I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 735 - Could Chapter 735 be Lu Ye

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Chapter 735: Could Chapter 735 be Lu Ye

Gu Yan’s heart skipped a beat. However, she was not anxious. Instead, she asked casually, “How did that Big Brother Save You?” “It was when the car we were in flipped into the river. Then, three Big Brothers suddenly appeared and saved us all.”The little boy rubbed the candy wrapped in candy wrappers. His eyes were bright, “Among them, the Big Brother Who Saved Me was the most powerful, and he was super strong. He smashed the car window with one punch!” Gu Yan guessed that the big brother the little boy was talking about should be someone from the special training team. Could It Be Lu Ye? Gu Yan’s expression remained unchanged, but she was extremely excited. She tidied up the little boy’s clothes and asked, “What does the big brother who saved you look like?” “He’s very pretty!”The Little Boy answered immediately. He waved his small hands and said, “When I grow up, I want to become as powerful as the Big Brother!” Gu Yan’s eyes curved. She reached out and rubbed the little boy’s short hair and said, “Do your best. I have high hopes for you.” The Little Boy’s face once again revealed a brilliant smile. After that, Gu Yan gave simple treatment to a few lightly injured people. Because she was very gentle and skilled, everyone thought that she was an experienced doctor in the hospital, so they all wanted her to treat them. In the end, Li Tao became the assistant. After seeing this scene, Sun Muran finally shut her mouth and didn’t say anything sarcastic. Because her face was too painful. When their task was completed in the afternoon, the other seven people in this group… including Sun Muran, looked at Gu Yan in shock. Li Tao was especially surprised because he had thought that he should be the main rescue force of this group. Moreover, he had been chosen to be the leader of this group for his professional reasons. But now, he was completely outclassed by a freshman. Li Tao did not have the jealousy in Sun Muran’s heart. Instead, he was very happy. “Gu Yan, you’re so amazing. Have you been a doctor before?” After all, basic medical methods such as treating wounds, applying medicine, bandaging, and so on could not be learned from books. Sun Muran pretended to be busy at the side, listening attentively. Gu Yan smiled faintly and said with reservation, “I studied medicine with an old Chinese medicine doctor for a period of time. Later, I went to the logistics team and often went to the health center to learn some things from the teachers there. That’s why I know these things.” Sun was silent when he heard this. Only then did he relax. It was just a little basic knowledge. There was nothing amazing about it. However, Li Tao felt that Gu Yan’s techniques were not learned in a day or two. She must have put in a lot of hard work. Moreover, after seeing Gu Yan’s skilled movements today, he did not even doubt it, she could perform surgery on someone in the next moment. Perhaps she was a medical genius? Li Tao said sincerely, “Gu Yan, when you return to school, you can apply to take practical classes with sophomores. And I feel that those are not difficult for you.” “You can skip grades?”Gu Yan’s eyes lit up. She did want to graduate as soon as possible. When she graduated, she could find a job. Then, she could have more time to accompany Lu Ye. Gu Yan had long thought about her future plans. Wherever she planned to transfer Lu Ye to, she would follow him as a military family member. However, before she left, the only person Gu Yan couldn’t rest assured about was Xie Luan. At this moment, Xie Luan was at home, sitting on the sofa. She was frowning as she read the newspaper of the day.

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