I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 1606: Lonely at the Top

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Chapter 1606: Lonely at the Top

A hearty laugh came from the drone when Loki just stood there with a look of surprise on his face. After a monetary pause, Jiang Chen, who controlled the drone, said.

"Besides my family and loved ones, now you are the fourth person to knows that I am still alive. Go on and tell me how you plan to make me believe you that you will keep this a secret."

"This kind of promise is not necessary at all. If you don't believe me, you just need to use the scissors on the drones to get rid of me." Loki had a faint smile as he watched the gardening scissors on the drone, " No one will hold the accountability of a dead person. Everyone will definitely think that it was an accident caused by the aging drone, due to the lack of maintenance."

"Really? But this will affect the reputation of Future Group's drone products, so let's forget it." Jiang Chen laughed.

Loki let out a sigh of relief when he heard Jiang Chen's words.

If Jiang Chen really planned to get rid of him, then he would not care about the "reputation of drone products" at all. Since he could still use this saying as a joke, then Jiang Chen probably didn't care about the fact that he was still alive.

Actually, when Loki decided to come today, it was a gamble on its own.

Although he did not board SS Origin, the B City Consortium was on the list of the Asset Liquidation Committee. The Asset Liquidation Committee's explanation was very simple. Although Loki did not board SS Origin, the consortium was not comprised of the Loki family. There were also families including Kennedy, Adams, and even Loki's sons on SS Origin at this moment.

And the most critical part was that these people received tickets to board the starship all because of their relationship to the B City Consortium.

The Asset Liquidation Committee stated that Loki could retain assets under his own name, but the assets held by the B City Consortium and other family members would be confiscated.

This decision was a death sentence to both B City Consortium and the Loki family.

"I don't understand, why didn't you get on the ship? Don't tell me that you missed it."

Inside his mansion on Coconut Island, Jiang Chen looked at the wrinkled face in the holographic screen and asked with a smile.

"Except for me, everyone in the Loki family is already on board...including my wife."


"Because you said, I can live a long time."

Jiang Chen was taken back for a second, then he laughed out loud.

"Is it fun to laugh at an old man?" Loki said helplessly.

"No, no..." Jiang Chen laughed and waved his hand. "I have just underestimated the attractiveness of an increased lifespan for ordinary people. But haven't you thought about it? If you stay, maybe you won't be able to survive even a week?"

"So, my family thought I was crazy, and my wife even thought I got dementia." Loki sniffed, then narrowed his eyes and looked into the sky as he said with emotion, "I didn't really care at the time. Before they left, I entrusted the future of the Loki family to my eldest son. I believe he will lead the people who follow us to build a new home in Alpha Centauri..."

Jiang Chen did not deny what he said, nor did he comment, but just smiled instead.

Sooner or later, the Earth Federation would bring Alpha Centauri into its territory.

It could be after the final battle with Harmony, or it could be before.

"I only want to ask one thing here," Loki paused for a moment, then asked, "Is the deal between us still valid?"

About a few years ago, at a state banquet in Ecuador, Jiang Chen made a deal with Loki. As long as the B City Consortium was willing to help Celestial Trade take the lead in establishing the World Union Reserve, then Jiang Chen would give him an additional lifespan of at least fifty years.

"It depends on you," Jiang Chen said.

"What do you want me to do" Loki said respectfully.

"Well... there is nothing special you need to do. You just need to do a good job being the president of the World Union Reserve and cooperate with the Provisional Committee. Sooner or later, what should belong to you will belong to you." Jiang Chen smiled.

"That's all?"

Loki looked at the drone's camera in surprise.

He originally thought that he would have to pay a certain price today, but he didn't expect Jiang Chen to give him a pass so easily.


To be honest, if it were before, Jiang Chen could have been interested in biting a piece of meat off the B City Consortium.

But now...

What' the best way to describe this, the meat on the ant is too tiny to be bothered with.

Earth Federation was already established, and he successfully went behind the scenes.

Throughout the entire planet, there was no opponent worthy of him to seriously consider. Celestial Trade and Future Group were like two huge monsters that have contracted the future of all humankind in all aspects.

As for the future of Celestial Trade...

The destination was among the sea of ​​stars light years away...

"Let me give you some suggestions," Jiang Chen said.

Loki took a second to process the sentence, then hurriedly said with respectfulness.

"Please go ahead."

"While the DNA telomere extension medicine is still useful to you, hurry up and give yourself some heirs," Jiang Chen laughed and leaned back on his chair. "Don't wait until your time has come, and you won't have anyone to inherit your assets. Even if I crossed out your name from the list, your assets would still have to be confiscated in the end."


Loki didn't know what to say about Jiang Chen's suggestion.


The federation assembly election was in the final stage, and the lifespan of the interim government was also in a final countdown.

Just when those left behind were busy re-electing their own leaders, the space companies, led by Future Heavy Industries and Celestial Trade, under the organization of the Provisional Committee, began to rebuild the Earth Fleet.

There was a century left for the Earth civilization, but no one thought that it was a long time.

After all, the task was not only to build the Earth Fleet without a single battleship left, but the most critical shipbuilding yard had to be rebuilt.

The once fiery red planet had turned into an asteroid belt. Both Heavenly Palace City and the spaceport were blown up with nothing left. Originally, Jiang Chen planned to build the planet into the largest industrial base in the solar system, and the second home of Earth civilization, but now this long-term plan had to be reconsidered.

Fortunately, although Mars was gone, the mass itself did not disappear out of thin air.

Except for some fragments accelerated to the third cosmic speed that could leave the solar system, most of the remaining fragments would eventually remain due to multiple factors such as mutual collisions and the influence of celestial gravity, just like the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

That rich mineral resources could still be used on the starships of the Earth Fleet.

On the second day of the birth of the Federation Assembly, two Seagull-class starships had simultaneously set off from the port of Celestial City and were headed for the fragmented planet wreckage.

The first mission was to assess the damage of the antimatter bomb, and the other mission was to investigate the situation there.

Based on the plan, Celestial Trade decided to select the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt and rebuild the spaceport.

This time, the Earth civilization would no longer only invest in the resources of an enterprise, but the labor, material and research and development power of the entire Earth Federation. Jiang Chen firmly believed that the next battle with the Harmony civilization would definitely not be in the solar system, but in the distant Gliese Galaxy...

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