I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 479 - Dealing With Zhang Lan

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Chapter 479: Dealing With Zhang Lan

As soon as Zhang Lan got in the bus, she ate and ate all kinds of food.

The food she ate was particularly messy. Moreover, when she was chewing on sunflower seeds. it was clattering. Not only was it noisy, but the skin was also thrown everywhere.

This caused the surrounding people to stare at her frequently.

However, Zhang Lan’s entitled mentality was really good. Not only did she stare back, but she also ate even more joyfully.

Then, retribution came.

Before she reached her resting place, Zhang Lan felt her stomach growling. Finally, when they finally reached the stop, Zhang Lan rushed out like a cannonball.

She was a person who loved money very much, so when she rushed out, she did not forget to hold tightly onto her flowery pouch.

Because she was in a hurry to go to the toilet, she almost knocked over an old man while running, causing the surrounding people to point fingers at her. However, Zhang Lan did not care about these things. She had to go to the toilet quickly!

Gu Yan naturally saw this scene as well. She looked through the bus window at Zhang Lan’s back view as she ran towards the toilet. The corners of her lips curled up.

She smiled and said, “Zhang Lan was in such a hurry to come back and divorce Gu Dagang, but Gu Dagang does not know about it. Therefore, I think it’s best to let Gu Dagang know the truth of the matter first so that he can be mentally prepared.”

Lu Ye looked at Gu Yan gently. “Yan Yan, I’ll support you in whatever you want to do. Hmm, do you want me to stand guard for you later?”


Gu Yan smiled slightly.

It was such a good opportunity. If she didn’t teach Zhang Lan a lesson, she would be letting down this trip.

The two of them got off the bus. Naturally, they kept their valuables with them, so there was no need to worry about that.

Song Qiliang sat in the bus in a daze. In his daze, he felt as if he heard Gu Yan talking to Lu Ye.

However, after rubbing his eyes, Song Qiliang looked around. Gu Yan and Lu Ye were nowhere to be seen.

He smiled bitterly. Could it be that he was hallucinating because he kept thinking about these two people?

Since the bus wouldn’t be stopping for too long, Song Qiliang planned to buy something to eat. However, he decided to go to the bathroom to wash his face first.

In the end, he saw Lu Ye at the door of the bathroom.

Song Qiliang: ? ? ? ? ?

Was this another illusion?

But wasn’t this illusion too real? ! ! ! ! !

Song Qiliang smacked his face in frustration. He closed his eyes and rubbed them hard. When he opened them again, Lu Ye was still standing in front of him.

And he was all smiles.

Song Qiliang: …

Lu Ye hugged his shoulders and lifted his chin slightly. He watched Song Qiliang rub his eyes and slap his face. He smiled and asked, “Team leader Song, are you still asleep?”

Song Qiliang: ! ! ! ! ! !

Song Qiliang immediately shivered. He was so shocked that his back was covered in cold sweat. He quickly walked over and gave Lu ye a military salute.

“Hello, Captain Lu!”

Lu Ye smiled. “What a coincidence. So you’re going back to Jialuo today too?”

Song Qiliang was stunned. His reaction was slower than half a beat. He did not notice that Lu Ye was asking him about ‘going back to Jialuo too’.

He nodded reflexively, and then his entire body tensed up as if he was going to jump out at any moment.

However, Lu Ye would not let him off just like that.

Song Qiliang dared to covet his wife. This matter would not be so easily resolved.

Lu Ye put on a very amicable manner as if he was a leader, and asked kindly, “Team leader Song, then why didn’t you ask me for leave when you went home to visit your family?”

Song Qiliang: “…”

Although Lu Ye was sure that he was going to the Snow Wolf Unit, he had yet to report to the Snow Wolf Unit, so his position was still in the Northern Star Region.

In other words, Lu Ye was still song Qiliang’s immediate superior.

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