I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 694 - Pan Zhaodi’s Morning Training

Chapter 694: Pan Zhaodi’s Morning Training

Su Yang had been playing Honor Of Kings for almost a year. When he first started playing this game, he had just moved to Sixth Liu’s house. At that time, he had just added a point for Little Deeny and was a little bored. So, he found a game to play and in the end, got addicted to it.

Actually, it did not matter if he was addicted to the game. After all, the game was really well designed with countless users, plus many people were addicted to the sound “TIMI” being played every time. However, the problem was that… Su Yang was an absolute noob!

It seemed like whenever he was faced with this kind of “competitive” games, his reaction time would not be able to keep up and his attacks would end up being slower than others by half a beat and would only start to counterattack when his opponents had already finished attacking him.

However, this was the kind of game where life and death was decided in a mere second. So, right when Su Yang was about to attack, his screen had already turned grey.

However, Su Yang was a person with perseverance and determination. Although he knew that he was playing badly, he still had to force himself to play. On top of that, he was not satisfied with playing alone, so he especially enjoyed playing with his friends.

Other than Chu Xia who did not play this game, all his friends, including Qu Xuan, Li Zijun and Wu Feng, who have all ended up losing their games because of him.

After playing with the noob for so long, these people gradually stopped playing with him. Even though Su Yang would occasionally threaten them with “ending their friendship” or “deducting their salaries”, they still refused to play with Su Yang.

However, Su Yang was a person with dignity, so of course he wouldn’t really cut ties with them or deduct their salaries. Therefore, other than secretly cursing them to lose ten games in a row, he had no choice but to play by himself.

As he was playing, he suddenly realized that Lin Jiali seemed to be playing this game as well. Moreover, she seemed to be of a high rank, platinum ranked! To Su Yang, who was of silver rank, she was already a powerful existence!

Hence, Su Yang went up to her and buttered her up…

Well… Everyone knew what happened after that. The two of them played for a few hours before Lin Jiali kicked him away!

This also made Su Yang understand how when some people would post online saying that they “did not want to work hard anymore” were all fake! It was all just a joke!

Do you think it would be that easy to “stop working hard” and butter up to someone else?! You have to at least have “skills” to do that! Without it, you won’t be able to find anyone to rely on!

Therefore, in the end, Su Yang decided to rely on himself instead of others!

‘Since I can’t butter up to someone else, I’ll be the person whom others want to butter up to then!’

Which is not true…

Actually, the main reason why Su Yang wanted to do this was because after Lin Jiali kicked Su Yang away, Su Yang triggered an [Advanced Random Mission].

Advanced Random Mission: Redeem Your Shame

Mission Requirement: Your skills are just so bad that your friends feel bad for you and would shed a tear for you whenever they see you. In fact, they won’t even hesitate to cut off all ties with you so that they won’t be dragged down by you. Furthermore, your skills seem to be contagious, even if your friends are separated from you, they will still continue to lose. Please help them return to their original rankings and make them see you in a different light.

Mission Reward: According to the level of this mission’s completion, the reward will be a Random Prize Voucher.

‘A Random Prize Voucher!

‘That’s good stuff!’

Hence, when Su Yang saw this mission, he decided to do it!

Furthermore, even though it stated that he was helping his friend, it was still Su Yang’s fault in the first place. Hence, Su Yang accepted the mission without hesitation.

Hence, since he had already accepted the mission, he had to complete it!

As for how he was going to do it… Of course, it would be through cheating. ‘Time to add more points!

‘I’m going to add a point onto an item that would turn me into a God in Honor Of Kings. This way, I’d be able to bring them to victory!’

Since Su Yang had a “target” to where he would add a point onto, he did not go to the system store to have a look at that week’s recipe item. Instead, he only bought a Random Point. Then, he got Little Hus to start looking for special items with the condition of “improving his gameplay in Honor Of Kings”.

Little Hus sniffed the entire virtual space once before returning empty-handed. Obviously, there was nothing that could help Su Yang in the virtual space.

Since he did not have any at home, he had to go outside to take a sniff. However, since Janet was not around, Su Yang could only bring Little Hus to look for the special item himself.

Fortunately, ever since Pan Zhaodi went to Hangzhou, she had moved into Su Yang’s villa, so Su Yang did not have to drive himself anymore.

Hence, after Su Yang packed up his stuff, he told Little Hus to stay in the virtual space while he went to look for Pan Zhaodi.

The villa that Su Yang rented was a standalone villa. However, it was unknown whether the design was originally as such or if the owner had expanded it later on. However, on the first floor of the villa, there was a separate guest room near the garage.

The guest room had a bathroom, equipped with water, electricity and a small kitchen. All in all, it looked like a place for a “nanny”.

Hence, Su Yang arranged for Pan Zhaodi to live there.

Other than sharing a lawn with the main body of the villa, the two rooms were separated by a wall, so nothing awkward would happen between them, making it very convenient to stay there.

How convenient was it exactly?

It had been three days since Pan Zhaodi moved in, but Su Yang had never seen her.

After exiting the villa, Su Yang walked around the lawn and arrived at Pan Zhaodi’s territory. He initially thought that Pan Zhaodi might be resting in her room, but when he turned the corner, he saw her.

Pan Zhaodi was doing her morning exercise on the lawn in the backyard. She was wearing a tight sports top and exercise shorts, which outlined her devil-like figure clearly.

It was also at this moment that Su Yang realized that Pan Zhaodi had a good figure. Her “good” figure was not the slim and slender that an ordinary woman would have, but with a healthy and strong feeling.

It was a charisma unique to athletic women.

Pan Zhaodi’s morning exercise was also very interesting. She was neither running nor exercising, but boxing!

When Su Yang saw her, she was practicing a set of fist techniques on the lawn.

Every move she made was powerful, filled with force, yet graceful. It was as if… A mother tiger was showing off her kingly presence.

Since she was not in a hurry, Su Yang decided to watch her finish her routine.

After her set of fist techniques ended, Pan Zhaodi took a few deep breaths before turning around and bowing. “Mr. Su.”

Su Yang said, “Sister Zhaodi, I see that you’re doing your morning exercise.”

Pan Zhaodi replied concisely, “Yes.”

After saying that, she added, “You shouldn’t lax on your training either. If you have time, we can spar. Let me see if your fighting skills have deteriorated.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang remembered that he had something on and wanted to leave…

After having a few perfunctory chats with Pan Zhaodi and promising that he would have Janet fight her, Su Yang finally saved himself from Pan Zhaodi’s clutches.

After that, Su Yang told her that he wanted to go for a ride. As Su Yang’s top secretary, Pan Zhaodi returned to her room to change without another word.

Su Yang wanted to follow her in to take a look. However, after Pan Zhaodi kicked a wooden stake into eight pieces, he decided to wait in the car and warm up the car in the meantime.

Not long after, Pan Zhaodi, who had changed into her professional attire, entered the car and started it.

After leaving the villa, Pan Zhaodi asked Su Yang, “Where are we going?”

Su Yang thought about it. “Let’s go to the nearby supermarket first.”

There were many kinds of items in the supermarket, including a wide variety of samples. Hence, Su Yang felt that there might be hope.

However, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. In the end, Su Yang returned empty-handed.

After exiting the supermarket, Su Yang returned to his car and asked Pan Zhaodi to drive him to another mall.

Pan Zhaodi had a rather stuffy personality. Although Su Yang’s actions were very strange, she did not mind it at all. In fact, she did not even question whatever Su Yang asked her to do.

That day, Su Yang was dragged by Pan Zhaodi to various supermarkets and shopping malls in Baoshan District. However, perhaps because there were too few items related to games, Su Yang did not find anything useful.

He even wanted to lock Little Hus in the trunk and let Pan Zhaodi find it by herself since he was really tired and sleepy.

Just as Su Yang was about to return to the villa to rest and ignore the mission after a day of searching, Little Hus suddenly shouted into Su Yang’s ear when Pan Zhaodi was driving past an intersection. “Su Yang! Su Yang! I smell it! I smell it!”

Su Yang was stunned for a moment before he quickly said to Pan Zhaodi, “Wait!”

Pan Zhaodi was like an emotionless driving machine. Without even replying, she turned on the right turn signal and slowly changed lanes, stopping by the roadside.

After that, Su Yang opened the car door and ran to the back.

When Su Yang ran back to the intersection, he saw an old bookshop, the kind which only had a piece of dirty cloth spreaded on the floor and rows of old books on top of it.

The books at the old book stall seemed old, its cover was yellowed and dirty fingerprints could be seen on some of them.

In front of the old book stall was an old man with a white beard. He squatted on a stool, crossed his legs and was observing the passersby.

Su Yang’s gaze swept past him and landed on the stall. He was communicating with Little Hus in his mind. “Is the fragrance coming from these books? Could it be the rag on the floor?”

Little Hus said, “Lower your head and flip through the books while I smell it.”

Hence, Su Yang obediently started flipping through the pages.

When he saw Su Yang coming to his stall, the old man raised his head to look at Su Yang before he continued to look at the passersby with his legs crossed. His gaze was on the pretty girl, giving off the vibe of an old pervert.

However, Su Yang ignored him and continued flipping through the books.

After a while, when Su Yang flipped to a book, Little Hus’s voice was heard. “Su Yang! Su Yang! This is it!”

‘This book?’

Su Yang looked down at the book, deep in thought…

‘Generally speaking, an item’s function after adding some points would be related to its “original form”. However, judging from the looks of this book… I can’t shake the feeling that it doesn’t feel good.’

At that thought, Su Yang asked, “Are you sure it’s this book? Could it be possible for other books?”

Little Hus said, “No, this is the only one.”

Su Yang was silent for a while and finally decided to take it home before he planned his next move.

Therefore, he raised the book and asked, “How much is this book?”

The old man took a look. “80 yuan.”

Su Yang replied, “10 yuan.”

The old man almost fell off his bench.

After that, he glared at Su Yang and said, “This is the 88th edition book published by the Chinese Book Administration!”