I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 425 - Bai Weiyang Is Here

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Chapter 425: Bai Weiyang Is Here

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Guo Jiang was stunned.

Although he was also very worried about his family, it was obvious that he had something to ask of them. It was a little impolite for him to make a phone call as soon as he arrived.

Seeing his hesitation, Su Lina waved her hand and said, “Go to the manager’s office on the second floor and make a phone call. Just say that you’re my friend.”

“Thank you, Miss Su.” Guo Jiang was surprised that Su Lina was so easy to talk to. She was totally different from the rumors.

But on second thought, it must be because of Lu Ye. Gu Yan was Lu Ye’s girlfriend, and Gu Yan was Rourou’s friend. They seemed to have a good relationship.

It seemed that this matter of the machinery and the factory was no big deal.

Guo Jiang quickly figured out the twists and turns. After thanking Su Lina, he bade everyone farewell and went to make a call.

Gu Yan looked at his expression and understood. Guo Jiang had not called home in the past two days, so he had not listened to the recording.

Gu Yan knew that Guo Jiang was a smart person. After listening to the recording, he would understand that it was obvious that she would hurt his heart again even if he still had feelings for Bai Weiyang.

Unless he was a complete fool.

No matter how deep a relationship was, after being mercilessly destroyed time and time again, it would definitely weaken.

Then, all that was left was indifference.

Guo Jiang went to make a phone call.

The glasses man was quite happy. He poured tea for elder Lu and then said to Su Lina, “I didn’t expect you guys to know each other. That’s even better. Let me tell you, Guo Jiang is a very reliable person. He values our cooperation very much. He has a female confidant who just happened to come to planet Yabek. In order to come and have a gathering with us, he let that female confidant of his go out for a walk first alone first.”

“Ha, a female confidant?” Su Lina said with a half-smile.

Lu Ye and Gu Yan looked at each other.

They didn’t expect that Bai Weiyang had already come to planet Yabek!

She had already contacted Guo Jiang!

Gu Yan was really surprised by Bai Weiyang. However, she would never let Bai Weiyang receive Guo Jiang’s help for nothing!

Firstly, Gu Yan wanted to help Guo Rou so that Bai Weiyang wouldn’t harm her brother.

Secondly, Guo Jiang became more and more talented. After so many years, he had helped Bai Weiyang too much.

Gu Yan rubbed her cup and smiled. “I didn’t know brother Guo had a confidante. What does his confidante look like? Is she pretty?”

The glasses man had already noticed Gu Yan’s stunning looks, but because he knew that she was Lu Ye’s lover, he didn’t dare to think too much about it. He didn’t even dare to look at her.

Hearing her suddenly speak, the glasses man subconsciously looked at Gu Yan and said, “No, no. Although she’s pretty, she’s not as pretty as Miss Gu.”

Lu Ye frowned unhappily. He knew what Gu Yan wanted to ask, so he asked casually and roughly, “Guo Jiang’s confidante, is her name Bai Weiyang?”

“I’ve heard Guo Jiang call that female comrade Weiyang…”the glasses man suddenly realized, “So you all know each other. I’m such a failure as a middleman.”

“It’s not really a failure. It’s my first time meeting Guo Jiang.” Su Lina pursed her lips and saw Gu Yan winking at her. Then, she handed her a note.

On the note was written: Sister Su, do you have any way to stall Guo Jiang and prevent him from going back tonight?

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