I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 864 - Blackie’s Registration Fee

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Chapter 864 Blackie’s Registration Fee

Jiang Liu had remained behind to continue chopping wood for Li Nianfan.

Xiao Chengfeng brought Blackie toward the Wisdom Pill Pavilion.

At that moment, the two lords of the Divine Sword Mountain were already waiting near the Wisdom Pill Pavilion with Yun Chen and Zhou Yuanhai. They were waiting for Blackie and Xiao Chengfeng’s arrival.

Other than Blackie, everyone had used spells to change their appearances. After all, they were all already hated immensely by the third elder. If the third elder noticed them, it would cause unnecessary trouble.

“Oh? The Wisdom Pill Pavilion’s so noisy.”

Blackie stretched his senses and noticed that there was an inexhaustible amount of people going in and out of the Wisdom Pill Pavilion. The queue was immensely long.


“Ahem, Dog… Lord Dog. It’s like this. The Wisdom Pill Pavilion has spread the word that everyone can exchange gray mist for pills. The more gray mist they had, the more pills they’d be able to get,” the second lord explained with a soft cough.



He was not used to calling someone ‘Lord Dog’. He did not understand how powerful that big black dog was. However, he was forced to show him respect considering the dog was raised by that expert. Blackie nodded as his mouth smirked a little, “No wonder their business looks so good. They’re getting tremendous amounts of gray mist! Stealing from them really is the best way to get a lot.” “Lord Dog, are we going to barge in and steal it now?” Xiao Chengfeng tried asking. He was already ready to fly over and was considering the best way to make an entrance.

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“What’s the difference between barging in and looking to die?” Blackie looked at him snidely, shaking his head.

They had no evidence at that moment. They would not have the moral high ground if they just barged in. Even if they really tried, they might not be able to beat the Wisdom Pill Pavilion.

Blackie might be a dog, but he was still intelligent.

At that moment, his gaze shifted to another area. He asked curiously, “What’s being done there?”

Yun Chen said, “That’s where the Wisdom Pill Pavilion recruits new alchemists. They’re always in search of capable alchemists.

Blackie’s eyes glinted as he said, “Come, we’re going there.”

“Lord Dog, what are we going there for?” Yun Chen could not understand.

Blackie smiled slightly as he said in a profound manager, “Haha, if you can’t beat them, join them.”

“Are you prepared to become an alchemist and join the Wisdom Pill Pavilion?”

The mountain lord’s eyebrows flew up as he praised, “That’s a good idea! As long as you can get into the Wisdom Pill Pavilion, you’d be able to gather evidence of their crimes and even attack from the inside!”

However, he started to look at Blackie with a questioning expression after that.

It was a good plan, but it was not so easy to join them.

None of them knew alchemy. It meant that only Blackie could refine pills by himself. The only question was…can a dog really make pills?

Xiao Chengfeng immediately said, “Lord Dog, I’ll go invite Old Taishang over from the Heavenly Palace.”

“There’s no need, I’ll do it myself.” Blackie shook his head as he started to walk over with a proud look.

He had come to relieve boredom, so he naturally wanted a part in everything. He was by Li Nianfan’s side every day. What was the difference between alchemy and that?

It was a pity that he was stopped before he even entered.

“Stand right there. This isn’t a place a dog can enter. Get lost!” A disciple of the Wisdom Pill Pavilion looked at Blackie coldly, his eyes full of disdain.

Blackie raised his head proudly. “I came here to participate in the alchemy tournament.”

“What? A mere dog wants to participate?”

“Hahaha, I’ve already lived for so long, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. You really learn something new every day.”

“I thought this dog was some magical beast, but no matter how I look at it, it’s just a completely common mongrel.” “Where did this dog come from? It’s quite interesting. We can even refine it into a dog meat pill.”

Quite a few alchemists started to mock Blackie at those words.

They were all very well respected. They ignored even normal cultivators, let alone a mere dog.

The Wisdom Pill Pavilion’s disciple let out a cold laugh. “Haha, if you came here to apply to be a guard dog, we could consider it.”

Blackie’s eyes turned cold. “Looking down on dogs, huh? Do the rules state that dogs can’t register?”

The disciple said in disdain, “There are no rules against it, but to prevent any cat or dog from being able to enter, there’s a registration fee. You need at least a third-grade Elite pill. Do you have that?”

Blackie turned around and left silently.

“Lord Dog, what do we do? Why don’t I just slaughter everyone here!” Xiao Chengfeng’s face was dark as his killing intent surged out.

“No need, it’s too boring if we just kill them.

Blackie’s face was calm. “If they want a registration fee, they can have it.”

After that, he brought everyone to a corner. His powers started to move as his stomach started to rumble like a drum.

In the next moment, a round object fell out of his butt. At the same time, a stench wafted into the air, causing Xiao Chengfeng and the others to turn green. They all pinched their noses in complete disdain.

However, as they pinched their noses, everyone other than Xiao Chengfeng had a look of extreme shock on their faces.

“That…that piece of poop is incredibly extraordinary!”

“Amazing, he really is the expert’s dog. Even his poop is amazing!”

Only Xiao Chengfeng seemed to have expected


Putting Blackie aside, even the poop of the animals that the expert raised on the mountain were treasures. After all, what they ate was far too good. Their bodies had unending amounts of spiritual energy inside. The remaining spiritual energy came out with their poop that could even be compared to heavenly medicines!

Blackie put the poop into a wooden box as he walked toward the testing place again.

The Wisdom Pill Pavilion’s disciple frowned. “Hold on, why are you here again?”

“Take it, this is my registration fee.”

Blackie threw the wooden box over.

Could the dog really have a third-grade Elite pill?

The disciple curiously opened the box as everyone else surrounded him as well.

Then, the stench filled the air, almost knocking him out. Everyone else almost passed out as well.

However, they were no commoners. The stench was not enough to sway their hearts. They quickly noticed how extraordinary the contents of the box were.

“What? How could there be Wisdom within the stench? It even makes me feel relieved?!”

“Even though it’s incredibly smelly, the stench does nothing to hide how extraordinary it is!”

“There are some medicines that emit a stench to protect themselves. Those who don’t know what they’re talking about would stay away, but it can’t escape my seasoned eyes!”

“I can tell from the taste that this is at least a ninth-grade Elite medicine!”

“The smell is too addictive. Let me smell it a few more times. Sniff, sniff.”


The disciple hurriedly covered the wooden box to stop the effects from dissipating with the smell.

“Alright, you can enter!”

He was worried Blackie would regret giving him the box, so he hurriedly kept the box and sent Blackie in.

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