I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 1607: Do you want to go and take a look with me?

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Chapter 1607: Do you want to go and take a look with me?

The Earth was saved

The Earth Federation was established.

The Earth Fleet was also reborn.

His child was in Sun Jiao's belly, and in a few months, he would be a father.

Jiang Chen thought for a while if he still had any regrets in this life, but he couldn't think of anything.

He had been thinking about this question over the past few days.

Whether in his life or in his career, he had reached the peak that people could accomplish.

He was the majority shareholder of a trillion-dollar company, the first "leader" of the Earth, and the man ruling the world behind the scenes...

Millions of people were under his direct order, the fate of tens of millions of people were associated with his name, and the production and life of eight billion people were closely related to him. Perhaps if he sneezed in the morning, the global financial market would experience turbulence the next day...Of course, it was just an exaggerated statement, since he was not wayward enough to be unreasonable.


"What's wrong?"

Lilith, who stood next to Jiang Chen at the moment, looked very different from the flat-chested Loli from back then.

Her long golden hair extended to her waist, and the front of the white T-shirt was stuffed full. She had turned into a stunning blond who exuded hormones, which made people's hearts skip a beat the moment people saw her.

If it was not for the emotionless face that did not change much, Jiang Chen could hardly match her name with Lilith.

The reason for such an "accident" was mainly because Lilith strongly requested Lin Yi to design according to her ideas when she created the new body. In her original words, "Since we have to make a new one anyway, why not make it look better?"

So, its appearance now was this.

"What do you think I still lack?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Why do you want to ask such a strange question?" Lilith turned her head around to look at Jiang Chen, then Lilith replied in the same expressionless state, "Isn't this something only you know?"

"...Well, human beings don't like to do everything themselves."

"Including thinking?"

"I don't deny it," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Lilith fell into silence as if she was carefully processing that thought.

Just when Jiang Chen thought she was going to go play games without saying a word, she suddenly said.

"Speaking of which, you haven't held a formal wedding, right?"



Speaking of which, I really owe them a wedding.

Especially Sun Jiao. Since her belly was bulging day by day and if this matter continues, the wedding would have to be delayed until after she gave birth.

Lilith's words reminded Jiang Chen.

He once promised to marry them with the grandest wedding in the world, and then use his entire life to protect their happiness. This sentence sounded shameless, but it was indeed the truest feeling in his mind.

It was likely impossible to host the wedding in the modern world since he was already "dead".

For a dead person to crawl out of the grave to attend his own wedding was probably more shocking than a living person attending his own funeral. In order to avoid all kinds of troubles, and to keep the media that finally lost interest at bay, Jiang Chen specifically consulted Xia Shiyu, Ayesha, and Natasha about where to hold the wedding.

Fortunately, they were all reasonable people.

"I'm fine with anywhere, as long as I'm with you."


"...I'm yours already. So, you can make the arrangement."

"Holding a wedding in the apocalypse? That sounds interesting."

Those were Ayesha, Xia Shiyu, and Natasha's response in respective order.

As for Sun Jiao, Xiaorou, Yao Yao, and Lin Lin, the apocalypse was where they came from. Although the modern world was much more prosperous than the apocalypse, they preferred the apocalypse a little.

So, the location of the wedding was finally determined to be in the apocalypse.


"You're getting married?"

"Mhmm...what are you laughing at?"

As Jiang Chen looked at Liu Yao, who suddenly burst out laughing, he turned around and looked at the side of her face.

"I'm thinking... You just attended your own funeral, and now you are going to attend your own wedding. Wouldn't it be too weird?" Liu Yao turned to look at Jiang Chen with a smile that looked gorgeous but feeble, "Also those who think you are dead will be so surprised that their jaw will drop."

Liu Yao still remembered that at the time, she was in black clothes and stood in the corner of the cemetery with tears. She was then spotted by Xia Shiyu and was brought here by her. When she saw Jiang Chen in front of her, smiling, she seemed to have lost herself for a momeny, and almost fainted out of excitement...

It took her an entire day to slowly accept the reality that Jiang Chen was still alive.

Before she came to Coro Island, Liu Yao took a long break from her production company. After Jiang Chen invited her to stay for a few days, she agreed without much consideration.

Although they had never seen this strange woman, Sun Jiao and the others had a friendly attitude towards Liu Yao. In addition, they knew exactly what kind of person Jiang Chen was. After more than a month, the relationship between Liu Yao and the girls gradually became closer.

It was just that she could feel that it was hard for her to integrate into their world. What made her the most uncomfortable was that this sense of distance did not stem from someone's exclusion, but simply because they accompanied him and experienced things that she never did, or could even imagine.

This feeling of being left alone made her feel a little jealous...

Jiang Chen smiled when he heard the naïve statement.

If you let others know that I'm still alive, I'm afraid their jaws won't' drop in surprise, but rather, they won't be able to sleep out of fear.

He was well aware of this.

Only those who had passed could gain the awe of the people from the bottom of their hearts and mystify his existence. After all, deep down, people only longed for a dead saint, not a living emperor.

"They won't know," Jiang Chen said.

"How is it possible," Liu Yao shook her head, then said with a smile, "Unless...you don't invite anyone to your wedding. But a wedding that no one knows...what's the point?"

She was smiling, but tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

She had endured it for a long time.

But, after all, she couldn't control her feeling anymore.

Jiang Chen saw her tears, then turned silent.

The quiet atmosphere lasted for about half a minute between the two.

In the end, it was Jiang Chen who broke the silence.

"There is one thing I haven't told you."

"I don't want to know." Liu Yao shook her head and her smile was a little haggard, "I just want...before you get married, can you promise me one thing..."

"I promise you."

There was a look of surprise on Liu Yao's face.

"Are you not going to ask what it is?"

"It'd be too rude to refuse my woman." As Jiang Chen gazed into her black pupils filled with surprise, excitement, and rolling tears, he smiled and gently wiped the teardrops beneath her eyes, "Going back to the topic just now, that thing I haven't told you."

"That thing must be... really important."

"You're correct. After all, that's my biggest secret..." As he gazed at the teary Liu Yao, he smiled and offered an invitation, "Do you want to go and take a look with me?"

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