I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Today, I am wealthy!

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“Hey Buddy, where are you going?”

“Shi Mao! (*A high-end mall)”

He used to work at a high-end clothing store there as a sales representative.

He rolled down his window and let the bellowing wind blow in his face. As if it was the only way to calm his pounding heart. He even stopped the driver from rolling up the window. The driver looked at him as if he was a lunatic.

“Hehe, did you something good happen to you?”

“Yes, kinda.” Jiang Chen laughed as he caught a mouthful of wind.

After they had arrived at the destination, Jiang Chen dropped a hundred dollar bill. “Keep the change.”

Jiang Chen flamboyantly left the car as the taxi driver stared in shock.

[F*ck!] He wanted to try to say that for a long time. Finally, he had the opportunity to do so.

After cashing out on the gold, he felt more relaxed than he had in many years.

A famous proverb once said that clothes make the man. In the modern world, people were quick to judge based on how one appeared. Even if he had a three-piece suit on when he went into the gold shop, the sales person would still consider him to be absurd. The concrete ground in the summer day felt like scorching fire..

After all, the first impression was purely dedicated by a person’s appearance. The majority of one’s opinion would be formed in the first few seconds, which would impact any social interaction in the future.

As someone who was always afraid of poverty, Jiang Chen did not consider himself as a low-key individual. A slick look would make dating or business easier. It would be much more effective compared to the knockoff brands he wore.

He approached the store he had previously worked at. Before he entered the shop, a sneer lit up on his face. He was curious about what the cocky woman that fired him would think once she saw his lavish lifestyle. If he was there to embarrass her, he wanted to be superb at degrading her. Jiang Chen also fancied a few polished outfits for himself.

“Welcome, Sir.” The sales associate was different. It was the end of July which meant that a lot of universities were on summer break already. A lot of college student would do part time here. Luxury stores were the top choice for gorgeous looking girls. It was respectable, not labor intensive, and also a perfect place to find a sugar daddy.

The evil of capitalism.

Although millionaires visited the place frequently, rarely would they go alone. After all, men usually didn’t have a tremendous amount of criteria for clothes. The existence of these high-end stores often served as a place to demonstrate their wealth to their female companion. It would further additional activities at the hotel that night.

Jiang Chen was not pretentious, but his purpose would say otherwise.

Jiang Chen picked out a piece of clothing valued at 10,000 without even blinking. The attractive sales associate’s eye lit up as Jiang Chen’s hands started to pile full of clothes. She immediately helped him intimately by carrying any extra clothing. She also gave him the sweetest smile. The smile had “ask me out” written all over it.

Jiang Chen, who was busy looking for his old boss, were a little slow to take the hint. He didn’t notice the flirty moves of the attractive girl beside him. Of course, if the girl were looking to hookup, Jiang Chen wouldn’t mind. Her boobs were not as large as Sun Jiao’s, but the vibe of modernism combined with her youthful energy made her particularly striking. She must be a prom queen at some university.

He slapped the clothes on the counter as he was irritated that he didn’t see the girl.

[F*ck, where is she? If she is not even here, what’s purpose of this whole thing?]

A gloom immediately cast over Jiang Chen’s face as he felt extremely frustrated.

The sales associate thought she offended the millionaire somehow. She carefully examined Jiang Chen facial expression and even started to question her action.

“The total will be 157,000 dollars after rounding down. Would you prefer cash or debit?”

[What kind of question is this? Who the f*ck brings 150,000 dollars in cash?]

Jiang Chen took out his debit card and glanced around the store again. There were no familiar faces to be seen.

“Debit. What’s the name of your manager?” Jiang Chen handed the card over as he asked the question simultaneously.

That question made the sales associate tremble. She thought she displeased him, but why would he ask for the manager?

The cashier who took the debit card also paused briefly. She looked at the sales associate and displayed a professional smile.

“Xu Liping, Would you like me to contact her for you?”

For the amount he purchased, the complaint just could not be ignored. The cashier thought the sales associate offended him and he wanted to see the manager for the same reason.

For these types of part-time employees, she was unfamiliar with them and obviously would not offer a helping hand. There were plenty of part-time employees working at the store from the university every study break.

“That’s fine. Also, do you know Xia Shiyu?” Jiang Chen interrupted.

The cashier raised her eyebrow with a confused look. She didn’t quite remember that name.

[Looks like she doesn’t know.]

With a mixture of emotions, Jiang Chen turned around and left. However, the cashier suddenly opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

“Yes, The previous manager name was Xia Shiyu.”

“Where is she now?” Jiang Chen questioned.

“She got let go because of the layoff. We took over after we received training from the headquarters. So we are not familiar with this place. If there is anything we did wrong, please kindly forgive us.” With a polite smile, the cashier said a bunch of pleasing words. But Jiang Chen wasn’t paying attention.

[She lost her job as well. That cocky girl stayed only for a bit longer. Hahaha.]

Jiang Chen wanted to burst into laughter, but the brief excitement was soon overtaken by a sense of despair. It felt like he had no way to unleash his victorious excitement.

He stored everything into the storage dimension and left the place where he shared a significant amount of his recent memories.

He pushed open the spotless glass door as a wave of cold air emerged. Jiang Chen thought he might as well get his hair designed in this salon. He obviously didn’t make a reservation, but his luxurious looking clothing made the designer welcome him into the VIP room immediately. He only wanted to get a haircut. Although the result would be the same from a street side barber, Jiang Chen only wanted to spend money.

Only an extravagant lifestyle would relieve his tense mood.

Jiang Chen finally understood why corrupted people lived such a luxurious life. If they didn’t spend money, how would they stimulate their already frightened mental state?

He leaned against the plush chair as a delicate-looking hairdresser walked in. The hairdresser’s wavy hair fitted her flawless and delicate face as if she came from a drawing. The fashionable clothes covered her serene figure perfectly. Even in just one glance, Jiang Chen was amazed by her beauty.

Her lilac scent tingled Jiang Chen’s senses. Her graceful hands massaged his hair delicately. With music in the background, it felt like heaven. She made washing hair into a form of art.

What Jiang Chen didn’t know was that the designer was also judging him. From the fashion industry, she knew how much Jiang Chen’s wardrobe cost. With that, he was also great looking. Compared to the customers she has served in the past, a lot of them were either bold or had a huge beer belly.

She peaked at the muscular chest. Although covered with a layer of clothing, she could almost feel the firmness. The female hairdresser blushed as she began to daydream. [What would it feel like to be with this guy?]

“The water is a bit hot.”

“Ahh! I am so sorry sir.”

Jiang Chen was a bit confused. In theory, she shouldn’t make a mistake like this. It interrupted his almost short nap. He didn’t seem to be bothered by these mistakes.

After his hair was washed, the dresser gently used a towel to cover Jiang Chen’s hair. With soft movements, she dried his hair gently. Every detail was performed to perfection. It was the ultimate pleasure. Especially when her leg slightly brushed against Jiang Chen’s hands, the silky smooth feeling was sensational.

The designer even gave him a massage after. Her soft finger turned and twisted on top of his head as if she was playing a symphony. The rhythm of her fingers was so pleasurable that it made Jiang Chen almost moan out.

Jiang Chen checked himself out in the mirror after the completed service. Although his hair was not that different, his presence completely changed. His brand new outfit combined with the haircut spoke sophistication on every level.

After, he wandered into a busy mall, a place he passed before but never had the money to buy anything. Though now even with money, he didn’t know what to buy with all these choices. He thought, only if Sun Jiao was here.

Jiang Chen laughed self-mockingly. That idea was as unrealistic as it could be. It would be difficult to explain everything in the first place, let alone the feasibility of taking a live person with him to perform interdimensional travel.

The crowded street felt lonely by himself.

Most of his close friends left the city to either go home, venture out, or leave the country. He was only one that remained in the crowded and emotionless city.

His contacts were full of numbers, but he didn’t have anyone to call.

The benefit of shopping alone was that he had complete freedom. He could buy anything and eat anything he wanted. He passed a women’s clothing store and almost walked in. However, he quickly realized how weird it was to go in without a female companion. So clothes shopping for Sun Jiao and Yao Yao would have to be next time.

As the sky turned into a dim yellow, it was dinner time.

He sat in a high-end restaurant, alone. He chose whatever was the most expensive at the time. King crabs, lobster, and steak. He didn’t know if he would finish everything or not, but he still ordered ten dishes. The server had a look of disbelief and concern, so he slapped his debit card on the table.

After the gene vaccine, Jiang Chen’s body condition significantly improved. Therefore, the amount of food he ingested also increased substantially.

The server looked horror, as Jiang Chen feasted on the meal. He managed to finish the majority of the dishes.

The rest of the dishes, he didn’t plan to pack up.

He walked out of the restaurant and left the server dumbfounded. It was not the first time the server saw someone eat such an unbelievable amount of food. However, it was the server’s first time seeing such a sophisticated and fit person finish almost everything on the table.

These dishes were all made of meat too.

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