I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1807 - Nuwa’s Multiple Choice Question

Chapter 1807: Nuwa’s Multiple Choice Question

Within the Kunlun Mountain ranges.

Two people and a dog sat around a massive crack, looking at their Starputer watches.

“That was way too close for comfort, woof!” Da Bai sighed.

“Who would have thought that we would encounter such a powerful enemy in our first game? It was already a good result that we were able to win at all.” Ne Zha savored the game that had just come to pass with a satisfied expression.

An Lin chimed in with a nod, “Six Paths really is very powerful. We were three gods carrying one noob, but he was just one god carrying three noobs. If he had a slightly better team, it would be difficult to say who would have won.”

Games were only fun when they were challenging.

They had almost lost in their first game, but that did not drown out their enthusiasm. Instead, they were even more interested in this game now and jumped into a second game after chatting for a while.

Elsewhere in the Hua Nation.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths didn’t take notice of the torrential flood of messages coming into his chat room.

He stared blankly at the three gamer IDs—Fake Daoist Priest, Ne Zha Is A Noob, and Da Bai Is Very Pure. For some reason, he recalled the username of a certain powerful being in his WeChat group.

He had initially thought that this was just a coincidence.

However, after witnessing their insane reaction speed and maneuvers, as well as the fact that this was their first recorded battle, everything became clear to him.

The Daoist Priest of the Six Paths was no longer depressed. “Holy sh*t! So that’s who I was defeated by? In other words, I almost beat An Lin and Ne Zha! I can boast about this for the rest of my life!”

The Daoist Priest was extremely elated with this in mind.

He reappeared on his stream. All of his fans thought that he would be extremely depressed and frustrated after being bashed to death by a frying pan, only to find that he was in an extremely good mood, as if he had just won the lottery! All of the fans were shocked to see this and commended Six Paths on his optimism!

Another day passed.

The Heavenly Human Tribe seemed to have slowed down in their invasion. There were only a few Heavenly Humans who would pop up from a few of the cracks, but no large-scale invasion had taken place.

“Has Nuwa still not delivered a verdict?” Ne Zha yawned, and his heavenly red silk scarf transformed into a hammock, which he then lied down in.

“This is a matter of vital importance that will impact the safety of all human beings on Earth, so Nuwa is right to be cautious about it.” An Lin sipped on some immortal-rank fruit juice as he looked up at the morning sun.

Ying Luoqing led a bunch of Jabanese cultivators on patrol around Kunlun Mountain.

Along the way, she greeted An Lin with a smile, as if the events that took place last night had never actually happened.

Outside of Earth.

Eighty-eight massive galactic battleships were already passing by the moon.

The moon was no longer a mystery to the people on Earth. It was just a large satellite with bumps and craters all over its surface. Looking at the moon from Earth, it was like a beautiful and flawless plate, but from up close, it was just a massive, bumpy rock.

A middle-aged man clad in a blue military uniform stood at the forefront of the battleship, looking at the large ball hovering in outer space.

“Marshal, our fleet is currently approaching the moon. Should we land on the moon for some rest and recuperation?” a woman with short hair wearing a white military uniform asked with a solemn and respectful expression.

Among the eighty-eight galactic battleships, there was one admiral on each battleship commanding a space army of three thousand. However, among the over two hundred thousand space soldiers, Lu Canghai was the only marshal.

Lu Canghai looked at the approaching moon with furrowed brows.

He had a special ability, which was a certain sense that could allow him to predict his fortune. This ability was actually one of the reasons why he was able to become marshal of the space army.

“Marshal Lu?” The woman was a little perplexed by Lu Canghai’s silence.

Lu Canghai spoke in a slow voice, “Major General Yang Xuan, what do you think our chance of winning would be if our battleships encountered a Heaven Pioneer Stage Heavenly Human?”

They were all in very high positions, so they knew about the Kunlun Mountain battle.

Yang Xuan replied with a calm expression, “With the advancement of Earth’s military technology, manmade weapons cannot even be used on Earth in case irreversible damage is inflicted upon the planet. On our galactic battleships, we even have cutting-edge weapons that the Dawn battleships do not have. The combined power of the eighty-eight galactic battleships far exceeds what people can imagine. If we wanted to, we could even blast the moon before us to dust within a minute…”

“Stop dancing around the question, and tell me what our chances are,” Lu Canghai reiterated.

Yang Xuan: “Zero percent.”

Lu Canghai: “…”

So what was the point of all that bragging?!

Lu Canghai heaved a forlorn sigh. “Confidence is extremely important in wars. If an army has no confidence, then even if you give them the best weapons and the power to turn the tables, there is still a very high chance that they would become deserters.”

“You’re right, Marshal.” Yang Xuan lowered her head.

Lu Canghai waved a hand. “Don’t underestimate your own power. Even against Heaven Pioneer Stage Heavenly Humans, we can still find a way.”

Yang Xuan didn’t really understand where this was going, but she still nodded.

At the moment, only high-level army officials were aware of just how powerful Heaven Pioneer Stage Heavenly Humans were. Political leaders and army officials were all very pessimistic toward the prospects of this war.

If it weren’t for the fact that An Lin and the others were here to help them, they would have started panicking already.

“Notify the entire fleet to travel away from the moon at full speed!” Lu Canghai suddenly commanded.

“Yes!” Yang Xuan extended a military salute before carrying out the orders.

Bright blue energy erupted from the battleships as they traveled away from the moon.

At this moment, a violent explosion suddenly erupted on the moon.

A dazzling holy light radiated forth, lighting up the entire moon.

A deep, dark fissure that appeared to be a massive scar appeared on the moon. This fissure could even engulf light and appeared extremely sinister and terrifying.

Lu Canghai murmured to himself upon seeing this, “I was still too late… Who would have thought that the largest crack would be on the moon rather than on Earth…”

“Marshal! This is the power of the Heavenly Human Tribe!” Yang Xuan was unable to keep her cool any longer.

“Don’t panic. Do you remember what I said? There are many things that we can do, so don’t underestimate yourself,” Lu Canghai said in a calm voice.

The red emergency warning lights were already flaring within all of the battleships.

“Then what do we do?” Yang Xuan asked.

Lu Canghai waved a hand. “Call for An Lin and Ne Zha as quickly as possible!”

Yang Xuan: “???”