I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 480 - Going Back To Home Town For A Blind Date

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Chapter 480: Going Back To Home Town For A Blind Date

Actually, Song Qiliang was not to blame for this matter. Lu Ye had not been in the Special Combat Vanguard unit during this period of time. He was either out on a special mission or taking a leave of absence.

Cough cough, Song Qiliang wanted to ask Lu Ye for a leave of absence. However, he could not find Captain Lu at all.

Because Lu Ye was his superior and had accumulated his prestige for a long time, Song Qiliang could not straighten his back.

His tone was a little weak.

However, he still had to explain, even though Song Qiliang himself felt a little embarrassed about the content of the explanation.

After all, he tried to date Gu Yan previously…

Song Qiliang coughed and hurriedly explained, “Captain, I’m going home for a blind date this time, so I’m in a bit of a hurry. You were busy, so I apply for a leave with Commander Tang. After I get back to the special training force after the blind date, I’ll make up another leave application with you.”

“A blind date?” Lu Ye was all smiles. He even patted Song Qiliang’s shoulder, which was still very tense, and said encouragingly, “Then you must do your best. Mhm, you can make up for the leave application later on when you get back to the special training force.”

“Mm, yes, thank you, Captain.”

Song Qiliang didn’t even know how he left.

Now, he didn’t need to wash his face, and he was completely energized. He also lost his appetite, so he hurriedly returned to the bus.

However, after he sat down, Song Qiliang suddenly remembered what Lu Ye said.

Lu Ye just asked, “Are you going back to Planet Jialuo today too?”?

Song Qiliang’s expression instantly became even uglier.

So Lu Ye was in the same car as him? Then, was Gu Yan with him?

Then, Song Qiliang lowered his eyes, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Whether Gu Yan was with Lu Ye or not, it didn’t matter to him.

Just pretend to sleep.

Song Qiliang realized that this was the only move he had at the moment…

On the other side, Lu Ye was still standing at the bathroom door. He lowered his head slightly and looked at his watch.

He only had a twenty-minute break midway, and more than ten minutes had already passed.

When he learned that Song Qiliang was going back to his hometown for a blind date, Captain Lu was very satisfied, so he generously let him go.

At this time, because he was not wearing his uniform, his hands were in his pockets. His eyebrows were stiff, but there was a casual air of nobility about him.

The surrounding women could not help but look at him a few more times.

Captain Lu was very calm. He did not even look at those adoring eyes. He just stood there quietly. Yes, he was on sentry duty for his little wife.

At this moment, Gu Yan was in the female bathroom. The bathroom in this rest station was actually quite simple. The faucet was broken, and the water kept dripping.

Fortunately, it was still clean, and there was no foul smell.

Moreover, it was the kind of pit that was used to pull up the water pumping equipment in a separate room. It was much better than the large-scale squatting toilets from before.

There were not many buses staying at this time, so there were not many passengers. The rest time was especially short. Everyone came and went in a hurry. After resolving their personal problems, they quickly went out to look for their own buses.

Only Gu Yan’s movements were slow.

Her observational skills were very sharp. Back then, Commander Tang Ruidong had praised her.

Although there were a lot of people going in and out, Gu Yan was sure that Zhang Lan was still in the bathroom.

She did not come out.

She was as patient as a cheetah waiting to hunt. She washed her hands elegantly with clean water and tidied up her clothes and hair.

When the group of people had finally cleared out, Gu Yan found Zhang Lan’s position.

She was in the third-to-last row of the bathroom.

Although the door was closed, due to the age of disrepair, Zhang Lan’s eye-catching colorful clothes could be seen through the gap immediately.

It was too obvious.

Seeing that she had also solved her personal problem, she pulled the water pumping rope. Suddenly, the sound of water splashing could be heard.

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