I Have Medicine - Chapter 245 - The Blood Palm

Chapter 245 - The Blood Palm

The rescued person barely fled for his life. He urgently freed himself and rushed to escape beyond the range of that power.

There was a cry of alarm in the back: “Senior Sect Brother Wu, are you okay?”

This person panted several times: “I’m okay. Luckily, this Senior Sect Brother rescued me!”

Everyone could see that the person standing in front was the one who casually struck from the side and saved that Senior Sect Brother Wu. His posture was unhurried and his bearing was outstanding. It was just that his clothing really was somewhat tattered.

However, not only wouldn’t this kind of wear and tear cause people to look down on him, it would instead make one feel an intense danger — Who knew how many times he had been stained with the blood of wild beasts to form such a glaring red color!

That person who had been obstructed forcefully suppressed his injuries, and shouted with a stern voice: “Who are you? Why did you suddenly interfere with our spar? Can you still give an explanation?”

When these words were uttered, that group of people who were saved all said in furious voices: “If it weren’t for this Senior Sect Brother coming to the rescue, we wouldn’t have been able to bear these spars! How can you people from Chongyun Sect talk about an explanation?”

Gongyi Tianheng watched such a scene, but he didn’t need to understand the details. He could roughly guess some things. For the time being, no matter what origin Chongyun Sect had in the end, he himself was a member of Qingyun Sect and the people behind him were fellow disciples. As such, when facing someone who wanted to torment his Sect, there truly was no need for any justification.

Hence, he faintly smiled: “Qingyun Sect’s Inner Sect disciple, Gongyi Tianheng. Allow me the honor of experiencing the like-minded might of Chongyun Sect.”

He shot a glance at those Chongyun Sect disciples who were mostly in good condition. He slowly said: “This one’s realm is Xiantian stage six. I think it would be out of the question to say that having a spar with everyone is unreasonable.”

Tianheng’s qi emissions were vast, and his performance in the rescue was too effortless. Just then, everyone here unexpectedly didn’t once discover his true realm. Now that they heard him bring it up, the opposing Chongyun Sect disciples were immediately dumbstruck.

Indeed. In this place, whether healthy or wounded, whether Qingyun Sect or Chongyun Sect, the one with the lowest strength was Xiantian stage seven. Compared to the present Tianheng, it was still one stage higher!

Granted that Tianheng wanted to join in, how could they avoid fighting?

On that side, the Chongyun Sect disciples had no other choice. They were forced to take the challenge. On this side, the Qingyun Sect disciples recalled how they addressed Tianheng just now, and their moods were slightly complicated… But returning to the topic at hand, he was able to be so valiant with the strength of Xiantian stage six, so addressing him as Senior Sect Brother wasn’t actually uncalled for.

What’s more, this really was a favor of salvation!

Tianheng stood unmoving at his original location, and the side of his lips formed a smile: “Since it has already been agreed upon, I ask that a person from this noble sect steps forward. This untalented one will respectfully receive your wise moves.”

The Chongyun Sect disciples exchanged glances, and a person begrudgingly walked out: “Chongyun Sect disciple, Zhou Yan. Please advise me.”

This Zhou Yan wasn’t the person whose attack had failed. Rather, he was one of the few among the Chongyun Sect disciples who had almost no injuries — Although Tianheng was only Xiantian stage six, they didn’t underestimate him in the slightest.

No. It should be said that they regarded this with great importance.

As Zhou Yan’s voice fell, he had already taken the initiative to make the first move.

He curled his hand into a fist, generating a formidable gust of wind. A whirlwind of qi energy blew wherever his fist went. Clamorous sound waves surged into an extremely strong power. The heaviness of his fist carried a mighty force like that of a mountain, but the unusual nature of the fist intent caused the punch’s trajectory to be very crafty. It was as valiant as a fierce tiger, and as cunning as a poisonous snake.

The people of Qingyun Sect immediately warned:

“Senior Sect Brother Gongyi, be careful! That fist intent is very hard to grasp!”

“Beware of that move’s strangeness! Quickly dodge it!”

“The true location of that fist’s energy is extremely hard to find! Senior Sect Brother Gongyi, you must be cool-headed by all means!”

“Don’t listen to that noise!”

That punch appeared very difficult to deal with, and it barreled towards Tianheng’s blind spots. The previous Qingyun Sect disciples suffered defeat under this move because they couldn’t see through this fist’s strange nature. The airflow brought about by those fist shadows created a peculiar sound that would deceive a person’s five senses. It would leave one muddleheaded during a fight. One basically wouldn’t be able to focus their energy to search for the weak points in that move!

Naturally, Tianheng heard those people’s warnings, but his reactions were even faster. At almost the exact same time his opponent launched that punch, issuing the airflows and strange sounds, Tianheng sealed off his own auditory perception to prevent that strange sound from shaking him up. Immediately following that, he swatted out a palm.

At once, in the direction that Tianheng’s palm struck out, everyone saw a dark-red colored Blood Palm suddenly emerge out of thin air.

This Blood Palm was a little over three meters long. Its form was ordinary, but its color was strange. After striking out, it released an off-sweet odor. It was almost like the stench of blood, and almost like the smell of poison. It was extremely frightening!

For such a palm print, who would dare to receive it head-on?

At the Blood Palm’s quick speed, it only took an instant to utterly crush that fist move which filled the whole sky. The Chongyun Sect disciple reacted hastily, and used a body technique to dodge to the side. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t able to escape unscathed — That Blood Palm had brushed against one of his arms!

Zhou Yan immediately let out a blood-curdling screech.

As it turned out, at the area where the Blood Palm brushed past, a dark-red qi lingered on the surface. In the blink of an eye, it formed a black mark, and this black mark continuously spread towards the interior. In the brief time it took to breathe, it had already decomposed half of that arm. The ghastly, white bones inside had all been dyed with a layer of black qi!

Zhou Yan’s agonized complexion was deathly pale as he dripped with a cold sweat.

But in the end, he wasn’t someone who’d lose control in a moment of panic. After he discovered his own miserable state, his other hand promptly slashed down with a long saber. With a swish, he cut off this arm of his.

At this time, what flowed out from the stump of this chopped arm was scarlet-red blood — It seemed that, because he reacted without delay, he prevented that poison from spreading to the rest of his body.

At the same time, everyone’s gazes fell upon the ground.

Over there, the half-arm which had fallen down had already been mostly corroded. It was still letting out sizzling noises. After another few seconds, the entire arm had turned to white bones, and the white bones turned to decayed bones. Then, the decayed bones, along with the previously melted flesh, further decomposed into a puddle of yellow liquid!

Whether it was the Chongyun Sect disciples or the Qingyun Sect disciples, they all couldn’t help sucking in cold breaths at this moment.

A frightening Blood Palm! What a terrifying poison!

Zhou Yan used his only hand to cover his stump arm. His vitality was greatly injured, and he acknowledged his defeat: “I am no match for you… I have never seen this move before. What do you call it?”

Tianheng’s brows faintly moved, and he said: “The insignificant skill of an eagle catching a worm is unfit to grace my halls.”

Zhou Yan’s face was suffused with a furious scowl: “Since you’re looking down on me, Zhou Yan, then forget it!”

Tianheng remained calm and collected. Following which, he only said: “Who shall fight me next?”

The remaining couple of Chongyun Sect disciples exchanged glances again. The expressions between one another didn’t look good. They hesitated for a while, but at last, someone stepped forward and spoke: “Chongyun Sect’s Li Xing. Please advise me.”

As before, Tianheng took matters calmly. That Li Xing grasped a weapon in hand, and a longsword slashed out. However, Tianheng still swatted out a palm, and it was that huge Blood Palm.

That weapon was thrusted straight at the Blood Palm, and rapidly pierced it. The Chongyun Sect disciple had a delighted expression, but he quickly sensed that, although that Blood Palm had been pierced, its momentum hadn’t been lowered. Unexpectedly, it was still slapping towards Li Xing’s body!

Li Xing hastily turned his sword to chop it, and the Blood Palm had a chunk sliced off. He linked his sword techniques, and diced the Blood Palm into fragments. It was a pity that a chunk still struck his body, causing the side of his waist to issue the sounds of corrosion.

Agony rushed straight to his head. It was unbearable!

In a panic, Li Xing used his sword to slice the flesh at his waist. A huge, bloody hole immediately appeared at that location! At first, he thought that this was enough to settle this. Who would’ve thought that a dark-red qi would spread out along the edges of the bloody wound!?

The next moment, someone hurriedly warned: “Junior Sect Brother Li, the sword you used just now—”

Everyone promptly understood. Li Xing’s sword had just sliced apart the Blood Palm, so there was blood and poison adhered to the sword’s surface. The moment he used that sword to cut out his injured flesh, how could it go smoothly?

Li Xing had no other option. He could only switch to a new sword, and slice even deeper into his flesh. Surprisingly, he didn’t dare to hesitate the slightest bit. Fortunately, this time around, he sliced to the bone. Finally, when he had nearly reached the viscera, the gaping wound only flowed out with scarlet-red blood.

Li Xing retreated in defeat.

Tianheng was unhurried and unobstructed: “Who’s next?”

The Chongyun Sect disciples looked at each other in dismay because the bizarre nature of those previous Blood Palms became a taboo in their hearts.

The confidence of the few Qingyun Sect people was greatly bolstered. They promptly said in provocation: “The magnificent Chongyun Sect doesn’t even have this bit of courage? With Xiantian stage sevens and eights, you’re all still afraid of a stage six disciple?”

When Chongyun Sect and Qingyun Sect confronted each other, what they strove for was honor. Just like when Chongyun Sect had the upper hand and the heavily injured people of Qingyun Sect had no choice but to continue fighting, Qingyun Sect now voiced a few provocations and the people of Chongyun Sect had no way to walk away from this.

As a result, another person jumped out and confronted Tianheng.

Tianheng only used this one move, but the next few individuals of Chongyun Sect lost to this move. Ultimately, although not a single one perished, each person who fought with Tianheng either had ruined limbs or missing flesh. When it came to wretched appearances, they weren’t necessarily any better than those crippled Qingyun Sect disciples.

When Chongyun Sect’s side didn’t have anyone else who could fight, it wasn’t known if they retreated with unwillingness or with a sigh of relief. Before they departed, it was only natural that they firmly memorized Tianheng’s appearance in their minds. Then, they left resentfully.

As for Tianheng, after they departed, his gaze deepened slightly.

All of these fights were to…

Soon after, the Qingyun Sect disciples came over to express their thanks: “Luckily, Senior Sect Brother Gongyi was here. If not, this time, we would’ve all…”

They finished speaking, and their complexions were dim.

Tianheng faintly smiled: “I was just in the right place at the right time. It’s not worth mentioning. Actually, what is Chongyun Sect? Why do they dare to treat my fellow disciples like this within our Sect?”

The Qingyun Sect disciples all stared blankly: “Senior Sect Brother Gongyi doesn’t know?”

Tianheng’s expression didn’t change: “Previously, Senior Sect Brother Huang and I were out hunting and adventuring. We’ve just come back today. Therefore, I really don’t know. I ask that my fellow disciples clue me in.”

The Qingyun Sect disciples suddenly understood. After that, they started to explain the matter of Chongyun Sect one after another, and narrated it to Tianheng bit by bit.

As Tianheng listened, he took out some medicinal pills, and distributed them: “Here’s some spirit pills. It’ll be somewhat beneficial to everyone’s wounds. Please take them in advance…”

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