I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1189 - Don’t Let Older Brother Wait For Nothing, Little Tyrant (Sweet)

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Chapter 1189 Don’t Let Older Brother Wait For Nothing, Little Tyrant (Sweet)

Pei Yunge furrowed her eyebrows, as if she was not convinced even in her dream.

Huo Shidu seemed to find the little girl’s reaction very interesting. He moved closer and the invasive aura around him became stronger…

Not far away, under Yue Chilin’s gaze… That dignified and handsome man suddenly bent down and kissed the girl’s red lips.

The man’s kiss was very light, but it was extremely seductive!

Pei Yunge’s soft voice subconsciously made the man’s eyes look even more strange.

The tip of his tongue gently licked Pei Yunge’s lips and teeth, before he slowly captured the tip of her tongue, sucking it lingeringly.

Pei Yunge’s eyelashes fluttered.

It was a light kiss that lasted less than half a minute, but the man’s kiss made her look exceptionally lustful.

Huo Shidu’s expression was calm, but his eyes darkened.

Seeing that his red and moist lips were slightly wet and red, the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously. “There’s something else Older Brother has to discuss with you.”

With one hand holding the little girl’s slender and fair hand, he nuzzled her cheek with the other. “I can wait. It doesn’t matter how long Older Brother has to wait.”

“But don’t let Older Brother wait for nothing.”

“Older Brother can’t take it, Yunyun.”

“I really can’t take it.”

After Huo Shidu kissed her secretly, he saw Yue Chilin not far away, but he did not feel guilty at


He looked at Yue Chilin with a faint smile.

However, Yue Chilin hurriedly looked away after holding on for a few seconds.

Huo Shidu only snorted and carried Pei Yunge in his arms as he walked past Yue Chilin.

The man’s intention of declaring his property was very blatant. Pei Yunge.

She could only be his.

When Pei Yunge woke up the next day, she was drinking milk and eating fried eggs downstairs. She looked even more sullen than she did a few days ago

“Ceng Xu.”

Pei Yunge suddenly called out.

Ceng Xu felt guilty. “Miss… What’s wrong?”

“Help me make an appointment with the hospital.”

Pei Yunge felt that her physique was getting more and more strange.

A person like her who never got drunk actually collapsed after a bottle. The next day, when she woke up, she found that her lower lip had been bitten by something.


How ridiculous.

“Are you feeling unwell recently?” Ceng Xu asked carefully.

Pei Yunge touched her lower lip. “No.”

Ceng Xu also noticed that Pei Yunge’s lower lip was a little red and swollen.

Wasn’t Master Du being too brazen?

He had even left a mark.

Ceng Xu secretly glanced at the person reading the newspaper. “Let Ceng Xu make an appointment. It’s time for a physical examination.”

Huo Shidu said slowly and calmly.

Ceng Xu: “…Okay, Master Du.” “Brother, aren’t you angry anymore?”

It was Сeng Xu’s first time seeing Miss Pei coaxing the culprit.

Although these two were inhumane, Master Du was the most inhumane.

“Mm, there’s nothing to be angry about. Yunyun is already a university student. It’s normal for you to make friends and go out to play.” A certain someone only laughed gently.

Ceng Xu was speechless.

If he didn’t see how Master Du defeated his love rival, he would almost believe it.

Seeing Huo Shidu looking at her, Pei Yunge inexplicably remembered that she had touched the man’s thin lips.

It was just a light touch.

Pei Yunge rubbed her ears unnaturally as they turned slightly red.

Huo Shidu hid the darkness in his eyes and chuckled unconsciously.

She stared at him all day long, as if she was a little tyrant who wanted to force herself on him.

In the end, she was a little tyrant with a lustful heart but no guts. Pei Yunge also felt the man’s fixed gaze on her. “Why are you looking at me?”

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