I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 865 - Stir Fried Pills

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Chapter 865 Stir Fried Pills

Blackie wagged his tail as he walked into the testing venue.

The others seemed to be looking at Blackie in a different light after that. It felt like they were looking at a dumb dog.

“Hey, where did that dog come from? He registered with such a treasure? How dumb is he?”

“He mustn’t have known what he had. I think he probably felt like that thing was too smelly and threw it away.”

“Those who lack education are so scary. He actually gave away such a treasure.”

“The Wisdom Pill Pavilion really profited from that. How lucky!”

In their eyes, a dumb dog like that would never be able to refine a pill. It would be relegated!

The testing requirements were to refine a third-grade Elite pill, the Wisdom Merging Pill. It was a feat that was impossible for most alchemists, let alone a dog.

Which meant that Blackie had given up that treasure for no reason.

Blackie ignored what everyone else was saying as he went toward the test venue.

“Hmph!” Next to it, a wizened alchemist could not help but let out a cold snort, feeling insulted.

At the same time, he voiced his rejections at the Wisdom Pill Pavilion, “You’re letting a mongrel refine pills by my side? It’s a tremendous insult! Chase him out right now!” The alchemist was full of disdain.

He was an incredibly reputable person. It was incredibly inappropriate for him to be with a mere mongrel.

However, when he found out that Blackie had registered with a ninth-grade Elite medicine, he helplessly accepted the fact.

So, that dog was an idiot!

In the next moment, Blackie brought out his refining tools under the alchemist’s dumbfounded gaze.

It was a wok and a spatula.

The alchemist had thought that he was hallucinating, and had to rub his eyes just to make sure. That dog was actually going to use those tools to refine pills?

He was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped to the floor.

Everyone else had naturally been looking at Blackie as well. When they saw the sight, they could not hold back from letting out a chorus of laughter.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? The dog took out a wok and a spatula.”

“Hahaha, a dog’s preparing to cook in an alchemist competition… I’ve never heard of anything like this.” “What a once in a lifetime sight.”

“The dog took out a wok? Is he preparing to cook himself in front of everyone?”

“What a good dog. It gave up such a treasure just to get on stage and perform a live comedy show for us.”

“It’s sacrificing itself to entertain us all. It’s such a noble dog!”

In the crowd, Xiao Chengfeng and the others were stunned as well.

They never expected that Blackie would do something so strange. “That… Can the expert’s dog really refine pills?” The Divine Sword Mountain’s Lord asked uncertainly. Xiao Chengfeng said stubbornly, “He should… know how to. Lord Dog’s actions might always be unexpected, but he’s always been by the expert’s side. He really is strong.”

In the Wisdom Pill Pavilion, the third elder that was observing the alchemists from above focused his attention on Blackie as well.

He waved, and the disciple that had taken Blackie’s registration fee hurriedly placed the box in his hand.

The third elder opened the box after accepting


He immediately frowned at the stench that came out from within. He could not help but look up as he forcefully took a sniff. After that, he stretched out a finger, touching it before putting his finger into his mouth for a taste.

He could feel the power coursing through his body. The third elder’s eyes lit up as he said, “This is amazing. The effects are even above a ninth-grade medicine! The key lies in how silky smooth it is. It’s even more suited to be medicinal material than normal ingredients. Its effects would be even more shocking!”

He suddenly felt a familiar feeling.

When he had first met Xiao Chengfeng’s group, they had also produced a similar treasure. It was also incredibly stinky, and it seemed very similar to what was in front of him.

However, he quickly tossed the feeling aside.

There were many similar medicines in the world. There was nothing to think too deeply about.

The Wisdom Pill Pavilion’s disciple laughed. “Elder, we’ve really made a profit this time. That stupid dog clearly doesn’t know anything about alchemy. It even used such a valuable treasure to register. It’s obviously here just to be laughed at.”

“No, it’s not here to be laughed at. It’s here to give us treasures.” The third elder smiled as he shook his head.

Give treasures?

That disciple was mildly stunned.

“Third elder, you mean…”

“Later, no matter what this dog makes, let it pass. I want it to be a part of the Wisdom Pill Pavilion.”

The third elder’s eyes glinted as he let out a cold laugh. “The fact that it can produce such a treasure means it definitely has more of them. We have to extort it properly!”

The disciple said respectfully, “Third elder, you’re so smart!”

The third elder passed the box back to the disciple. “Alright, hurry up and bring this to the inner palace. It’ll help the master!” “Understood!”

The disciple disappeared immediately. He hurried on over to the inner palace. He walked down a long corridor and entered complete darkness. Wave after wave of an unknown aura permeated the air.

At the refining venue, the alchemist next to Blackie said in disdain, “Stupid dog, you don’t use woks to refine pills. You use furnaces! Take a look at how I do it.”

“Shut up! Why do I need to listen to you yap around? Don’t buzz around in my ear like a fly. What I’m doing is called a stir-fried pill. Someone as ignorant as you wouldn’t know about it. Just watch my skills!”

Blackie looked at the alchemist with contempt before it flared its teeth at the alchemist.

“Dumb dog. You ruffian!”

The alchemist’s face reddened in anger. He decided to shift his anger into skill as he focused on refining his pill. All the ingredients for the pill had been provided by the Wisdom Pill Pavilion. Blackie did not even bother looking at the ingredients. He shoved them all into the wok before he spat out a mouthful of fire. He then started to move the wok as if he was frying up vegetables. Everyone watched as Blackie stood on two feet, constantly moving the wok around like a chef.

They were all dumbfounded.

It was far too absurd.

“It’s frying it up. It’s actually starting to fry up the pills!”

“It’s done for. All those ingredients have been wasted.”

“Dumb dog. What a dumb dog! Those ingredients would’ve been better off being swallowed than fried!”

“It’s too much!”

The alchemist that had been furious saw the sight and his eyes widened. He had almost faltered on the spot and destroyed his furnace.

Everyone knew that too much went into refining pills.

Even putting aside managing the furnace and the fire, just the order of placing the ingredients in could not be messed up. Each ingredient needed to be placed inside at certain time frames. Just a moment too long or short would cause the pill to fail.

At the same time, they needed to control the flames at all points.

The furnace needed to be stable as well. It could not be allowed to shake.

Basically, alchemy was an incredibly difficult art.

Blackie’s rough ways were not in line with alchemy at all. It was clearly destroying the ingredients!

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