I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1188 - The Person in Submission Is a Glutton for Punishment

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Chapter 1188 The Person in Submission Is a Glutton for Punishment

However, it seemed like he was deliberately saying this to someone.

The man smirked and picked up the cigarette on the ashtray. He tapped the cigarette ash lightly, the corners of his peach blossom eyes curled up lazily and charmingly. “The person in submission is a glutton for punishment.”

With that said…

Everyone present fell silent and could not regain their senses for a long time. These words were too shocking.

Who would have thought that there would be someone who could make this person from the Huo family willingly become a person under submission?

At this moment…

The girl who had been gossiping had already turned completely pale as her fingers tightened around the back of her other hand.

There were too many people in the industry who liked Huo Shidu, but everyone knew that this man was unpredictable and no one could pull him down from his altar.

Therefore, like others, she quickly dismissed the thought. However, she never thought that she would see a beautiful girl so daringly being intimate with Huo Shidu today.

Although the girl’s tone was coaxing, she could actually see that Huo Shidu treated Pei Yunge differently, so she could not help saying those words.

She was indignant.

However, she was timid and weak and did not dare to approach such an unattainable man.

But now…

However, the unattainable man in everyone’s eyes was willing to bow down to another woman in front of everyone.

This game did not continue.

Pei Yunge sat at the bar and did not notice that the number of people in the bar was decreasing before it was even 12AM. With a hand on her head and her eyes closed. She was tired.

Outside the glass window.

Yue Chilin had yet to leave. He sat in the driver’s seat and watched as Pei Yunge slowly fall asleep. His heart skipped a beat and he got out of the car.

He didn’t know why, but seeing Pei Yunge stay in the bar alone, he wanted to wait outside the bar again.

At the entrance of the bar.

Just as he pushed open the door, he looked up and saw a handsome man sitting beside Pei Yunge.

It was the man in the private room.

Huo Shidu glanced at the wine bottle beside Pei Yunge and furrowed his eyebrows before he looked up at Ceng Xu. “Is this alcohol?”

Pei Yunge had a good alcohol tolerance and he had never seen her drunk before.

Ceng Xu hurriedly said, “It’s Doctor Luo! Doctor Luo said that he wanted to give Miss Pei a try.”

Luo Xie originally wanted Pei Yunge to down the entire thing quickly. However, Ceng Xu did not have the guts to tell him this.

He could only mutter to himself silently.

The man was silent. “What do you think the medicine can do with the alcohol?”

Ceng Xu stammered anxiously, “…M-Master Du, I…”

How could he think so much?

He couldn’t possibly ask Pei Yunge directly if she wanted some medicine? Besides, Miss Pei didn’t know that Master Du knew about her condition…

Therefore, seeing that it was a good opportunity today, he immediately made a move.

Huo Shidu glanced at him calmly and threw the bottle away.

Ceng Xu was also hurriedly pulled away by Zhou Yue.

Huo Shidu sat beside Pei Yunge. Seeing that the little girl looked good sleeping, he smirked unconsciously.

However, very quickly, he remembered that Pei Yunge was chatting happily with a strange man in this position just now.

“Pei Yunge.”

The man called out casually.

Pei Yunge hummed instinctively and did not wake up.

The man reached out to touch her head and asked slowly, “Are you happy playing with someone else today?”.

Pei Yunge almost fell under Huo Shidu’s hand.

“I came to the bar alone to play with an unfamiliar man.”

The man pinched Pei Yunge’s cheek childishly and said calmly, “You need a lesson.”

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