I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1806 - : The Invincible Frying Pan

Chapter 1806: The Invincible Frying Pan

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The Six Paths had exerted his dominance over the battlefield with his Dragon Falcon Sniper Rifle.

Each and every bullet was utilized to perfection.

This was the Sniper God who struck fear into the hearts of even Grandmaster-rank veterans!

“Where are they going to attack me from next? The balcony? The rooftop? Or one of those four windows?” Six Paths scanned for the enemies’ locations with his eagle eyes.

All of a sudden, a black shadow suddenly popped up from the door leading to the roof.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths reacted extremely quickly and aimed before pulling the trigger, all in an insanely short split second of time.


The bullet shot forth and struck the black shadow, upon which sparks flew everywhere.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths’ pupils contracted. That black shadow was no enemy, it was a frying pan!

Right at this moment, two figures sprinted onto the roof before leaping through the air onto the rooftop of a nearer building.

They wanted to get closer by taking advantage of the reload time for the sniper rifle!

“Cover me!” the Daoist Priest of the Six Paths roared.

His two teammates had already run onto the roof, and one of them rattled off shots with his automatic rifle, while the other hurled a grenade.

However, Fake Daoist Priest and Ne Zha were moving in an extremely unpredictable manner, and the two teammates were completely unable to keep up.

An Lin was still wielding his frying pan, which already had a bullet hole in it, and he was even able to block some bullets with it. This was completely unbelievable to the viewers of the stream as well as the two teammates.


Ne Zha Is A Noob unleashed a crossbow shot while moving at high speed, upon which the arrow shot through a teammate’s head.

[System notification:

[Ne Zha Is A Noob has killed Fu Yanjie with a crossbow.]

“What the f*ck?! Getting a headshot with a crossbow mid-jump? What kind of god-like maneuver is this?”

“Who the hell is this guy?”

“None of the Grandmaster-rank streamers I’ve seen are capable of this…”

All of the viewers of the stream were completely dumbstruck. They didn’t even know what to say anymore. Qiqi was screeching with excitement, and Ne Zha winced before putting her on mute.

At this moment, the final teammate had already hurled his grenade.

“After the pin is pulled on a grenade, it will detonate in six seconds. Three seconds have already passed…” Fake Daoist Priest muttered to himself before instantly switching over to his pistol and firing a shot at the grenade in the air.

The bullet struck the grenade and sparks flew as the grenade flew back toward the Daoist Priest of the Six Paths.

“Holy f*ck!” The grenade-hurling teammate was completely dumbfounded.

What the f*ck was going on?!

Was this b*stard using hacks?

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths immediately dove for cover.


An earth-shattering explosion erupted on the rooftop.

Rubble flew everywhere as the surrounding area was transformed into a sea of flames.

[System notification:

[Fake Daoist Priest has killed My Boyfriend’s Diabetes Gave Me Cavities with a grenade.]

Everyone was completely stupefied.

Dire situations like this separated the best players from the great players.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths remained unfazed by the explosion and immediately sprang to his feet before his line of sight pierced through the flames and smoke, and he fired a shot at Ne Zha, who was springing into the air. From the moment he sprang to his feet to the moment he fired the shot, less than half a second had elapsed!

Ne Zha leaped into the sky, and he too unleashed a crimson arrow from his crossbow!



The inky-black bullet and the crimson arrow tore through the air at the same time, both of them leaving lethal trajectories in their wake.

They then clashed, and black and crimson light erupted forth.

This was something the game had never seen since its inception.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths and all of the fans watching the stream were completely stunned.

A cracking sound erupted.

The arrow was destroyed by the sniper bullet.

“F*ck!” Ne Zha Is A Noob only had time to yell a single profanity before a hole appeared in his head.

A system notification appeared:

[Six Paths has killed Ne Zha Is A Noob with a Dragon Falcon Sniper Rifle!]

Ne Zha had finally perished.

“Nice!” the Daoist Priest of the Six Paths yelled with excitement and quickly reloaded in preparation to aim again before he discovered that there was someone already pouncing toward him from the side.

“Holy f*ck!” The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths shuddered.

He was just about to dodge when an inky-black frying pan fell mercilessly.


[System notification:

[Fake Daoist Priest has killed Six Paths with a frying pan.

[Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

[Congratulations to the Fake Immortal Team for securing the final victory.]

Daoist Priest of the Six Paths: “…”

The several million fans who had tuned into the stream: “…”

“I just got bashed to death by a frying pan?” The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths was cast into severe self-doubt.

He had never died in this manner ever since he first started playing this game.

He was the Sniper God of PUBG! How could he die to a frying pan?

However, that was exactly what had happened.

All of the fans watching the stream had fallen silent. They had just witnessed the most thrilling and most bizarre battle in PUBG history. This was certainly something to remember.

Even now, they were still struggling to digest the astonishment that this battle had brought them.

Qiqi stared blankly at the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” notification on her screen for a long time before she screamed with excitement, “Fake Daoist Priest is badass! Arrrrrrrrgh!”

“Please stop trying to kill my ears.” An Lin winced.

“Fake Daoist Priest killed the Daoist Priest of the Six Paths with a frying pan! Holy sh*t!!! Fake Daoist Priest is a badass! Ne Zha is a badass! Da Bai is a badass!” Qiqi screamed like a mental asylum patient, clearly too excited to be able to control her emotions.

This was like if you were playing League of Legends over a hundred years ago and was assigned four Bronze-tier teammates, upon which your team was then matched with Faker’s team. Just when you thought you were screwed, these four Bronze-tier noobs defeated the opposition through a series of outlandish ways.

This thrill and shock were completely indescribable, and she was struck by the urge to go streaking on the streets!

Right at this moment, a woman burst through Qiqi’s door.

“Qiqi, are you still playing games? Hurry up and go to sleep! You still have classes tomorrow!” The woman raged.

“Mum, I encountered some really awesome teammates, and they even managed to defeat the Six Paths Sniper God! They’re super badass!” Qiqi’s face was flushed with excitement as she waved her hands in the air.

The woman’s expression darkened. “What the hell are you talking about? Stop playing games with these random people, and go to sleep!”

Qiqi pouted. “You won’t understand.”

She looked at the time to find that it was already past twelve AM, and she heaved a forlorn sigh. “Fake Daoist Priest, Ne Zha, Da Bai, I still have classes tomorrow, so I have to log off now. Are you guys not going to sleep?”

“We’ll be playing games this entire night,” Fake Daoist Priest replied.

“Are you guys Internet addicts? Staying up like this is not good for your health.” Qiqi’s brows furrowed.

Fake Daoist Priest replied in a resigned voice, “We have no choice. We have to protect the Earth and stand guard at the enemy’s door, so we can’t afford to rest.”

“Haha…” Qiqi chortled with mirth as she kicked her blankets. “What a weird excuse! But it does match your style.”

“Can you add me as a friend and carry me in the future? I can speak in a loli voice, I can act adorable, and I can cheer all of you on,” Qiqi asked in a soft, pleading voice.

It didn’t really matter to An Lin and the others, so they added her as a friend.

Qiqi joyfully bade goodnight to them before going to bed.

What a wonderful game…

She sighed internally with emotion as she tucked herself in.