I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 782 - 36 Million Yuan Worth Of Profit A Day

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Chapter 782: 36 Million Yuan Worth Of Profit A Day

After all, he was sitting right beside the two of them as he watched the entire show, so he was too immersed in it!

When he became so excited as he watched, he even wished that he could agree on Xue Ya’s behalf!

Therefore, after seeing someone else’s sweet love, he missed Chu Xia dearly.

Hence, after washing up and getting into bed, Su Yang summoned a virtual interface and sent Chu Xia a message.

‘Little Xiaxia, are you there?’

Chu Xia replied to Su Yang after more than a minute. ‘Yes. What’s the matter?’

Su Yang placed his hand on the virtual screen. He wanted to reply “I missed you” initially. However, after thinking about it, he felt that as a top student in the liberal arts faculty, how could he be so uncultured when he was dating the prettiest girl in his university?

Therefore, he thought about it and smiled when he saw the plate of cherries next to his bed.

‘I was moon gazing just now. Then, when I lowered my head, I realized that there was a plate of cherries on the table.

‘So, I picked the best one and wanted to taste it carefully.

‘Then, before I put it into my mouth, I suddenly thought of you.

‘The best cherries only deserve you, who is the best, so I’ll give them to you without hesitation…’

After sending that message, Su Yang picked up the plate of cherries beside his bed and picked the biggest and best looking one before he scanned it to Chu Xia…

At that moment, Chu Xia was sitting on her bed, staring at the bright red cherry on her phone.

Looking at Su Yang’s passionate confession, she was extremely touched and felt a tinge of sweetness in her heart. However, for some reason… She could not feel happy.

However, it was not that she thought one cherry was too little.

Instead, as a top student in the liberal arts faculty, she understood what Su Yang wanted to say.

I love you, I miss you, I hope to give you the best thing in my heart.

That thing could be an insignificant cherry, or it could be an insignificant blade of grass.

However, none of them are as important as the love I have for you and the distance I would go to give you my heart…

Chu Xia understood all of this and her heart warmed.

However, the reason she was not happy was because… She could not forget the woman who visited the phone store that day… Tang Jing.

Over the past few days, while Su Yang was busy, Chu Xia went to the office and Su Yang’s villa.

With her status and intelligence, she managed to find out Tang Jing’s identity and some of her past deeds from others without batting an eyelid. Then, Chu Xia used her intelligence to piece together the information and got a rough picture of Tang Jing’s history with Su Yang.

‘Tang Jing is a friend that Su Yang had known since a long time ago. When Su Yang wanted to start a business, she borrowed more than two million yuan from her family without any hesitation. Then, she invested in Su Yang without any guarantees or receipts, which caused Su Yang to trust her a lot.

‘Later on, Su Yang did not ask for the money because he was rich. Instead, he started an investment company with her.

‘Because of Su Yang’s keen foresight, the investment firm had invested in the current e-commerce giant, Juduoduo.

‘After more than a year of development, the Juduoduo had already become the center of the public’s attention.

‘Everyone already knew about the software where “everyone would work hard together” and its development history.

‘After getting the Angel Series investment, Juduoduo’s public account went online. After two weeks, it received millions of fans.

‘Then, after operating for two months, the number of users exceeded 12 million without advertising.

‘After operating for four months, the number of paid users exceeded 10 million, and the daily transactions exceeded 10 million yuan.

‘The company then received investments and support from Tencent at the beginning of the year, allowing their development to skyrocket.

‘It was said that just a few days ago, Juduoduo announced that their monthly income had exceeded 200 million yuan and was developing rapidly. It was estimated that in less than two months, it would multiply by 10 times and reach 2 billion yuan!

‘At the time, the capital market’s valuation of Juduoduo had already reached 10 billion yuan.’

At that thought, Chu Xia recalled what she heard about Su Yang and Tang Jing’s shares in Juduoduo. After a quick calculation, she knew that Tang Jing’s net worth was no less than 100 million yuan.

‘She’s a billionaire! Furthermore, she’s so pretty and trusts Su Yang unconditionally. She’s also gentle and considerate on top of that…’

For a moment, Chu Xia felt that Tang Jing was the embodiment of perfection and was incomparable.

‘Not to mention, Tang Jing has a cute daughter. He wouldn’t even have to give birth to a child… An all-in-one package.


‘Have I thought about this the other way already?’

Thus, Chu Xia was stunned for a few seconds before sighing.

Actually, she was not being a worrywart or being jealous.

When she was gathering information, she had also asked around Su Yang’s villa. In the end, she realized that Tang Jing seemed to have stayed in Su Yang’s villa for a long time before she moved away.

Coincidentally… Chu Xia heard that Su Yang did not seem to be in the villa recently, so his whereabouts were unknown.

‘Could they have gone somewhere else to live together?’

At that thought, Chu Xia hugged her knees and sat on the bed with her head lowered. She felt terrible.

She did not know what Su Yang’s relationship with Tang Jing was.

In fact, she wanted to ask Su Yang about it, but she was afraid that the truth was what she suspected.

Moreover, for the past few days, she had a feeling that Su Yang was merely treating her as a cute little fool and was lying to her.

This made her feel like she was no longer herself.

In the past, she was happy and confident, but now…

She was filled with darkness, suspicion, apprehension, hesitation.

‘Is this… love?

‘How big of a mistake would one have to make to come to this world to experience this kind of pain?’

For a moment, Chu Xia wanted to cry…

She had never encountered such a situation before. Coupled with the huge difference in status and wealth between her and Su Yang, she did not know what she should do, or what she could do…

At that moment, Su Yang did not know that Chu Xia was still letting her imaginations run wild. After he sent the message, he waited patiently for more than 10 minutes. Seeing that Chu Xia did not reply, he thought that she had fallen asleep.

So, he waited for a few more minutes. Seeing that Chu Xia didn’t reply, he sent another WeChat message. ‘You haven’t replied to my message for so long, have you fallen asleep? In that case, have a good rest… Talk to you tomorrow.’

After sending the message, Su Yang waved his hand, and the virtual screen in front of him disappeared. The lights in the room were switched off and he laid down, gradually falling into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Chu Xia was in her dark room. Her face reflected the light from the glass screen, and it was filled with helpless tears.

Thus, the night passed uneventfully.

When he woke up, Su Yang received a piece of bad news… While Old Pei was transferring the raw materials the night before, suddenly… He reached the upper limit of the virtual space.

Hearing this, Su Yang looked at Little Deeny in shock. “What did you say? The transportation limit has been reached? What the hell is that?”

Little Deeny spread out his hands and said, “Master, it’s very reasonable. The reason why virtual space can transmit matter is most likely due to spiritual energy.

“So, as long as it consumes energy, there will definitely be a limit.

“After all, energy cannot be produced out of thin air.”

Su Yang asked, “Then why didn’t we reach the upper limit before?”

Little Deeny pondered for a moment and said, “Maybe it’s because we have too few materials to transport, so it has never been triggered.”

Su Yang frowned. “What exactly did Old Pei send over?”

Little Deeny counted on his fingers and said, “Four tons of sand, three tons of iron, and three tons of cobalt sulfate, lithium carbonate, tin, indium, bismuth, gold, silver, rare earth, and other materials.”

When he heard this, Su Yang was speechless.

‘No wonder it exceeded the limit… There seems to be quite a lot of materials.’

Little Deeny explained, “However, Old Pei exceeded the limit yesterday at 11:30pm yesterday. Because you were asleep then, I did not disturb you.

“After 12am, we tried transporting something again and realized that the upper limit had been refreshed.”

Su Yang thought about it for a while before making arrangements. “Why don’t we do this? Have Old Pei wait for a while. In the meantime, have him continue to search for the raw materials first. Then, I will try it with him again at 11pm. Let’s see what this upper limit means and whether it can be broken through.”

Actually, the reason why he wanted to test it at 11pm was to not affect the use of the virtual space.

After settling Old Pei’s matters, Su Yang instructed Little Deeny to send all the materials that were delivered the night before to the [Cellphone Development Factory] while he also went there to test out how he could manufacture glass phones using these newly received raw materials.

Indeed, with these 10 tons of materials, the number of coins needed to make cell phones in the phone factory decreased drastically, dropping all the way from 10 coins to 6 coins, which was almost half of the money gone.

Realizing this, Su Yang felt that it was acceptable and used all the raw materials in one go.

Actually, although it seemed like a lot, for some reason, Su Yang could only have 2,000 units produced.

Hence, Su Yang did some calculations and realized that he could produce 2,000 phones per day with the help of the Lightning Battery initially. So, now that he could produce glass phones at a lower cost of 6 coins per unit, he could produce another 2,000 units per day.

Thus, it would amount to a total of 4,000 glass phones, which would cost a total of 12,000 coins.

In the later stages, Su Yang might be running at a loss, but in the early stages, he would be making a clean profit.

After all, the first time Su Yang sold his glass phones, he managed to sell 30,000 units and earned almost 300,000 coins! That was 10 times the influence!

So, even if he lowered the price now, he should still be able to earn five times the price. That would mean that he could earn 20,000 coins from 4,000 phones, which was a profitable business!

Not to mention the number of people that could be influenced.

As for cash… It was also a lucrative business.

Hence, Su Yang asked Old Pei about the cost of these materials, which was less than one million yuan. On the other hand, the total revenue of 4,000 cell phones could amount to 36 million yuan, which was not even 10% of the cost!

Hence, Su Yang thought about it… ‘Let’s do it!

‘Of course, it would be better if I could break the upper limit and have more glass phones produced…’

That day, Su Yang gave Li Zijun a call and asked her to post on Weibo that Jiadian Group had started to increase its production rate.

Even though the increase was not much, it was still a good thing. At the very least. it could allow the consumers to know that the company was working hard to produce more glass phones.

As an executive in the public relations department of the corporation, Li Zijun loyally carried out Su Yang’s wishes and posted this on Weibo.

Actually, Jiadian has been a hot topic online recently. No matter what the topic was, as long as it was related to Jiadian’s glass phones, it would immediately become trending.

At the time, celebrities were proud of having a Jiadian phone, especially A-list celebrities. It was as if they would be outdated if they did not have a glass phone.

In fact, many celebrities would post on Weibo after purchasing a glass phone at a high price to show off that they were able to afford it.

Of course, there were all sorts of ways to show off.

Some of them were pictures of themselves having afternoon tea, and next to the teacup was a glass phone.

Apart from that, there might be pictures of them reading. Of course, there would also be a glass phone in the corner.

Some of them were even more direct in their approach, posting pictures of their glass phone and sighed, saying that they had never used such a magical phone before.

All in all, these Weibo posts, without exception, made their fans and passersby exclaim in admiration.

Therefore, after a few days of fermentation, and through the unconscious publicity of many celebrities and well-known people, more and more people became familiar with Jiadian Mobile’s glass phones, and more and more people paid attention to the news about the company.

This could also be seen from Jiadian Group’s rising number of fans on their official Weibo account.

Hence, when their official Weibo account posted that the company’s production rate had increased from 2,000 phones to 4,000 phones per day, even though the number was still low, it still received many likes from netizens.

After arranging for Li Zijun to release news of the increase in their production rate, Su Yang received a call from Zhao Licheng.

On the phone, Zhao Licheng said that they had finally come to an agreement about Jiadian Group’s industrial park.

Perhaps because of the positive comments from the tens of countries, as well as the support from their own country, the conditions given by the few districts in Shanghai all increased tremendously.

Initially, there were many conditions that Zhao Licheng did not agree to.

In the end, Zhao Licheng chose Baoshan District as the industrial park for Jiadian Group.

This was not only because Jiadian Group’s headquarters was located in Mount Baoshan, which was more convenient, but also because the conditions offered there were the best.

Baoshan District directly approved a large piece of industrial and residential land for Jiadian Group at an extremely low price. They also gave billions of yuan worth of low-interest loans and 500 million yuan non-interest loans for Jiadian Group to develop their land.

The location of the industrial park was also the most ideal, which was somewhere near Jiadian Group’s headquarters. It extended all the way to the riverside and was close to 800 acres of land, making it very grand.

Other than that, there was also a series of policy support. All in all, it was a very generous offer.

On the other hand, Su Yang trusted Zhao Licheng quite a bit. Since Zhao Licheng felt that it was best to have it done at Baoshan District, Su Yang decided to go along with it.

For the rest of the day, other than Qu Xuan calling Su Yang to thank him at 3pm, nothing else happened.

When Su Yang heard Qu Xuan’s voice that sounded like he had just woken up, he could not help but think… ‘A short getaway makes the heart grow fonder compared to being newlyweds.

‘From the looks of it, Qu Xuan must have proven himself last night, and Xue Ya must have “gotten a good feel” of it too.’

After chatting with Qu Xuan for a while and accepting his thanks, Su Yang hesitated for a moment before giving him some advice about Xue Ya.

Of course, Su Yang did not say it directly. He only said that when he saw Xue Ya last night, he felt that she seemed to have something on her mind, so he asked Qu Xuan to ask her indirectly.

Qu Xuan readily agreed to it. However, Su Yang wondered if he would really do it…

Just like that, a day passed.

At night, Su Yang called Old Pei over to test out the transportation limit of the virtual space.

Su Yang had some guesses about this transportation limit and even thought of a way to break it. However, everything still needed to be verified…

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