Ileus: The Dark Prince - Chapter 579 - Dinner (1)

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Kaizan sucked her clit while flicking it with his tongue. The pleasure was intense. The heat that had coiled in her belly was going to unfurl. Suddenly he grazed her clit with his fangs and she came with a cry. She tried to close her thighs when she came but Kaizan had pinned them apart with his hands. He growled against her skin. 

The orgasm was so strong that she became breathless. "Oh Kaizan!" she said and licked her lips. She looked down at him and found him opening her pink folds. He licked her in between the folds from top to bottom and then wrapped his lips around her core. Olivia came again with a loud cry soon enough. After licking her honey over there, he picked her up and slid her over his cock. Impaled over his cock, Olivia arched her back when it hit her to the end. He held her buttocks tightly and then moved her down and down over his cock. Her breasts bounced and his senses fled. In two more thrusts, he came inside with a groan. As he came, he pressed her against his body and buried his head in her neck, near his mark. He bit the mark and snarled as he continued to come. 

It was impossible for him to remove his cock from her sheath, and so the two remained in that position, blissfully unaware of the world around them. After a long time, he said, "Why did you buy only two pieces of fabric for your dresses from Central Saion? You should have bought more." 

Her head was resting against his chest as hot water flowed around them, its steam covering their exposed body. How could she say that she was too shy to spend his money? "I have many dresses." 

"So what?" he said with slight anger. "I want to buy more dresses for you. Please go to the market and get five rolls of silk of your choice. I will order the seamstress to come here and take your measurements." 

"I have a lot—" she protested, feeling shy about splurging his money like this. 

He placed a finger on her lips. "Hush now. Just go and buy. You don't have good nightdresses. I want you to make a dozen nightdresses." And he had a design in his mind. 

"A dozen?" She jerked her head up in surprise with wide eyes. "That's a lot." 

"No, love. I want you to do that. Okay?" He had fancied her in one of his creations, one he had seen in his magazines. Just thinking of her in one of those made him hard all over again and he wanted to take her. But he knew that she would be very tired now. 

By the time they took a bath and finished dressing, they were too exhausted. 


Bernice had asked her maid to massage her with aroma oils. She had brought a lot of scents from her home. She added rose oil in the water to take a bath. Her mother had said that rose scent was very seductive. 

"Wear something good and always smell nice in his presence," Fuchsia had said when she had come out of the bath. "And go to prepare dinner. The cooks are waiting for you. I have already set the menu." 

Bernice was fresh after the bath. Excited, she got dressed in a simple gown to make food. She decided on wearing something lacy after the dinner was prepared. 

When she reached the kitchen, she saw that the cooks were waiting for her. It took her three hours to finish preparing it. She had made ten different types of dishes. Once she was satisfied, she arranged the dining table after asking the cook to take out the best cutlery. She really had to show that she was the best hostess he could ever think of. When she looked at the dishes that were supposed to be served, she couldn't help feeling proud, and she couldn't help feeling how small Olivia was in front of her. There was seasoned and stuffed duck with fruits, sausages, mashed potato with coriander, gravy, cranberry sauce, grilled whole corn, bread rolls, casserole with cream of mushroom soup, fried onions and green beans, baked sweet yams and pumpkin pie. 

She clasped her hands as a smile crossed her face. Olivia could never imagine making so much. She giggled at the thought where she imagined how Kaizan was going to praise her in front of her cousin. She took a deep satisfactory breath and then walked to her room humming a soft tune. Fuchsia had laid one of her lacy dresses on the bed. It was a chartreuse silk with thick laces on the bodice that ended on both the sides in long trains. The long sleeves were that of lace which showed her skin through the design. The maids made her wear a corset that plumped her boobs higher. They curled her hair and pinned half of them at the back while the remaining were left dangling on her shoulders. Bernice was an expert in makeup. She applied rouge on her cheeks and instead of black kohl, she applied golden dust around her eyes. 

When she finished dressing up, Fuchsia sighed. She watched her in the mirror. "My daughter is so beautiful. That mouse, Olivia, is no match for you." 

Bernice chuckled. "Thank you, Mother." She glanced at her reflection for one last time and then walked with confidence to the dining room. It was dinner time but Kaizan and Olivia hadn't come down. She had instructed the cooks to lay out the dinner and so the dining table was already beautifully laid. She hummed her favorite song and shifted the roses in the flower vase that was placed in the middle. All at once she heard a roar emanating from a room above. She snapped her head up and asked a servant, "What was that? Is someone hurt?" 

The servant blushed. She knew that it was their Master in throes of pleasure. The mansion was witnessing such roars time and again from the last two days. "I don't know, m'lady," she replied in a soft voice and scurried away. Bernice shrugged and then resumed humming. Soon Kaizan would come down along with Olivia and she would make sure that Olivia is treated like a wallflower. Moreover, she also thought of asking his permission to visit Alpha Murtagh. 

She sat on the right of the head chair and waited for him. Fuchsia joined her minutes later. She came bustling in, excited, hoping to see Kaizan, but he hadn't come. "Where is he?" she asked, gazing at Bernice and then at the stairs. 

"I don't know…" 

Fuchsia narrowed her eyes. Not liking the fact that Olivia was spending so much time alone with Kaizan, she instructed a servant. "Go knock on the door of your Master and tell him that the dinner is ready and his guests are waiting." 

The servant flinched. She bowed and said, "I am sorry m'lady, but I can't do that." She was so scared that she scurried away. 

An hour later Fuchsia had her food out of frustration and left as Bernice continued to wait.. She didn't know how long she had drifted off to sleep, when a movement woke her up in the darkness. 

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