by the Federation Court.

Based on the laws of the Earth Federation, 2,500 passengers and 500 crew members on SS Origin would be prosecuted by the Federation Court for “treason”, and the assets under their name would be returned to the federation treasury. The World Federation Reserve and Its partner banks would list the assets for auction.

This move certainly caused quite a backlash.

After all, even the holders of these assets and the first-order heirs boarded the ship heading to Alpha Centaur, but based on the inheritance laws of different countries, there were always the second, third, and even fourth-order heirs to inherit these assets.

However, these protests were of course invalid.

The vast majority of people approved this decision of the Earth Federation, and there was no disagreement on this proposal within the Provisional Committee.

After all, this decision revenged those who were left behind…

In the second month of the establishment of the Earth Federation, more than a month passed since the Earth civilization survived the invasion of Harmony.

During this more than a month time, Jiang Chen cooperated with Lin Lin to conduct all kinds of experiments on the golden light particles. However, the fact proved that it was too difficult to leapfrog and challenge the areas that were only understood by a type III civilization.

Even though the matter just stayed in the subdimension, Jiang Chen, as the owner of the subdimension, could not do anything with it. The only thing he knew was that the golden light particles were slowly changing his subdimension.

Moreover, this change was benign.

Because it was the matter produced after a planet exploded, so it was given a name called “stardust”.

After all, those ethereal light particles were indeed like dust…

Just like that, Lin Lin gave it a very casual name.

Jiang Chen, who had put aside “stardust”, had completely freed himself of any responsibilities, and gave himself a long vacation. In the past ten years of growth, the company structure of Celestial Trade became quite stable, with a clear division of responsibilities among the different departments, and strict checks and balances by the central computer, which drastically reduced a series of problems such as a department gaining too much power or internal corruption.

Even if Kelvin, Ivan, and Zhang Yaping were the only three people that knew Jiang Chen was still alive, and the world thought he was no longer “here and “sacrificed” himself for Earth civilization, he could still use the central computer’s highest authority, or directly give orders through Lilith.

So, it really did not make a difference whether he was there or not.

Rather, the fact the whole world would “forget” him made him feel an unprecedented amount of ease.

In the past, no matter what Celestial Trade did, the cameras of reporters from all over the world were immediately aimed at him. Politicians, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders around the world “grilled” him on the conference table as soon as possible.

In the beginning, that kind of life was quite fresh.

But honestly, he had enough…

At the mansion on the north side of Coro Island, the corner of the marble wall was covered with emerald, green moss, as if it had been abandoned for a long time. Some people suggested that this should be used as the former residence of Jiang Chen, and the government should buy it and turn it into a museum, but this kind of proposal was eventually dismissed.

With a sense of awe, residents generally did not approach this place.

But today, a black car stopped at the gate of the mansion.

“Come here to pick me up at five o’clock.”

After the old man finished this sentence, he closed the door. After the car drove away, he walked up and pressed the doorbell.

The doorbell rang three times.

The iron gate did not move.

The old man sighed softly. He did not leave but just stood there.

About ten minutes later, there was a sound of a light click on the iron gate, which slowly opened the gate to both sides

A glimmer of joy flashed across the old man’s face, he adjusted his collar and tie, then walked into the mansion along the stone brick road behind the wall.

Loki felt emotional when he stood before the mansion; he looked at the closed red wooden door and said.

“I know you aren’t dead… are you not going to invite your old friend in for a drink?”

“Today is not the best day, I’m not at home.”

The sound came from the garden beside the stone brick road.

Loki looked over there and saw a gardening drone hover next to him. Two silver scissors were still stained with grass clippings.. It was evident that the drone was in the backyard mowing the lawn.

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