I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 424 - Sounds Jealous

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Chapter 424: Sounds Jealous

Waterside pavilions.

Although it was a restaurant, at first glance, one would think that it was a Suzhou garden.

There was style everywhere. There were plums, orchids, bamboos and chrysanthemums, calligraphys and paintings, as well as real plants. There was a small bridge and flowing water. One’s ears were surrounded by the elegant and leisurely sound of a zither.

Gu Yan raised her eyebrows. “This place is not bad.”

“If Yan Yan likes it, I’ll bring you here more in the future,” Lu Ye said with a smile.

Elder Lu snorted and said to Su Lina beside him, “See? He hasn’t even married yet, and he’s already forgotten his grandfather. This rascal has never told me that he wants to bring me here to play!”

These words were sour.

Su Lina immediately nodded as if she was serious and said, “That’s right. Grandfather, you have to control Ah Ye!”

Gu Yan turned her head and looked at Lu Ye. Lu Ye was so happy that he felt a little scared. Then, he touched the tip of his nose and asked, “Yan Yan, what’s wrong?”

“I finally know why you’re always jealous.”

Lu Ye was stunned. Then, he remembered what his grandpa said just now. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Well, he couldn’t refute the reason of heredity.

The few of them entered the private room that Su Lina had booked in advance and sat down. After a while, Guo Jiang walked in with a man wearing glasses.

The two of them were stunned.

After all, this was quite a formation.

The man who was with Guo Jiang looked at elder Lu with a tingling scalp. Then, he smiled and said, “Old leader, why are you here?”

“What do you mean? You don’t want me to come?”

“No, no, no, no. I don’t mean that.” The man wore glasses looked refined. He smiled bitterly at Su Lina. “Sister Su, please help me explain. The old leader is angry with me.”

“You deserve it. It’s your fault for not knowing how to speak.” Su Lina turned her head to look at Guo Jiang who was standing behind the bespectacled man.

The bespectacled man immediately introduced, “Sister Su, this is Guo Jiang. I’ve mentioned him to you before.”

Guo Jiang extended his hand to Su Lina and said, “Hello, Miss Su.”

“Why didn’t you call me sister Su?”

“Miss Su looks so young. She must be much younger than me. How would I dare to call her that?” Guo Jiang smiled slightly. He was refined and elegant.

People who were used to mingling in the business world knew how to speak.

Su Lina curled her lips and introduced, “We’re here today to accompany the old man, so even if it’s a private gathering, don’t think too much and don’t be too formal. This is my cousin and his girlfriend. Guo Jiang, you should know my cousin, right?”

Guo Jiang also saw Lu Ye. Although he wasn’t familiar with Lu Ye, he knew of Lu Ye very well even though he wasn’t in the Northern Star District.

He smiled and said, “Captain Lu, how do you do?”

“Hello?” Lu Ye had never liked those small talk, so he did not give a perfunctory reply. Instead, he placed his hand on the back of the chair that Gu Yan was sitting on and said lazily, “Guo Jiang, this is my girlfriend, Gu Yan. She and Guo Rou are good friends. Just now, Guo Rou even called her and mentioned you.”

Guo Jiang was a little shocked.

He immediately said, “I knew the name Gu Yan sounded a little familiar. So you’re Xiao Rou’s comrade. She also said that she invited you to come over with another female soldier, but you weren’t free.”

“Yeah, I was busy with the Galactic Alliance exam.” Gu Yan Luo smiled generously and said, “By the way, brother Guo, you haven’t called home since you came to the south, right? If possible, you’d better call home now. Guo Rou said she has something urgent to talk to you about. From her tone, she sounded very anxious. I don’t know if something happened.”

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