I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 781 - An Exceptional Drama

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Chapter 781: An Exceptional Drama

Hearing the busy tone of the phone, Xue Ya’s heart slowly sank…

“I suppose it makes sense, we’re already separated…”

Then, Xue Ya looked at the moon in the sky, and her heart felt heavy.

At that moment, the atmosphere at the Captain’s BBQ & Bar was harmonious. Everyone had already drunk a number of glasses of wine.

Just as everything was turning for the better, Qu Xuan suddenly let go of his hand. A look of relief appeared on his face as he laughed.

The friends at the table and the girl next to him looked at him with confusion. ‘What’s wrong with him?’

Just as they were thinking this, Qu Xuan picked up a newly opened beer from the table and stood up. He said to everyone, “Excuse me, everyone.”

With that, he raised his head, aimed the bottle towards his mouth, and started drinking.

His action attracted the attention of many people in the store. They thought that Qu Xuan was trying to liven things up for his friends or to show off his drinking skills, so they clapped and cheered.

However, only Qu Xuan’s tablemates felt that something was wrong. They did not say anything and just watched him finish his drink.

Finishing a bottle of beer in one go, Qu Xuan slammed the bottle on the table and then cupped his fists at the people on the table. “I’m sorry, everyone. What I said was all nonsense. I can’t let her go at all. Although reconciling by clearing up all misunderstandings can’t become one of the three good things to have happened in life, it can… Become the greatest thing that would happen in my life instead!”

With that, Qu Xuan picked up his phone and some peanuts before he turned to leave.

The moment he turned around, he seemed to have remembered something. Hence, he turned around and glanced at the girl beside him before saying again, “Actually, I’ve been thinking about her every minute and every second of my life.

“So, I’m sorry, Jiaojiao.”


After he said this, Qu Xuan once again turned around and left the scene as he called Xue Ya.

Looking at his back, the people at his table fell silent.

After a while, the girl beside Qu Xuan grabbed the empty bottle and threw it towards his back.

“Qu Xuan! You’re a f*cking *sshole!”

“Clang!” The sound of a bottle breaking resounded throughout the bar as if it was akin to their relationship being shattered to pieces.

Instantly, the bustling scene in the bar suddenly fell silent. In fact, even the people who had been clapping earlier had shrunk their necks and did not dare make a sound.

Amidst the silence, the girl glared at Qu Xuan’s back view, gritted her teeth, and shouted, “Also, my f*cking name is Yaoyao!

“You *sshole!”

After Su Yang finished testing [Half-Descent], he received a phone call from Qu Xuan, who sounded very anxious. Hence, It was obvious that Qu Xuan had already managed to call Xue Ya and knew about her current predicament.

However, he was too far away and could not make it in time. Therefore, he could only call Su Yang and ask if he was nearby and if he could protect Xue Ya on his behalf for the time being.

Thus, this left Su Yang speechless.

‘Do I actually seem that free to my friends?

‘He’s actually asking me to be someone’s bodyguard in the middle of the night?’

However, when he thought about Qu Xuan’s relationship with him and how Qu Xuan had helped to give him some information a few days ago, which indirectly helped Su Yang to avoid the “life-threatening danger”, Su Yang agreed to Qu Xuan’s request after some thought.

Hence, he asked for Xue Ya’s current location from Qu Xuan and used [Hands Of Fate] to land somewhere nearby. Then, Su Yang walked over directly. After all, Su Yang was not the antagonist, so he would not leave that much time for the enemy to make a comeback.

So, as he walked towards Xue Ya, Su Yang greeted her from afar. “Xue Ya.”

Xue Ya was walking forward anxiously when she heard someone calling her. She raised her head in shock and saw Su Yang walking over from afar. Her calm face revealed a rare look of surprise. “Su Yang? Why are you here?”

Su Yang shrugged helplessly. “Why else? Of course it’s because Qu Xuan asked me to.”

Perhaps it was because they were familiar with each other, Xue Ya felt much more relaxed. Hence, she smiled lightly. “For Qu Xuan to be able to order a tycoon like you around, he must be someone as important.”

Su Yang went along with her and said, “That’s right. He’s the young master of the Qu family. With just one word, hundreds of thousands of soldiers would rescue his sister from a kennel.”

After that, Su Yang’s gaze fell on the man following behind Xue Ya.

While the two were chatting, the man beside Xue Ya seemed to be hiding something. He lowered his head and walked past Xue Ya.

Su Yang stopped him. “Hello. What are you doing here?”

Su Yang stopped him, and the man raised his head in confusion. He took off his Bluetooth earphone and asked, “Huh? What did you say?”

[Eye of Origins] judged it as. [Confused], [In a daze]…

Su Yang was rendered speechless.

‘Fine, he’s just a passerby.

‘So… This was a false alarm?’

At that thought, Su Yang quickly apologized, “It’s nothing. I’m sorry to disturb you. I’ve got the wrong person.”

The man looked at Su Yang strangely before putting his Bluetooth earphones back on. He then lowered his head and walked quickly, seeming to be in a hurry to go home.

‘Looks like it really was a misunderstanding…’

At that thought, Su Yang coughed to ease the awkwardness. Then, he said to Xue Ya, “Let’s wait for Qu Xuan by the front, he’s on his way here at the moment.”

Actually, Xue Ya had seen what had happened earlier. Knowing that she had misunderstood, an embarrassed expression appeared on her face as she nodded.

Just like that, the two of them walked to the school’s front door one after another and sat on the flower bed to wait for Qu Xuan.

Su Yang was not a gossipy person, so even though he was curious about the relationship between Xue Ya and Qu Xuan, he did not pry.

Instead, he just… Took out the [Small Bench That Refused To Eat Melons] in advance and prepared to eat some melon seeds on the spot when Qu Xuan arrived.

Alas, they waited for about 10 minutes before a taxi stopped in front them.

After the taxi stopped, Qu Xuan quickly got out of the car. ‘Judging by how he didn’t have to pay before leaving the taxi, I guess he must’ve paid the fare in advance.’

When he reached them, Qu Xuan gave Su Yang a big hug and said excitedly, “Thank you, bro!”

Su Yang held a handful of melon seeds and patted him with his fist. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

After that, Qu Xuan let go of Su Yang and walked to Xue Ya as he looked at her.

However, there was no expression on Xue Ya’s face. There was no shyness, no cowardice, and no anxiety. Instead, she just stood there calmly.

The aura around Qu Xuan was miraculously wiped clean by her.

Finally, the thousand things he wanted to say to her dissolved into one sentence. “Are you… Okay?”

Xue Ya nodded slightly and said silently, “I’m alright.”

Qu Xuan was silent for a while before asking, “Did that person hurt you?”

Xue Ya nodded again. “No. We realized later that it was just a misunderstanding. He was also a pedestrian, and he seemed like he had something urgent to attend to.”

Qu Xuan was speechless when he heard this.

Su Yang, who was about to eat his melon seeds, squatted at the side with his small bench. Instantly, a bunch of Cola, melon seeds, watermelon, etc appeared…

Hence, Su Yang picked up some melon seeds in his hand and started munching on them. As he munched, he looked at Qu Xuan and Xue Ya curiously.

Perhaps it was because Su Yang was no longer around, Qu Xuan was getting bolder. He looked at Xue Ya and gulped before mustering his courage. “You called me tonight…”

Xue Ya cut him off. “Yes, thank you.”

Xue Ya stood up and bowed to him before turning around to leave.

Qu Xuan was shocked, but the courage in his heart made him grab Xue Ya and say, “Xiaoya, wait.”

Xue Ya stood still with her back facing Qu Xuan and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qu Xuanshen took a few deep breaths. As if he had made up his mind, his gaze became resolute.

Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out two peanuts that he had grabbed before he left the bar.

He walked to Xue Ya and held a peanut in each hand before he told Xue Ya confidently, “There are two peanuts here. Choose one.”

Xue Ya looked at Qu Xuan in confusion, not knowing what he meant.

She looked at the two peanuts hesitantly and pointed at the peanuts on the left. “The one on the left then.”

Qu Xuan said with a serious expression, “This is the heaven’s will. I was thinking that if you choose the left one, we’ll reconcile.”

Xue Ya was stunned. Then she looked at the peanut on the right. “Then, I’ll choose the one on the right.”

Qu Xuan smiled. His smile was still as bright as the sun in June. Even the street lamps could not surpass his radiance. “All the same. I was thinking that we’ll reconcile if you choose the right one.”

Xue Ya looked at the shameless Qu Xuan and bit her lips. “I choose neither then.”

Qu Xuan’s smile did not change. “All the same. They’re just peanuts.

“The moment I saw you, I decided that I would not let you go.

“We’ll reconcile if you want to. Otherwise, we’ll still reconcile anyway.”

As he said that, Qu Xuan threw the two peanuts away and hugged Xue Ya tightly. He then whispered into her ear, “You will never know how flustered I was when I called you tonight and heard that someone was following you and might hurt you.

“At that moment, I wished I could slap myself 10 times and ask myself why I didn’t pick up your call immediately. Why was I not near the school? Why did I ever agree to break up with you!

“I felt like I was in a complete mess. If I had a choice, I wished I could grow wings and fly to your side. I wished I had superpowers to teleport to your side. I wished I was a part of you, always by your side.

“So, the moment I saw you, I decided no matter what you say, I will never leave you again.

“Even if you hit me, scold me, or mock me, I will never leave again.”

Xue Ya, who was being carried by Qu Xuan, was initially stiff. However, after hearing Qu Xuan’s passionate confession, her body became softer and softer before she completely melted into Qu Xuan’s embrace.

Then, tears welled up in her eyes, and she could no longer maintain her calm demeanor.

She wiped her tears and said in a nasal voice, “Don’t slander me. I’ve never hit you, scolded you, or even mocked you.”

Qu Xuan chuckled. “You’ve mocked me before. At one time, you said you couldn’t even feel my existence…”

Xue Ya blushed and hit Qu Xuan twice. “Why do you have to spill it all out?! That was just a joke! Plus, you were the one who kept asking me if it was big or not!

“Besides… Su Yang is still here! Stop running your mouth away.”

It was only at that moment that Qu Xuan realized… “Eh? Where’s Su Yang?”

The couple looked around but did not see Su Yang.

Therefore, after some confusion, the two hugged again.

Hugging Xue Ya, Qu Xuan said, “Su Yang has probably. This bro of mine is really reliable. When he saw us being lovey-dovey, he took his leave to not disturb us.”

Xue Ya blushed again. “Who’s being lovey-dovey with you?!”

At that moment…

Somewhere not far away from the two of them, Su Yang, who was sitting on a small bench and eating a melon, had an expression as if he was watching a show. “Wow! What a show!”

In the virtual space, the projector screen had been set up long ago. Hence, the little monsters who had been notified earlier also had a small bench and some melon seeds in each hand. They looked up at the screen and also let out a series of “Wow” sounds…

It was not known since when, but the little monsters had been influenced by Su Yang to love to eat melon seeds whilst watching gossip.

After they were done watching Su Yang’s gossip, they would watch the gossip of people close to Su Yang. If that’s finished, they would then watch some TV dramas instead.

And among them, there would always be a good-looking young man dressed in a Hanfu as he shouted, “Make your bets! The stakes are…”

Thus, this became a favorite pastime for the little monsters in the virtual world…

In the end, Su Yang and the little monsters ended up eating melon seeds for almost half an hour.

Moreover, they had also experienced what a “scumbag”, “cosmic” level of flirting looked like.

Although Qu Xuan was no longer a scumbag after he got back together with Xue Ya, his past abilities did not decrease at all. Instead, it improved because the flirtatious words that came out of his mouth were really endless.

Because of this, Xue Ya’s face turned red and her heart raced, causing Su Yang and the little monsters to keep on saying “Wow”.

No matter what, after more than a month of breakup, Qu Xuan and Xue Ya had somehow reconciled because of a misunderstanding, and their relationship had improved.

This was very similar to the love between young people nowadays… It would come and go very quickly, but they would reconcile very quickly as well.

In the past, everything was done slowly. In fact, once a couple confirms their relationship, they would stay together and love each other for the rest of their lives.

However, in modern society, everything was emphasized on being “fast”, including information. Sometimes, a person may not even know another person’s name, because the night after they had their fun might be the last time they saw each other…

‘Anyway, I think that it’s a good thing that Qu Xuan could reconcile with Xue Ya.

‘At the very least, with my [Eye of Origins], I could tell that Qu Xuan’s vow to Xue Ya was sincere.

‘The only problem is… Even though Xue Ya seems to be very happy with Qu Xuan right now, she seems to be hiding something.

‘However, since she’s Qu Xuan, my friend’s girlfriend, I don’t want to investigate or pry into her matters. I’ll just leave everything for Qu Xuan to settle himself.’

After that, by the time Su Yang reached home, Su Yang’s heart was overwhelmed by the exceptional love story.

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