Ileus: The Dark Prince - Chapter 578 - Seductress

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Fuchsia shook her head. "Foolish girl, that is why I told Kaizan that you would be preparing dinner. This is your chance, Bernice. Show him your skills. He said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It means that he is a foodie. Grab this opportunity. And as for Olivia—let me take care of her. You seduce Kaizan, okay?" 

Bernice's falling mood lifted a little. The maid had come with a bottle of oil which was infused with lavender oil. The maid helped her take her clothes out and then massaged her well. Fuchsia went downstairs to the kitchen to order the head cook about the menu for dinner. 


When they reached their bedchamber, Kaizan closed the door and trapped Olivia in his arms. Ever since he had entered the house, he was itching to touch her, feel her and sink in her warm citrusy scent. He didn't know that mates were such enticing creatures. He felt like he had wasted all his life by not pursuing the scent that he had smelled five years back. And now that he had finally met her, his world had stopped and then the axis had tilted. And now his world was spinning rapidly. When he had gone for the council meeting, all he had in his mind was how to go back home and be with his mate. To call her his wife was an honor, but to call her his mate—it was like she was a part of his soul. He missed her warm body to the extent that when the image of her naked skin flashed across his mind, he would get a hard on. He had thought that marking her and claiming her would be more than enough and that his life would settle, but no—his needs, his craving for her only enhanced, and to his chagrin, they never seemed to ebb. Many times, during the day, he must have pressed his erection with his hands or even rubbed it when no one saw. 

Even when he was sitting downstairs, he couldn't resist the temptation to be near her. That was the main reason why he went to sit next to her. Moreover, he didn't like how Bernice snubbed her. When he sat next to her, his shaft became hard. 

He wondered if this was what even Ileus went through. 

Right now, he leaned over and pressed a kiss on her forehead. "You are a temptress," he rasped. "It is impossible to stay away from you." His gaze darted between her eyes and her lips. 

"Is it then?" she said and bit her lip. 

"Stop biting your lip," he growled. "Only I get to bite it." He slanted his mouth over hers and captured her lips in a scorching hot kiss. He crashed his lips and teeth and tongue on her and pressed her body with his, wedging his thighs between hers. The electric sparks between them coiled all over their bodies. She threaded her fingers in his hair as she opened up for him. He pressed his erection against her belly and his hips thrust against her on their own. When he pulled away from her, he picked her up from there and carried her all the way to the bed. He made her lie on the bed and then crawled over her. As he loomed over her, he said, "I have been thinking about you all day." 

She gazed at him and brought her palms to his cheeks. He was so beautiful that it stole her breath away. Everything about him fitted her perfectly. "And what have you been thinking?" she asked sexily. 

"Your naked body." 

"But I am wearing clothes now." 

The seductress. Siren. Kaizan looked at her gown and in a second it was ripped off by his claws and tossed on the floor somewhere. Now her naked body was beneath him, glinted in the warm amber light of the fire in the hearth. Her hair was spilled over the pillow and she looked ethereal. He bent down to plunder her lips once again as his hand squeezed her breasts. She arched her back for him and as she did that, he groaned because now his erection pressed against her naked body and her sex. 

He left her mouth and not able to control it any further, he removed his clothes. Her juices flowed out, and he could feel the wetness on his shaft. Olivia held his shaft in her hands and he hissed. She rubbed his erection over her sex wantonly. The smell of her arousal and the wetness on his shaft was enough to make his eyes roll back. He groaned and then nudged her entrance. When Olivia guided him inside her, he bit back a curse. He thrust deep inside her until it hit the very end. She cried when he pulled it out and then thrust again with force. It was not long after he started pounding inside her with every bit of need that he had in his body. He just wanted to fuck her senseless. However, he couldn't control it. His shaft pulsated inside her and he tipped his head back to the ceiling as roared when he spilled his seeds inside her. Hotness filled her core and Olivia came with him. 



"Mine," he growled when he continued to thrust inside her even after he had slumped on her. He buried his neck in the crook of her neck. They were both sweating but neither wanted to remove from the warmth of their naked bodies. 

Olivia closed her eyes as she trailed her fingers down his back lovingly. She wondered if she had left the marks of her nails on his shoulders, but then she wasn't bothered. This beautiful man belonged to her and she intended to leave more marks on him. A babe. What would their babe look like?

"Would you like to take a bath?" asked Kaizan. 

"I would love to," she said. Her days had been very stressful.

Kaizan removed himself from her with a reluctant grunt. When she sat down, he lifted her up in his arms and she squealed. "Let me introduce you to pleasures of flesh in a bathtub," he said with a mischievous smile. She flushed a deep red imagining the scenario in the bathtub. He murmured, "I love it when you blush for me." 

He placed her in the tub and ran a hot water bath. He added aromatic soap lotions and oils to it and then sat down in the tub. He held her hips and then made her sit at the edge of the tub. "Part your legs for me, Olivia," he growled as he stared at the curly thatch of hair on her sex. 

Olivia was hesitant. She had never ever been this exposed. She closed her thighs. 

Kaizan looked at her. With one hand he pushed her to make her rest against the wall. "Hold the edge of the tub. You will need it. And if you move, I will chain your hands up and fuck you." 

Gods. She held the edge of the tub and braced herself. 

He parted her legs and delved his mouth in between. He inhaled her sex and groaned as his already hard shaft throbbed painfully. He wrapped his mouth around her swollen bud. She bucked her hips towards him with a cry.. Her thighs quivered.

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